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10.8.10 - Austin, TX - (Graham Lucas)

Type II Trivia: The Modern Era” Results

In a hotly contested affair, the last entry submitted turned out to be the winner. Keith “KWL” Lindler takes this week’s trophy with 18 points, out-dueling defending Phish Thoughts “Name That Jam” champion, Ginseng Jeff, who pulled in second with 15 points. The answers and results are below. Thanks for playing! I’ll be back tomorrow.

1. “Light” 12/5/09 – Charlottesville, VA

2. “Rock and Roll” 8/6/10 – Berkeley, CA

3. “Piper” 12/31/09 – Miami, FL

4. “Disease” 11/24/09 – Philadelphia, PA

5. “Number Line” 8/17/10 – Wantagh, NY

6. “Wolfman’s” 10/30/09 – Indio, CA

7. “Drowned” 6/20/10 – Saratoga Springs, NY

8. “46 Days” 11/18/09 – Detroit, MI

9. “Ghost” 11/28/09 – Albany, NY

10. “Carini” 8/10/10 – Telluride, CO


1. K.Lindner 18 pts

2. J.D’Alonzo 15

3. B.Kayda 14

4. K.Rahimi 11

5. D.Broad 10

6. A.Kelly 8

7. M. Ladd 7

8. T. Summers 6

9. M. Laird 5

10. F. Beaudoin 4

11. R.Hope, D.Lavery, R.Petz 2

14. Cu$tyBear 0


Jam of the Day:

Tweezer > Caspian” 12.29.09 II

Miami’s monster still sits among the kings of this era, and remains a personal favorite.




6.14.1997 S.F.X. Centre, Dublin, Ireland

Mp3 Torrent, Megaupload < Links

Phish Power (Pollock)

The second of Summer ’97 brought six debuts after the tour opener featured seven new originals. These shows in Dublin started a long road of Summer ’97 that ended in Limestone, Maine at The Great Went. Over the course of months, Phish would transform a completely different band and a powerhouse of groove. This one goes out to Daniel via reader request.

I: Down with Disease, NICU, Dirt*, Talk, My Soul, Cars Trucks Buses, Limb By Limb, Bye Bye Foot*, Free, Prince Caspian

II: Twist*, Piper*, Saw It Again*, Waking Up*, Dogs Stole Things, Waste, David Bowie, Cavern

E: When the Circus Comes, Rocky Top

* debut

Source: AKG 414 TL2 > Oade > SBM-1

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602 Responses to “Survey Says…”

  1. tela'smuff Says:

    thanks fellas. i’ll eagerly await when the Cannon and Geisler clans visit CO. Open invitation.

    other than that, have i missed any good Phish news or BB shenanigans? Other than watching some of those solo Trey clips, I don’t think I’ve ever been as out of the Phish world since I started the ride back in the day. of course I still read Miner’s Thoughts every day. and he’s still spot on.

  2. P.S.H.S Says:

    For your enjoyment…

    This is amazing!!!

  3. EL Duderino Says:

    not really telas…

    we’re all taking breaks pretty much

  4. angryjoggerz Says:


  5. tela'smuff Says:

    that clip is downright hilarious. i needed that.

    alright boys. gotta look up some real estate options in Colorado!

    smell ya later.

  6. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Man, that Indio Wolfman’s is down right freaky the last few minutes..

  7. BrandonKayda Says:

    I’m too non-conformist to change my avatar. Zappa is here to stay. You know you guys are just jealous.

    Love the Kurt Vonnegut avatar and the Bender one @Lycan/LW

  8. Mr. Completely Says:


  9. Mr. Completely Says:

    speaking of electrons, did you know that laptops weigh slightly more when they’re turned on, because of all the extra electrons in them? so be sure to power yours all the way off before travelling for easier carrying.

    I swear its true, no need to google it or anything.

  10. Mr. Completely Says:

    I also got official permission from the US Government to kill anyone that doesn’t like Bender.

    Just so you know.

  11. Lycanthropist Says:

    Bite my shiny metal ass.

  12. BrandonKayda Says:


    In case you are still wondering, yes, the 97′ Worcester Runaway Jim is Snorlax, IMO

  13. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Bender? from the Breakfast Club? 🙂

  14. gavinsdad Says:

    @AJ – one of my co-workers is a graphic designer. he found this old dead t graphic online that had a pot leaf in the stealie that said “we can discover the wonders of nature” and he changed it to the BF bars and made the design say “we can discover the wonders of black flag” which is just very appropo for me. wish he actually screened the tees cause i’d wear either version.

  15. Leo Weaver Says:

    The final incarnation of leftover turkey?

    Turkey and pasta soup. Like chicken and dumplings but with turkey and pasta. Yummy.

  16. Robear Says:

    hilarious, Leo. I think we’re about to have turkey pizza.

    C, same hold true for iPods and cell phones?

  17. angryjoggerz Says:

    Badass, GD. My friends and I collect pictures and sightings of “steal your” something or anothers. The Black Flag is ill, though, I would wear that.

    My fav I saw this fall was Wutang your Face. You know Jer would be down with the 36 Chambers.

  18. neemor Says:

    You guys are funny.

  19. joe Says:

    want to feel old? saw the other day that it was Judd Nelson’s birthday (he played bender). He’s now 51 year’s old.

  20. neemor Says:

    The JOTD is my favorite jam from 2009.
    Possibly 2010.
    It just has it all.

  21. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    whats up nighttime bb. at Mitch’s place right now, bane, 12.31.93 on the speakers.

    last few hours im allowed to illegally drink. 21 at midnight!

  22. andrewrose Says:

    Yeah, a strange choice to feature the Runaway Jam in the Live Bait… you’d think if it was a NYE run teaser they’d have dropped something from the 95 run… like the Real Gin? The other best Worcester shows: 11/28/97, 11/27/98, 2/26/03 have all been released on sbd (officially or no). Though I wouldn’t mind hearing some crispy clean moments of 11/30/97, or the Gin from 11/29/98..

  23. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Does this mean we get Live bait #4 with MSG nye tunes. Some nice boards from the 98 run would be nice.

  24. neemor Says:

    Nice purple, Mitch is a gracious host, to say the least…have fun in the city on your big day!
    Happy Birthday and enjoy.

  25. voopa Says:

    “Man, that Indio Wolfman’s is down right freaky the last few minutes..”

    YES! That was the first musical moment that caught me at F8 (but there was some good stuff in Set 1 too, of course); the last was Light.

    “He’s now 51 year’s old.”

    Heard an interview with Rick Springfield earlier this week…he’s 61.

    “last few hours im allowed to illegally drink. 21 at midnight!”

    Congrats, purp! When I turned 21, I was puking into a urinal at El Torito…told the guy pissing next to me that it was my 21st…get back to the bar and he has a Long Island waiting for me. Crazy.

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