Happy Holidays!

10.31.10 (Graham Lucas)

I’ll be taking some time off between now and Worcester. I’ll likely post some thoughts at some point, but probably not for a few of days. Happy Holidays to all!

In the meantime, enjoy these Worcester gems that just missed December!


Funky Bitch” 11.30.97 I



Stash > Free” 11.30.97 II



You Enjoy Myself” 11.28.97 I



Atlantic City (Graham Lucas)

979 Responses to “Happy Holidays!”

  1. albert walker Says:

    good Phish and Penguins vs Capitals

    can’t beat it

    fuck Crosby

  2. joe Says:

    ok, got some actual stuff to do at work, then home for the next few days. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, etc. etc. to all of you fine folks. see you Monday in Worcester! hope it doesn’t snow cuz I hate dancin in boots. legs are too heavy as it is.

  3. joe Says:

    24/7 on HBO is pretty great look at those teams. and you don’t necessarily have to be into hockey or a fan of either team to enjoy the show…

    people love outdoor hockey. Maybe Phish should take a page from the NHL and host a winter classic outdoors on New Year’s day.

  4. phoammhead Says:

    Shit’s going down for real.


  5. SillyWilly Says:



    I prefer to see my winter Phish indoors.

    I also prefer not to freeze.

    I don’t think I’m hearty enough for a outdoor winter Phish show.

  6. albert walker Says:

    in Costa Rica of course

  7. SillyWilly Says:

    Hawaii run februaury 11??

  8. Dr. Pronoia Says:

    happy almost bday aw

    saw the 1/1 talk earlier. Neems I’m two rows behind you in 410

  9. DukeOfLizards Says:

    re: 1/1

    419 here

    Let the Jedi mind tricks begin.

  10. KfL Says:

    burning some kids music for my niece (not for kids only natch) and i’m seriously digging mmw’s let’s go everywhere. the shit is psychedelic kids music.

  11. angryjoggerz Says:

    KFL, They Might Be Giants has a bunch of awesome kids music. Not sure if it is an album or not, but my daughter and I check out the videos on Youtube all of the time. Electric Car is a personal fav. They are all educational songs and the videos are pretty awesome animation.

  12. angryjoggerz Says:

    Well, what do you know?


  13. jdub Says:

    @KfL, Let’s Go Everywhere is a staple for family listening in our household. Always a win win choice.

  14. halcyon Says:

    I am not a parent, but love the Lets Go Everywhere disc, and most friends of mine who are parents bought it for their kids, and listen to it more than they do.

    Oh and What’s happening jdub,angryj, and kfl

  15. She Divides Says:

    Hey all- hope everyone is doing well.

    That caps loss was tough!

    1/1 we are in 412

    I was also just realizing what an epic day 1/1 is going to be:
    Starts out with the new years set of phish, then post show mania, some sleep, 11am Marquette vs west va, 1 pm winter classic caps vs. Pens, 3pm get down to the msg area, 5pm Wisconsin in the rose bowl, and then PHISH for the THIRD night in a row, with awesome people!

  16. KfL Says:

    seriously, that mmw disc almost makes me feel like i’m ready to have kids, just knowing there is intellectual, nuanced, engaging material out there for kids

    thanks aj – downloading now

    what up halcy 😮

  17. Mr.Palmer Says:

    what up bb?

  18. angryjoggerz Says:

    1 week from right now = face’s melted in nyc

  19. halcyon Says:

    Working my night shift, listening to a Spiritualized show from a few years ago….perfect for a mellow shift Spiritualized has some nice psychedelia

  20. KfL Says:

    where’s the music??!?

  21. angryjoggerz Says:

    Hey Halcyon, you might like this album in my medifire

    Dean & Britta – 13 Most Beautiful Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests (2010).rar

  22. sumodie Says:

    For those MSG-bound fans who have a specific dietary request:
    “Chowhounders on Where to Eat While on Ecstasy”


    and in case you missed this vid from earlier today:

    “MSG at NYE – Jaded Vet Conversation”

    (not quite as good as the Burning Man spoof but still worth a look)

    -both links thanks to yemblog-

  23. ChefBradford Says:

    And now for something completely different…11/7/98 Mike’s is fucking amazing

    but you already knew that, didn’t you?

  24. halcyon Says:

    Thanks Angry J!!!

  25. voopa Says:

    Modern triumvirate of hip kid’s music:

    MMW – Let’s Go Everywhere
    TMBG – No!
    JG & DG – Not for Kids Only

    Will be giving all 3 to my 4 year old nephew on Saturday…should be a hoot.

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