Weekend Nuggets: Mullins Center

10.23.10 - Amherst (Ryan Gilbertie)


These weekend’s shows from Amherst were split down the middle. Phish brought a legitimate smoker on Saturday night and a  bona fide snoozefest on Sunday. Coming off three special shows in Augusta, Utica, and Providence, however, these shows just didn’t elevate in the same way. The first night has plenty of engaging jamming in “Tweezer,” Disease > My Friend > Caspian > Halfway to the Moon > Boogie On,” and  set-ending sequence – “Piper > Hood, YEM.” But aside from the first-set “Stash,” Sunday never really got off the ground. The  old-school first set would have been fine had there been any action in the second. But there wasn’t. When a second set’s highlight is “Roggae > Taste” you know something strange is afoot at the Circle K. Another smoking “Bowie” could do nothing to salvage this long-lost second half. But the band popped right back in Manchester like nothing had happened.

10.23.2010 Mullins Center, Amherst, Massachusetts

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10/23 (Pollock)

I: Meatstick, Party Time, Golgi Apparatus, Kill Devil Falls, Tweezer, Lawn Boy, Sparkle, Big Black Furry Creature from Mars, Hold Your Head Up > Love You > Hold Your Head Up, Possum, Tweezer Reprise

II: Down with Disease > My Friend, My Friend > Prince Caspian > Halfway to the Moon > Boogie On Reggae Woman > Maze, Wading in the Velvet Sea,  Piper > Harry Hood, You Enjoy Myself

E: Shine a Light

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10.24.2010 Mullins Center, Amherst, Massachusetts

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10/24 (Jim Pollock)

I: AC/DC Bag, Camel Walk, The Divided Sky, Ride Captain Ride, Stash, Fee > Time Turns Elastic, Cavern, Run Like an Antelope

II: Seven Below, Wolfman’s Brother, Backwards Down the Number Line, Alaska, Free, The Lizards, Brother, Roggae > Taste, Waste, David Bowie

E: Quinn the Eskimo, Chalk Dust Torture

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Jam of the Weekend:

Piper > Hood” 10.23 II

A standout, late second-set segment of Saturday night’s UMass show.




“Tweezer” 10.23.10 II – Amherst, MA (MKDevo)


.10″Camel Walk” 10.24.10 I – Amherst, MA (MKDevo)

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367 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Mullins Center”

  1. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Birds from hartford ’09 just came on the shuffle. Nice version. Maybe the best in 3.0. Seems that they took it out more than any other version since the return. I’d like to order some Birds for the NYE run. please.

    Neemor… i think that material is still near and dear to their hearts. I see them continuing to play it, but at lesser intervals. Shows like Hartford ’09 and the like will be sparse, but all the more enjoyable when they do pop up.

  2. angryjoggerz Says:

    Yes to Birds on the NY run, MSG please. I also think that the band is in a very good musical place to bring back Shafty and to do dirty things with it.

  3. lastwaltzer Says:


    go check the philly 09 show, great birds jam to open the second set.

  4. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    are you guys on holiday or something?

  5. Mr.Miner Says:

    Light > Tweeze to open set II of 12/30…

  6. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Sign me up Miner^^

  7. Mr.Miner Says:

    Orlando stash is $$$$$$$. Dont front.

  8. Mr.Miner Says:

    And is $$$$ throughout. From treys picking at the drop of the jam

  9. nagarjuna Says:

    RV in the neighborhood with a large “shpongled” sign on the front. intriguing….

  10. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    “Light > Tweeze to open set II of 12/30…”

    gotta say tweez>light would work better as a transition

  11. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    orlanda stash, has maybe the most beautiful section of any jam ever

  12. phoammhead Says:

    great new Harry Potter movie – loved it!

    then got pizza and several greenman ipa’s – so tasty! 🙂

  13. Mr.Palmer Says:

    “Dont front.”

    that’s some oldschool slang right there. right out of the early 90’s. nice

  14. Mr.Miner Says:

    “gotta say tweez>light would work better as a transition”

    ^ Gotta say that isn’t true…get light into something deep and come growling out with Tweeze OR something funky and work the lick into the jam. Anytime they transition INTO Light, it is jarring and somewhat abrupt because of the heavy opening chords…its almost impossible for > Light to flow well..the only real > Light that was smooooth was Hood > Light at ACL…

  15. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    transitioning into tweezer is usually really jarring to though, no? when was the last time they actually even did a proper transition into tweezer? and i thought camden 2001>light worked relatively well

  16. Robear Says:

    palmer, you still out there?

    Mike ( I wasn’t that drunk, I was high) Williams TB or Jeremy (I’m wide open too) Maclin?

  17. angryjoggerz Says:

    seriously getting off on this Doin that Rag on the Big Rock Pow Wow cd. Fire and $$ and all that.

  18. angryjoggerz Says:

    > He Was a Friend of Mine = wow. Beautiful.

  19. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Rob.. i would go with Maclin i think. Giants have a propensity to give up some big plays, Eagles seem to make a lot of big plays. Not sure about this Williams character

    Question for you: Eli vs the Eagles on the road or Flacco vs. Panthers on road?

  20. Robear Says:

    tough one. i haven’t watched the Panthers at all, so don’t know their defense. Eli is like Jekyl and Hyde. Flacco probably the safe call, Eli probably has more upside.

  21. Mr.Miner Says:


    ^ this is not a transition….

    both songs are not good for “>”s. for sure.

  22. albert walker Says:

    fuckin Candians

  23. albert walker Says:

    my fault

    fuckin Canadians

  24. albert walker Says:

    I’ve been spinning that 69 Road Trips today also AJ

    very nice

  25. sneven Says:

    hey BB… Irish fans out there (silly and T3)

    that was FUN!

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