Northern Light

10.19.2010 - Augusta, Maine (Ryan Gilbertie)

After an all-night drive to Utica, I never stopped to give Augusta’s show its proper due. So, let’s start this week with a flashback to October 19, in the college town of Augusta, Maine. Building off Charleston’s triumphant finale, Phish traveled far north to drop their second consecutive standout show, including two jams that trumped anything played through the first five shows of tour. Enclosed in a gymnasium frozen in time somewhere around 1982 – Phish juxtaposed plenty of of forward-looking music to these retro surroundings while creating two pieces that stand the test of time. During a roots-rock Americana-based opening set, Phish included diversions with a tour-highlight “Bathtub Gin” and “Divided Sky,” but the real northern lights came after setbreak…and during the encore! In a mini two-part series to begin this week, we’ll look at a two tour-defining moments that took place one night in Maine.

10/19 Poster

Jumping head first into the second set with a “Fuck Your Face” and Mike’s Song” mash-up, the band swung from their knees and ignited the second set. But when the hard-edged piece ended, one of Augusta’s extraordinary moments emerged in “Light.” Fall versions of “Light” tended toward next-generation Phish grooves – sped up and highly intricate textures – rather than the melodic and abstract sounds that characterized summer’s standouts. But in Augusta, the band not only moved through both of these sonic plateaus with fluid virtuosity, they also dipped into the cosmic soup – a brief but soulful spacescape in the vein of “Tweezer’s” ending in Miami (12.29.09). This multi-dimensional version progressed through organically morphing improv with utmost patience, one-minded connectedness, and an exploratory spirit. Landing in several segments of fully realized psychedelia, Augusta’s “Light” stood out as Fall’s top-shelf offering; a piece that flirts with the loftiest incarnations of the modern launch pad.

Locked and loaded, Trey hit a rhythm chord that ended the song’s thrilling structured jam and reset the improvisational canvas. Immediately stepping into quick collaborative rhythms, Page’s organ solo lent a darker feel to the music. Trey and Fish locked into a series of hits that engaged the band in full, moving as one into the first stage of a fluid psychedelic journey. Fusing bliss and groove, Trey offered several melodic themes that guided this four-part conversation, taking the band far away into the land of make-believe. Mike and Page formed a drone curtain for Trey and Fish’s two-part dynamic play. Moving forward, both Mike and Page oozed into patterns of their own, soon crafting a four-player game of sonic ping-pong.

10.19.2010 - Augusta, ME (Ryan Gilbertie)

Trey’s melodic leads turned spiritual, fitting perfectly within the band’s nuanced rhythmic folds, creating an interwoven quilt of musical mastery. Phish painted this passage with delicate precision while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of their modern sound – a sure sign that the state of current Phish could not be better. Passing though an abstract segment, Trey played notes that resembled a classic digital delay pattern, still speaking with melodic sensibility. As the jam grew quieter, the band transformed into a four-headed ambient monster, stepping powerfully from its lair and engulfing the music with heavy sonic sorcery. Bleeding into “Twenty Years Later,” Phish proceeded to take the song’s ominous patterns for the most significant ride of their young life, finally infusing a full-band jaunt into the dark tale; a perfect counterpart for “Light’s” intergalactic excursion.



Jam of the Day:

Bathtub Gin” 10.19.2010 I

With today’s focus on Augusta, here is the first set “Bathtub Gin” that lit the show afire.




10.19.2010 Civic Center, Augusta, Maine

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Augusta LE Pennant

The first show of Phish’s week in the Northeast, this intimate mid-week affair built off Charleston and catapulted the band onto Utica via stellar playing throughout and a juicy second set of highlight-strewn Phish.

I: Chalk Dust Torture, Back on the Train, Torn and Frayed, Bathtub Gin, Gumbo, The Divided Sky, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Nellie Kane, 46 Days, Possum

II: Fuck Your Face, Mike’s Song* > Light > Twenty Years Later > Fast Enough for You, Weekapaug Groove, Halley’s Comet, Free, Harry Hood, Golgi Apparatus, A Day in the Life

E: Reba, Backwards Down the Number Line

* with”Fuck Your Face” quotes at the beginning and end of the jam

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  1. JeffieM Says:

    Word, lycan.
    Sometimes I forget that this place is people who like most of the same music I do.

    Also, I just decided that I would not punch Silly Willy, even if he said that she was lame. Or any other former college football players.

  2. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    guys stop with the ridiculous europe tour rumours. trey can’t leave the u s of a!!! jeez.

  3. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    jesus christ, just got a huge headache trying to understand this 11.30.98 stash business

  4. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    hey. no complaints about hour long jams allowed! the band might be reading!

  5. garretc Says:

    I know, right, @DF?

    You guys are gonna jinx it! Good thing Posterkid hasn’t come by today…

  6. KWL Says:

    rewatching lost, slf watching for the first time. sucks that i can’t say a damn word about anything to her. i think it’s better the 2nd time through. whose got my hetty separate lost thread?!?

  7. gavinsdad Says:

    @palmer: a bane bet between BB gentlemen next week? Iggles looked super nice I have to say. My buddy sitting on the couch cashed in on 3 of his bets tonite. regular, over/under and tease.

    i’m going to go to the banement now.

    sorry I missed Therapy Day gents…work was work was work. But I have to say, not sure anyone dropped one of my fave recoveryisms:

    “wherever you go, there you are”

    in the context of “geographicals” as we like to call them, and this isn’t a potshot at AJ or C or anyone else but doesn’t matter what you leave behind, you bring you with you wherever you go and if you have some shit to deal with you better deal with it. how buddhist 😛

    nite guys.

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    ^ps..someone i worked with said that he thought the Apple announcement was gonna be the entire reworked Beatles catalog on iTunes.

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    Good stuff from the morning crew today…

    Love Silly’s early posts.

    Most interesting stat today?
    Mr. C is 5’8″…
    I had him pegged at 10′.

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    when does apple announce the 300 gig ipod….

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    I’m hoping the Apple announcement is a combo of Cloud storage and FLAC capability

    I’ve read nothing other than this page, so I don’t know what has actually been said

    work sucks when you’ve got a sprained ankle and fucked up big toe, and you actually work on your feet all day

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    Looks like I missed a great day of discussion, again. Powerful chitchat in the early going today folks, you are all awesome.

  13. whole tour! Says:

    recession phish (09,10) turns into greater depression phish (11,12)? discuss amongst yourselves.

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    backwards down the soup line?

  15. whole tour! Says:

    the ‘joy’ of a worthless degree > alumni blues? ok i’ll stop now. lol?

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    but seriously….

  17. whole tour! Says:

    things are on the up and up.

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