Ten Tunes For Friday: 2010 Style

The Greek Theatre - 8.5.10 (W. Rogell)

We are back in the long-offseason, which will certainly mean more installments of Ten Tunes For Friday. This week, since we have been looking back on 2010, I decided to highlight jams from the past year. By no means was I trying to pinpoint the ten best jams, but simply ten outstanding pieces of improvisation from the past calendar year. Enjoy reminiscing over the last day of the week.


Rock and Roll > Carini ” 10.22 II Providence

This sequence kicked off an underrated second set with one of the defining jam sequences of fall tour; some avant-garde psychedelia to start kick off Friday.



12.31.10 (G.Estreich)

Ghost > Theme” 8.15 II Alpine

Shredding versions of each song came together to open Alpine’s final set with fireworks.



Simple” 8.6.10 I Greek

One of the most creative jams of 2010.



6.25.10 (G.Lucas)

Piper > Mist ” 8.19 II Telluride

After botching the Rocky Mountain “Tweezer” everyone had dreamed about since the shows were announced, Phish salvaged the set with one of the “Pipers” of the year.



Stash” 10.31 I Atlantic City

The much-heralded Halloween “Stash” has definite staying power.



Harry Hood” 8.12 II Deer Creek

8.10.10 (G.Lucas)

A dark horse version overshadowed by The Greek and Jones Beach’s centerpieces, this Deer Creek outing is right up there with the “Hoods” of summer.



Split Open and Melt” 10.11.10 Broomfield

The Broomfield shows seemed to get buried in the rubble of an east coast avalanche last fall, but several the pieces from the run, including this “Split,” deserve to be remembered.



2001 > Bowie” 10.30 II Atlantic City

Possibly the most fluid musical sequence of fall tour; a true pimp ride through the universe.



Jones Beach -8/2010 (M. Ladd)

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488 Responses to “Ten Tunes For Friday: 2010 Style”

  1. lot rat Says:

    6/30>7/1 were fun shows.

    Mikes>H2O>Weekapaugh>Nellie Kane, Ghost.

    no curfew in hartford.

  2. albert walker Says:

    Exit THrough the Giftshop

    great flick

    I guess I was faded on H through the whole street art movement. Had no idea.

    cool stuff.

  3. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    im planning on watching that soon aw. ive heard great things from the film kids

  4. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    oh wow kp didnt know you remastered 6 30… thats the great halleys right? i should get on that shit.

  5. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    if its the halleys im thinking of, ive heard it but a real shity aud. real shitty.

  6. KfL Says:

    20 shows in 2010 and only 3 in miner’s top 10, the best being #5

    trey to kwl and robear: hit more shows!

  7. KfL Says:

    at least i caught the famed telluride tweezer 😯

    night kids

  8. poop goblin Says:

    fuck that Telly tweezer

    I was spun as shit and it took me a few songs to recuperate

    my favorite song
    to abort like that was burtal

    only in 3.0

  9. poop goblin Says:


    not sure what burtal is

  10. Mr.Miner Says:

    @ poop. I cam EASILY, UNQUESTIONABLY say that that was the single worst moment in 2010. Not even a musical catastrophe like the “>” in the Ghost > Mikes @ the Greek when the band stopped playing to club baby seals onstage.(ref. Mr. C 2010)

    Deep in the rockies, about to launch into a thick Tweezer that was gonna build off the Greek version…then Boogie On? a top 5 custy anthem? it was a joke. appalling. Boogie On was really sick…and it hardly mattered to me…

  11. Mr.Miner Says:

    worcester seven below is just beyond amazing. Worcester jams felt so natural, regardless of mellowness. I think this seven below is right up there with just about anything from this era…and THEN they go into the mashup with whats the use…so good.

  12. kenny powers Says:

    re: the Telly Tweezer abort, i remember thinking at the time (listening at home), “wow, i thought the MPP ’09 Tweezer was underwhelming…”

  13. kenny powers Says:

    i mean, i get the whole move on if you’re not feeling an organic jam thing, but Christ why give all the dudes in the front row blue balls that early in the night

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