Number 9…Number 9…

Today’s December time travel brings us back to the ninth of the month in Albany during Fall ’95, and in Arizona during Fall ’94. The highlighted pieces — Albany’s classic “You Enjoy Myself” and Mesa’s lesser-known “Antelope — showcase two outlandish mid-’90s jams that will leave your jaw on the floor.


You Enjoy Myself” 12.9.95 – Albany, New York II

"YEM" - Fall 98 Unknown

Albany and “You Enjoy Myself” have always enjoyed each other. Phish has performed their seminal piece in all but two visits to New York’s capitol during their entire career. Though many of these versions brought highlights and exclamation points to shows at The Knick and beyond, none stand out like the version that went down fifteen years ago today. This breakout “YEM” — with no parallels through the years — brought wide open improvisation to a largely structured jam. Though stellar versions allowed for plenty of freedom within the groove, “The Albany “YEM” broke down walls and transformed into a triumphant masterpiece that is generally considered the “best version” ever played.

This all-timer got moving in full when Trey scripted a now-iconic, melodic theme early in the jam. This chord progression ran through the entirety of this monstrosity, setting the musical framework for the band to blast off. Amidst a slamming rhythmic template and in a moment of full-speed revelation, this free-form piece left any semblance of “YEM” in a wake of original dance music. The band toyed with the jam’s signature theme throughout sparser grooves, as Page and Mike each emerged for periods of prominence. When Trey assumed the lead again, he tore into a solo that kicked the band into another gear and Phish chugged forward as a four-headed machine fueled by IT. Fishman and Gordon took center stage as Trey tickled a series of repetitive “disco” licks. Fully immersed in a bass-led groove, the band slowly peeled out of the mix, leaving the stage quiet as Phish entered a “silent jam.” Continuing to play their instruments in animated fashion without making a sound, Phish infused this mind-bender with a brief dose of antics. But almost two minutes later, Trey led the troops in a cliff dive back into the conventional “YEM” jam, taking the adventure to one last peak. One for the record books — take a moment to celebrate the 15th anniversary of a “You Enjoy Myself” like none other.



Run Like an Antelope” 12.9.94 – Mesa, Arizona I

NYC '94 (C.McGann)

Frenetic. Diabolical. Psychotic. These are words that come to mind when describing “Antelope” from Mesa, Arizona on the penultimate night of Fall ’94. Taking a step into the desert during early December, the band hit the ground running in this skull-fucking set-closer. Phish demolished the opening of the jam, wasting zero seconds getting into the middle of a ferocious music. Moving directly into tightly-laced chaotic improv, the entire band crushed the type of “Antelope” that no longer grazes the Western plains. Aggressive and hardcore machine-gun patterns underlined this twisted blast from the netherworld, as Phish explored music that could only have come at the end of 1994. The band communicated so closely that their offerings fused into a sonic bolt of lightening in which one could hardly decipher a single instrument from the explosive whole. This is full-on, ballistic Phish, a style unseen since its mid-’90s hey-dey. Fasten your seat belt for this fifteen-minute trip — things could get hairy.



Jam of the Day:

Simple > Timber Ho!” 12.9.97 II

This unconventional take on “Simple” turned into the centerpiece of Penn State ’97; another jam that proves Fall ’97 wasn’t only about funk.




11.28.98 The Centrum, Worcester, Massachusetts

FLAC Torrent (etree), Mp3 Torrent, Megaupload < Links

Worcester '98

With Worcester fast approaching, here is a small dip into the venue’s history. The middle show of Fall ’98 three-night finale featured some hot moments, but didn’t carry the weight of its two surrounding dates. “Wolfman’s > Timber” and a late-set “Tweezer” held down the second frame, while “Gumbo” and “Split” book-ended a solid first.

I: Gumbo, Tube, Down with Disease, Guyute, Albuquerque, Foam, The Moma Dance, Split Open and Melt

II: Julius, Wolfman’s Brother > Timber Ho, Loving Cup, Scent of a Mule, Prince Caspian, Crossroads, Tweezer, Cavern

E: Sample in a Jar, Tweezer Reprise

Source: FLAC – Nakamichi CM300’s/CP4s :: MP3 – Schoeps cmc6/mk41


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  1. Gordo Says:

    Absolutley loving this run back in time with the month of December…12/7/97 was my first show…Man what a first taste that was.! I still can’t wipe the smile off that will be forever ingrained by the boys as they left their life long mark on this here Phan! Great work Mr Minor!

  2. Matso Says:

    The Albany YEM. The only show where I was ever truly in the front row, right between Page and Trey. I will never forget that night (from the eerie Maze opener to the Butthead-inspired Wilson and, of course, the sickest YEM ever) and then a ridiculously dangerous drive back to Montreal through the snowstorm that blitzed the northeast that night. My wife doesn’t really get why today is so special for me, but December 9 always feels like a minor holiday to me.

  3. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    miner, this is one of your best ideas this december to remember thing i look forward to it every day

  4. YborCity Says:

    Returning to America in less than a week, BB. My abroad trip is something I wouldn’t trade for the world, but America is quite the place and I can’t wait to return to her. The phenomena of Phish adn the community it creates is something that couldn’t happen in this corner of the world… Maybe someday, but not now, that’s for sure.

    That said, I’m litening to Phish Destroy’s America on a loop while studying for finals and smoking hookah in the streets. Enjoying the hell out of my wanning Middle Eastern hours.

    Take in the early December cold, boys and girls, you don’t know just how lucky you all have it.

  5. Mr.Palmer Says:

    I’m with you Matso. Will never forget the drive up to Albany 15 years ago. A harrowing experience to say the least. Had to finally give up and ditch my little 2 door, 2 wheel drive car at a rest area 40 minutes short of Albany. Friend came and got us in his truck and dropped us at show . Got there just as Maze was starting up.

  6. phoammhead Says:

    wow – great stories Matso and MrP – hell yeah!

    another in a line of great offerings, MrMiner – thanks!

  7. Jtran Says:

    Daily I need 1 for 12/30 grovel

    jtranvt23 at gmail

    Sweet post Miner (again)! Can’t wait to listen later on.

  8. Selector J Says:

    Hear me, star:
    I&I ah go run tings pon de radio inna dis ya I-wah.
    Go deh!

    I-man tink de yutes cyaan penetrate Babylon Firewall wid ah dem iTes-chune

    ->iTunes Radio
    —> College /

    —–> KVRX-FM
    More fiyah pon de Firewall!


    (Unpatois: Late start today so am starting in 3 min.)

  9. gavinsdad Says:

    I mentioned this before but this is the “power dank” YEM…dunno why my friends came up with that name but we were poking fun at tour kids or something. Anyway, definitely remember the snow….don’t remember the ride up but my buddy Chris was managing the Ominous Seapods at the time so we pre-game chilled at their house. At the show I hung in this one side stage portal and hallway. I really don’t remember experiencing the YEM…i’ve heard it dozens of times since and look forward to another spin today. I can remember the hellacious early wake up and drive back to NYC to get me to work on time tho…but I got to spend it with my buddy Paul, who i got to see oh so many good shows with (went, island tour, hampton 99 and the list goes on). missing dude today, he lives with his family in WI and we haven’t been able to cross paths for Phish in many moons.

    thanks again Miner…these DEC look backs are killer.

  10. halcyon Says:

    12-9-95 what a great night it was. I was living 5 minutes away. My housemates and I had a brownstone next to the Empire State Plaza. We had a raging pre-party followed by an after party, followed by a few of us hitting Valentines @ 2am to see Moe. I think Cactus showed up, but by then were too spun and tired to confirm. We had a huge snowball fight on the freezing stumble back home.

    Thanks for allowing me to relive those memories.

    Great write up idea for this Month. Truly a great month in Phishtory.

  11. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    what a great week of decemremembering this has been. can’t wait to see what miner cooks up for a [hopefully] TTFF. could be epic.

    big ups selecta! thursday mornings are so much better with the roots attacking

  12. lastwaltzer Says:

    Its been a few weeks since I’ve listened to this YEM but is there not big Shaft reference? you know the whole “whose the private dick” line. I remember J dawg first hearing that and giving a big wtf look, turns out she’d never heard Shaft. Shocking I know.

  13. J.w.bulldawg Says:

    We knew Albany would be epic and it truly was.After driving through snow all the way from Ohio we were very appreciative to actually make it!Maybe should’ve listened to Paluska in Niagra Falls when he told us to skip Ohio ’cause of the blizzard.Nahhh….. fuck that!Anyways it made for some harrowing hours on the interstate.We of course were rewarded with a sick show in the state capitol.For some reason we had grabbed tix at Ticketmaster earlier on in the tour. It must’ve been the weekend which were getting to be hard nights to score tix on the lot. Very strange when Trey did the B&B noisemaker during Wilson, a great Gumbo ,and AHHHH….the YEM!!!!What a great month to have been on tour! BTW I got my mail orders yesterday and still need 12/31&1/1 if anyone has exra’s my mail is j.w.bulldawg @ gmail.I have extra 12/30’s to trade and lots of good stories.I’m taking my new girfriend to NYC and her first phish shows(at MSG …taboot taboot) so any help would be appreciated very kindly….nudge nudge wink wink!

  14. jdub Says:

    What a way to celebrate this month in Phish history. Loving these jams. Woke up in the middle of the night, couldn’t fall back to sleep, checked the iPhone for some music, and drifted off into dream land with this YEM.

    I just hired a guy to come work with me. Yesterday would have been his 3rd day on the job. He doesn’t show up and no call until he is already an hour late with some excuse about his girlfiend having his car. I kindly let him know it just isn’t gonna workout. He gets upset, claims I’m being unfair, and announces that my lack of flexibilty is probably why I like to work alone. I calmly respond with “That is my problem right there, my unreasonable expectations are my problem right there”. Today I interview a young kid with a solid resume who just moved to CT from Vermont. Life is funny.

  15. lastwaltzer Says:

    also awesome wikileaks politcal cartoon from Mr. Fish:

  16. jdub Says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading all of these show memories this week. Man there are a bunch of old farts here. 15 years ago is a long time.

  17. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    so what do people think of the PTBM artwork?
    I like the worcester ones
    pretty fitting for our little domestic wormtown

  18. jdub Says:

    I like them too T3. Blue collar sums up Worcester and this band.

  19. Highway Bill Says:

    The Albany YEM.
    Sounds cliche, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

    Snow storm.

    I want snow in Worcester.

  20. P.S.H.S. Says:

    ah yes 11/28/98, cough cough cough cough cough!
    I have never puffed that much herb in one set of music as i did that night.
    A birthday girl and her husband sat down in front of me and my friend. she had a ridiculously large bubbler, i still don’t know how she snuck in, and an oz. after the first set she said “mines all gone”, her husband says “i guess we’ll have to break into mine” my friend who didn’t puff at all looked at me and said “i think i’m baked right now” her eyes were completely blood shot, dry mouth, silly grin.

  21. Calpain Says:

    Can’t wait to dig into this YEM, it will be a first for me.

    @Yborcity- safe travels back home and I share your sentiments.

    Also, it’s great to hear all of these stories, keep ’em coming!

  22. lastwaltzer Says:

    @t3 or jdub

    got pics of the tickets?

  23. phoammhead Says:

    ^make sure to include the barcode and barcode number in your pic

    i won’t be able to get in the show and then download the sbd, if you don’t


  24. Jtran Says:

    Awesome stories about that Albany show everyone!

    Love to hear the old tales

  25. Little Buddy Says:

    I have listened to the Mesa Antelope several times before but I never noticed Trey playing the Star Wars theme at the 9 min mark in my other listens. Kinds cool.

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