Madison Square Memories

12.31.2010 (Ryan Gilbertie)


12.31.2010 (George Estreich)


12.30.10 (Graham Lucas)


12.31.10 (George Estreich)

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525 Responses to “Madison Square Memories”

  1. Mr. Completely Says:

    pretty slick bit of psychic judo there @plord

  2. P.S.H.S Says:

    Apparently coke was legal in Japan during the 80’s….


  3. Mr. Completely Says:

    considering what addicts both my parents are (mom = still smoking cigs, dad = 12 stepping for booze and pharmies) I have no idea how I dodged that gene

    I *must* have just gotten lucky genetically since I have no actual willpower whatsoever when it comes to resisting temptation

    it did help a lot that the types of buzz that resonate with me are connected to the least physically addicting kinds of substances

    so I just got bewilderingly lucky basically, since I did everything in my power to put myself in harm’s way – and harm got me pretty good in some respects – just not that particular one, through no doing of my own

  4. Mr. Completely Says:

    ooooh the Saints just had to put Pierre Thomas on IR, right after doing the same with Ivory

    that’s a big problem for them….ouch

  5. neemor Says:

    Steelers are going to the Super Bowl.
    Just sayin.

  6. Mr. Completely Says:

    its them or the pats in the AFC

    NFC is more wide open. Saints were a solid pick on that side until their running game just vanished completely. now they’re basically the Colts with a better defense

  7. P.S.H.S Says:

    34-14 pats win in afc championship. Big ben can’t put up the points and no one can stop Brady right now

  8. P.S.H.S Says:

    34-14 would win me a cool $100 in my playoff pool

  9. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Pats vs. Eagles

  10. Mr. Completely Says:

    that’s the consensus PSHS and the Pats definited owned the Steelers last time, made em look old and slow

    but hte Packers played ’em real close and there are some folks out there who think the right kind of D keyed on those short timing routes could disrupt their offense

    we’ll see, right now it looks like there’s a huge gap between the Pats and everyone else for sure

  11. Robear Says:

    C, how do I take this 24 bit file and put it into the ALAC so I can burn to CD?

  12. neemor Says:

    “Big ben can’t put up the points”
    ^ ?
    Good thing he has a team playing as a well-oiled machine at just the right time.

    Pats saw a hurt Steelers team last time.
    Dick Lebeau seeing them again this season=winning game plan.
    nuf sed

  13. P.S.H.S Says:

    Eagles v packers is the game to watch. Winner of that is the real threat. Afc most likely ends up Pitt v NE, unless Peyton heats up which always sucks

  14. P.S.H.S Says:

    Mike Tomlin is my second favorite coach, he’s legit. The steelers D wins them games, not the QB. In NE it’s the total opposite. We’ll see…

  15. neemor Says:

    Tomlin is a great head coach, well put.
    All this being said, I’d love to see Baltimore take out the Pats.

    Curious to see the ratings on of all time highest rated shows:
    2010-12-31 (Rated 4.7/5)
    Madison Square Garden
    1993-12-31 (Rated 4.7/5)
    Worcester Centrum Centre
    1999-12-31 (Rated 4.7/5)
    Big Cypress Seminole Indi…
    2000-07-11 (Rated 4.7/5)
    Deer Creek Music Center
    1997-12-06 (Rated 4.7/5)
    The Palace of Auburn Hills
    1993-02-20 (Rated 4.7/5)
    Roxy Theatre
    1994-06-11 (Rated 4.7/5)
    Red Rocks Amphitheatre
    1997-11-19 (Rated 4.7/5)
    Assembly Hall, University…
    2003-02-28 (Rated 4.7/5)
    Nassau Coliseum
    1993-05-08 (Rated 4.7/5)
    Field House, University o…

  16. Robear Says:

    neemor, that list constantly changes

  17. P.S.H.S Says:

    Sweet, I was at two of those 7-11-00, 12-31-99. My brother-in-laws last show was 12-31-93, sucker? Or lucky?

  18. sumodie Says:

    @robear: mac or pc?

    A decent audio codec conversion program is what you need. Don’t recall which freeware programs are commonly recommended here.

    As a PC user, I use dbpoweramp ($38) which lets me interconvert between 16 bit or 24 bit FLAC, WAV, mp3, etc

    Most likely whatever program you use will convert directly from 24bit FLAC to WAV, don’t need to convert to ALAC and then WAV

  19. Tzara's Ghost Says:

    Just catching up, seems like a serious day on the board, punctuated by moments of hilarity (thanks neemor and willowed among others).

    @MrC, what no love for the Seahawks? Can’t you see it’s a trap game? And the Saints walked right into it. A WW T-shirt at the next west coast show on it?

  20. Mr.Palmer Says:

    rob- XLD

  21. sumodie Says:

    this site is great for explaining FLAC and the various software (some freeware) used to convert audio files -good for mac or pc

  22. sumodie Says:

    and for those who may not know, iTunes now supports 24bit ALAC (though not every ipod will)

  23. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I think you mean secular humanism. Non-secular would imply a connection withm religion. Our man Frank Zappa was a a secular humanist

  24. Robear Says:

    i’ve got the original files converted to AIFF. they’re just so big. 2300 bit rate. 2.34 gigs for the show or something. seems like it will take a bunch of discs. converted to WAV, and it’s still pretty big, but down to 1411 bit rate.

    In addition, my disc burning from iTunes seems to be non-functioning. i get to the step to ‘insert blank disc’, and nothing. just spins and spins.

  25. Robear Says:

    okay, i think i got it.

    disc not burning b’cause ‘toast’ running in background.

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