Type II Trivia: The Modern Era

10.31.10 Graham Lucas)

Come one, come all! If you’ve been paying attention for the past couple years, you’ll have as good of a shot at this contest as anyone. Today’s main event is “Type II Trivia: 3.0 Style.” That’s right, all ten audio clips come from this era since Phish returned in 2009. Nobody can claim noobership in this contest, as most of you have all these jams stashed away in soundboard quality on your hard drives and iPods…but can you place them? You can earn a total of twenty points for this contest by naming the song and date (1 point each) of each two-minute audio clip. In the event of a tie, I will devise some sort of tiebreaker. Hopefully this contest will shine a light on some highlights and forgotten moments of the last two years. There are no repeats of songs. Please email your entries to me by 12 pm Pacific tonight to have a valid entry. The winner will be announced either tomorrow or Thursday and will have the choice of any piece of merch on-sale for $7.77 in Phish’s Dry Goods Seven Below Sale, including CDs, t-shirts and more. Good luck to all, and have fun!

10.31.10 (D.Lavery)

1. [audio:http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/track1.mp3]

2. [audio:http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/track5.mp3]

3. [audio:http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/track3.mp3]

10.10.10 (C.Klein)

4. [audio:http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/track7.mp3]

5. [audio:http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/track6.mp3]

6. [audio:http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/track2.mp3]

10.31.09 (D.Lavery)

7. [audio:http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/track4.mp3]

8. [audio:http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/track8.mp3]

9. [audio:http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/track10.mp3]

10. [audio:http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/track9.mp3]


Jam of the Day:

Pebbles and Marbles” 10.16.10 I

A surprisingly ripping and unique version from the first set of Charleston’s second night.




2.13.1993 Bob Carpenter Center, Newark, Delaware

Mp3 Torrent, Megaupload < Links

Bob Carpenter Center - Newark, DE

This one goes out via reader request to a Phish Thoughts regular as a memento of his first show. Enjoy the band’s first-ever performance in Delaware from February ’93. As Garth once said, “Hey! We’re in Delaware.”

I: David Bowie, Bouncing Around the Room, Poor Heart, It’s Ice, Glide, Rift, Stash, Lawn Boy*, Maze, Golgi Apparatus

II: Runaway Jim, Wilson, Uncle Pen, Tweezer > The Lizards, Llama, You Enjoy Myself, Big Ball Jam > Hold Your Head Up > Lengthwise > Hold Your Head Up, The Squirming Coil, Cavern

E: Amazing Grace, Tweezer Reprise

*dedicated to Delaware & with guitar solo

Source: Unknown

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273 Responses to “Type II Trivia: The Modern Era”

  1. lumpyhead Says:

    SO, in other words, if flying into newark is much cheaper than a NY airport, and I have plenty of time, there’s no reason to not do that?

  2. sumodie Says:

    @lumpy: go to Newark Airport website and see what they say about transportation to NYC

    Most likely you’ll have no problem getting to NYC (but check the details first)

  3. Mr.Palmer Says:

    correct @ lumpy.

  4. Jtran Says:

    For all you real people out there I have a real life question

    Unpaid vacation. Company says that we can take it if we “need” to once our allotted paid vacation is used up. They pay for other benefits besides my salary.

    Have you worked for a place that allows this? Was it kind of shunned to just take off time whenever the heck you felt like it? What is a reasonable ratio of paid vacation days taken : unpaid vacation days taken?

  5. BingosBrother Says:

    Big win Lumpy! Congrats!

    @Voopa : Thanks dude! gonna be sweet with Mogis running things. That dude is a genius and brings the best out in Conor.

  6. BingosBrother Says:

    @J : I think “need” would be more towards illness, death, etc. but if you don’t care about your job then you “need” to be at MSG.

    P.S. i’m not real.

  7. lumpyhead Says:

    brief repost:

    since the lottery, accepted defeat for all new years show.

    Today found out that I’m going to all three MSG for free.

    Goodbye worries.

  8. Chuck D Says:

    grats lumpy!

  9. Jtran Says:


    MSG NYE and 1/1 I will be.

    Was thinking of adding 12/30 and 12/27 (gonna do 12/28 too) but don’t want to run out of vacation with 6 months left until I get more

  10. Mr.Palmer Says:

    what Bingo’s said. If you get 2 weeks paid vacay and decide to take an additional 2 weeks “unpaid” you probably won’t last too long. A day or two is probably ok though. depends how much you need $$ too

  11. joe Says:

    best 4-letter word in the dictionary…FREE!

  12. Chuck D Says:

    jtran, im in a similar situation for next year. i spend all my vacation days on phish. however, my mom is taking me to europe for 2 weeks. there isn’t enough vacation for both… so i’ll probably take unpaid for the 2 week vacation.

    my stance is to use unpaid time off for bulk vacations with massive advance approval… in my case, nearly a year.

  13. BingosBrother Says:

    Damn lumpy, free? You motherfucker. Rage.

    @J : personal call, I was just referring to what the boss considers as need. I wouldn’t say you need to go see Phish though.

  14. KWL Says:

    jtran: it’s a new job right? i would ask somebody who has been at that company for a while, somebody you can trust

  15. BingosBrother Says:

    “I wouldn’t say you need to go see Phish though.”

    To your boss I mean.

  16. Mr.Palmer Says:

    “I wouldn’t say you need to go see Phish though.”
    To your boss I mean. ”

    Jtran is in Burlington though, this could work in his favor.

  17. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Better Jibboo….miami ’09 or AC ’10 ?

    Miami just popped up on the shuffle. great version.

  18. Jtran Says:


    There’s a lot of young employees, but these don’t include the upper levels.

    Talking to someone who’s been there longer is a good call. My good friend has only been there a year, and she doesn’t know if it’s accepted or not. Time to find older new friend.

  19. Lycanthropist Says:

    “Better Jibboo…miami ’09 or AC’10?”

    Neither.. 7/4/10 wins out

  20. Jtran Says:

    Who knows though re: Phish. The owner just leased a warehouse in San Diego and wants to start up a satellite office out there. Maybe he’s got reasons other than the weather (and his girlfriend that lives there)… 🙂

  21. Mr.Palmer Says:

    That’s a great one as well @ Lycan. Knew i was forgetting at least one other top-shelf version.

  22. joe Says:

    one thought on the vacation thing too: (after isn’t this what the internet was made for, making comments on things that you don’t really know anything about 🙂 ) you may be burned by being low on the list around the holiday season. you may be expected to be there since everyone else will be gone. or you can just ask about it and see what the response is.

  23. jdub Says:

    Congrats Lumpy! Way to get yourself to MSG for free.

  24. Mr.Palmer Says:

    jdub- which msg shows are you doing?

  25. butter Says:

    Ac jibboo

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