Mid-Month Moments

Today’s stop on our tour of December’s past brings us to the 15th, and two high-profile east coast arena gigs at the tail ends of their respective tours. With the tour closers of Fall ’95 and Fall ’99 within sight, Phish channeled the musical momentum of their extensive runs in crafting the following, quintessential highlights.


2001 > David Bowie” 12.15.95 II – Philadelphia, PA

Fall 1995 (Unknown)

Today marks the 15-year anniversary of Phish’s first stop at The Spectrum in Philadelphia — their last show before Lake Placid’s two-night tour finale. Oozing with the energy and creativity that defined the legendary month of December ’95, the band dropped an adventurous second set that saw “Bathtub Gin” morph into a “Rotation Jam” — where the band members “seamlessly” switch instruments — and then into “Mallory,” a solo Fishman song on piano. But once this novelty act came to close, the band sat into the jam sequence of the show in “2001 > Bowie.” Typical of so many highlights from this month, as soon as “Bowie’s” jam commenced, Phish immersed themselves in creative, open jamming. Needing no buffer between composition and the cosmos, Phish dove directly into heavy rhythmic textures. Building out of this menacing section into a more spacious sea of improvisation, Fishman took off on a quickened beat that drove the entire piece into a fast and fluid conversation. Throughout “Bowie,” Phish showcased the lightening-quick and super-glued communication that had evolved over the previous 51 shows of fall tour. Transforming the music into a mind-numbing chase through an apocalyptic maze, the band simultaneously crept their way back towards “Bowie’s” structured build until they burst into the final peak with unparalleled cohesion. Another vintage slice of a vintage era; crank this one up to eleven for optimal enjoyment.



Free” 12.15.99 II – MCI Center, Washington, DC

12.15.99 - MCI Center (Todd Wickersty)

While plenty of fans had plenty to say about Trey’s mini-keyboard during Fall ’99, there were some times when this accoutrement directly enhanced the music. Offering a separate layer of sound in a millennial mixture strewn with them, the tactful use of his additional instrument added hypnotic and drone patterns to Phish’s bubbling brew. One of these instances came 11 years ago today in Washington, DC’s MCI Center during a mid-second set “Free.” Playing a keyboard line that added both rhythm and melody to the jam following Mike’s bass attack, Trey contributed to a unique musical fabric. Laying the foundation for a mechanical monster, his keyboard offerings helped set the ideal tempo for Phish’s percussive collaboration. Page stepped into extensive, layered interplay with Trey on keys, adding spacey, delay effects to the jam, while Mike and Fish assumed the roles of groove assassins. Many minutes into this successful experiment, Trey slung his guitar back over his shoulder and began to shred similarly infectious leads atop the music. This multi-faceted “Free” continued the band’s unstoppable momentum in December ’99, as they approached their last three shows before entering The Everglades.




Jams of the Day:

Here are some additional jams from today’s featured shows.

Harry Hood” 12.15.95 I



Reba” 12.15.99 II




12.2.1996 America West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona

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America West Arena - Phoenix, AZ

Phish made this seldom-discussed stop in Phoenix before capping their fall tour in San Diego and Las Vegas. This show comes at you as a reader request for Dr. B — just what the doctor ordered!

I: Rocky Top, AC/DC Bag, Bouncing Around the Room, You Enjoy Myself, I Didn’t Know, Theme From the Bottom, Gumbo, Julius

II: Ya Mar, The Divided Sky, Wolfman’s Brother > Taste, Free, Scent of a Mule, Harry Hood, Sweet Adeline

E: Fire

Source: AKG 391’s (FOB) > Graham Patten DMIC-20 > Tascam DA-P1


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  1. KfL Says:

    speaking of…

    time for that cage match

  2. garretc Says:


    It certainly never cures mine…

  3. KfL Says:

    for some reason i’ve never really mixed bane & golf… unlike beer & golf… though now i don’t mix golf with anything b/c it’s a rich man’s game

  4. BingosBrother Says:

    “nice ly”

    $$$ accoutrement.

    swe makes your brain more smarter.

  5. Lycanthropist Says:

    yeh and it is also intended to flow together too…

    you may have heard all the songs before, but there is a thought out musical flow to the playlist..

    at least in my swe’d mind

  6. Snigglebeach Says:

    Who’s got my Worcester tiks?????????? snigglebeach@yahoo dotcom

    Just like Christmas, These shows are coming at us so quick i have been in no ticket/presents denial. Time for a shhopping spree…

    Any ideas on on site tiks?? 40+ shows, i have never showed up without a tik. I just don’t like to gamble on phish. tiks looked easy all year but these shows are a bit of an anomaly, no idea what to expect…

    What a way to put Christmas behind us. Phish in ghetto Wooster

  7. joechip Says:

    Hey Miner-

    today’s “Bowie” is fucking scintillating. Thanks a bunch. That just got me super fired up, never heard it before.

    a “mind numbing chase through an apocalyptic maze” indeed.

    Time for a December 95 binge.

  8. angryjoggerz Says:

    Cristal Wolf bitches

  9. garretc Says:


    One of my proudest golfing moments was teeing off whilst smoking a joint. But that’s mainly because I have extremely few golfing moments in general, let alone ones that I can be proud of…

    In fact, that could be the only one…

  10. garretc Says:

    Crystal Wolf

    Know it

  11. angryjoggerz Says:

    don’t know it, live it

  12. joe Says:

    worcester isn’t sold out yet. you can get in the building at the very least, although there aren’t too many “good”(floor, etc.) seats floating around the secondary market. maybe the scalpers gave up for these 2 shows.

  13. garretc Says:

    Be it

  14. phoammhead Says:

    hey peeps – i’ve been out of the loop a few days – someone update me, please!


  15. Lycanthropist Says:

    well phoamm

    we decided to cut you off of the board.

    your antics will not stand here any longer.

    so pack up yo shit and go.


  16. garretc Says:

    Yeah @phoamm, I’m surprised they even let you in?

    Didn’t security get the memo?

  17. garretc Says:

    Hmm, that first sentence wasn’t actually a question? I guess I didn’t really need a “?”?

    Oh well…?

  18. butterflyeffect Says:

    @phoamm sorry to pester you bro but did you get those tix yet?

  19. BingosBrother Says:

    BB the bball.

    @tickethunter : thanks for posting your story yesterday about giving away your ticket a half hour before the show only to procure an even better ticket before show time. Last night I had a nightmare that I too gave away my ticket , but unlike Gdiddily, another ticket was not forthcoming. Rough night in the sack.

  20. Jtran Says:

    If anyone can help their friendly neighborhood Jtran get into the 12/30 show let me know

    jtranvt23 at gmail

    Crunch time is making me nervous

  21. BingosBrother Says:

    Here ya go JT, some asshole sellin his 12/30’s on ebay took a pic with the serial # on it. All yours. Fuck ALL scalpers.


  22. rivertrance Says:

    spinning this Alpine bonus CD

    damn this tweezer is hot

  23. Gavinsdad Says:

    @Bingos – am I meeting you at msg? On the AC ticket thing, my friend chris ‘ buddy John needed a ticket. It was a half hour before posted show time. I looked at him in the eye. He didn’t have the hunt in him. I could sense it. Plus he’d eaten the vehicle. So I just hooked him up and went at it myself. Trust me, it was intense because I’d eaten the vehicle myself and didn’t want it to kick in before I got my ticket. It all worked out in the end

    @snigglebeach: see @Joes feedback re: Woosta. Looks as tho MSG is tightening down here too. Seems were getting close. Saw a small flurry of activity last week…more 1/1s than anything else. Now I’m not seeing much.

  24. neemor Says:

    “I looked at him in the eye. He didn’t have the hunt in him. ”
    ^ ftw
    I fucking love this man.

  25. neemor Says:


    “mind numbing chase through an apocalyptic maze” was my favorite, too.
    Let’s hear it for Fall ’95 Bowies.

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