New Year’s Eve is a time for celebrating and not for writing. But I’ll be back to recap Phish’s phenomenal New Year’s Eve extravaganza soon enough!

Phish 2011 – Here we come…in a few hours!

12.30.2010 (Graham Lucas)

I: Punch You In the Eye, AC/DC Bag, The Moma Dance, Scent of a Mule, Burn that Bridge*, Weigh, Ocelot**, Beauty of My Dreams, Gone, Rock and Roll

II: Wilson, 46 Days, Sand, NICU**, Down with Disease > Ghost, You Enjoy Myself > Manteca > You Enjoy Myself

III: Meatstick^, Auld Lang Syne, After Midnight, Backwards Down the Number Line, Piper > Free, Waste, Slave to the Traffic Light, Grind

E: First Tube

*debut, **w/ Auld Lang Syne teases, ^Global Meatstick Throwdown w/ massive troupe of choreographed dancers

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607 Responses to “2011!”

  1. lot rat Says:

    how bout a spring tour out west…whose in?

  2. ThePigSong Says:

    I feel like set two from last night was far superior to set two tonight…

    that being said I was dancing in the 200s last night and sitting on the couch next to my sleeping wife tonight.

  3. c0wfunk Says:

    was able to catch bits and pieces of the stream looks like a great night? look forward to hearing the beginning of the second set, from sally on was really sick

  4. c0wfunk Says:

    that ? should not be there 8)

  5. BrandonKayda Says:


    That’s cool man. Seriously – I wish I could’ve seen what was going on during that Simple

    Wild show tonight huh?

  6. SillyWilly Says:

    I really thought so, BK.

    Honestly, I thought maybe the Bowie was the least creative part of the second set.

    i can’t wait to listen again. they were really taking some chances tonight.

    felt good.

  7. dognamedwilson Says:

    Oh, ok. I met a guyute-related handle wasn’t sure which.

    It’ll happen

  8. c0wfunk Says:

    bowie was pretty straight forward. Seemed like an early night I expected more like midnight. Second set was fairly short – just over an hour? really chock full of goodness though.

  9. DukeOfLizards Says:

    Second set was too jammy.

  10. kayatosh Says:

    missed the first two of II. but simple sneakin>makisuapa were $$$.. best sneakin I ever heard. trey marching back n forth staring down invisible assailants. just slaying. cool jams in simple and makisupa. they were synced up so tight in sneakin and maki just letting things evolve organically. peak phish full band stylee. using that staccato style to great effect. bowie was $$. well-played. need to rehear simple; during it I remembered that I had missed my time to take my antibiotic and was counting pills in the kitchen to double check.

    1st set didn’t do it for me as much, but I was talkin w/ my wife from divided on. my soul was nailed and won me over. jim had a cool jam inspired by some staccato moments. walkawayw as confident and killed. but didn’t feel jibboo or the wotc jam. overkill on wotc. need to relisten though to be sure. nice double encore. keytar is like a fifth bandmember.

    all non wife portions of show were through headphones. what a treat. stream was a cool experience minus the missing C&P twist. p close and personal.


  11. BrandonKayda Says:


    2 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 0 + 1 = 6

    6 song second set


  12. BrandonKayda Says:

    So nobody else heard Trey hinting at Manteca (and getting ignored) during Bowie?

  13. dognamedwilson Says:

    2nd set just restarted on the free stream I believe

  14. plord Says:

    2 + 11 = 13, + 1 +1 = 15.
    5+1 =6
    Six song 2nd set.

    I think you might be onto something there BK, it works BOTH WAYS.

  15. Tzara's Ghost Says:

    @ lot rat, yes please!

    I don’t think re-broadcasting a crappy stream, that will still probably be crappy tomorrow, really addresses the plans many of us made around these shows. I blew off good plans to stay home and be pissed at the computer, as many of us did. Why not give us mp3’s of the shows we bought?

    That being said, that shut was hot tonight.

  16. Tzara's Ghost Says:

    Post show spin: Gil-Scott Heron–I’m New Here. Nice comedown music.

  17. kayatosh Says:

    i just heard his manteca vocal reference at the end of twist.

  18. plord Says:

    I have no idea if it was hot, from what I heard. Sally was good, but it’s no Gorge Sally. Maki kinda dragged, Bowie was short.

    I definitely feel like I missed the good part, especially since I came in on the last 10 seconds of that Simple jam.

    “You’re really messing with my Zen thing, man.” – Kevin Flynn

  19. kayatosh Says:

    that’s a $$$ 6 song set. can’t wait to hear it in its entirety.

  20. c0wfunk Says:

    did not hear manteca during bowie and I was pretty focused in

  21. c0wfunk Says:

    there’s that riff he plays

    |: da nana na na-nananah .. 😐 that is kinda mantecish but is probably in most bowies.

  22. c0wfunk Says:

    heh that’ smileys’s supposta be a repeat : |

  23. kayatosh Says:

    15 a little pricey for what was delivered. would pay 15 for complete flawless and smooth

  24. kayatosh Says:

    night phools. nice mini tour.

  25. BrandonKayda Says:

    I don’t think you should compare Gorge Sally to other Sally’s – The Gorge Sally went into an entirely seperate jam, and is unique in itself, tonight’s Sally was just good old fashioned funk.

    Simple was very good tonight – caught onto a two-chord progression which almost died then sprung to life for a minute before Sally came in. You could really hear them trying to keep the jam alive – at one point I thought they were changing songs, but it just kept going

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