Casualties Of This Era

8.5.10 (Wendy Rogell)

Though Phish’s modern era has brought us new jam vehicles in “Light” and “Number Line,” it has also seen several fade away. Aside from the well-documented castration of “Mike’s Song,” three other crowd-favorites have completely lost their sense of adventure—”Halley’s Comet,” “Gumbo” and “Free.” The former two have returned to their pre-1997 form, while the latter has inexplicably shrunk into a Phish single. Because of its history, I think “Free” still has a chance to bust out, but, it feels like “Halley’s and “Gumbo” jams may be gone forever.

8.10.10 (G. Lucas)

Both “Halley’s Comet” and “Gumbo” improvisational jaunts were byproducts of the late-’90s era of groove and band’s post-hiatus “we’ll jam anything” policy. But when comparing current versions of these songs to the first decade plus of their lives, they look exactly the same. “Halley’s” was traditionally a four-minute launchpad into larger musical happenings, and “Gumbo,” until 1997, featured the same ragtime ending that closes the piece today. Thus, it seems that their improvisational gravestone will read “1997 – 2004.” But what a run it was. Both songs blossomed with The Cowfunk Revolution of ’97 and hosted stellar adventures for six years before appearing in 2009 as their retro selves. The only out-of-the-ordinary version of either song came in June ’09, at the anti-climactic Fox show, when Phish opened the second set with an extended, but straight-forward, “Halley’s Comet.”

“Free” is another case all together. There is really no logical explanation for its compact modern shape. Moving from Mike’s bass solo right into the closing chords of the former jam, the band has put nothing whatsoever into this song since they have come back. During the song’s early years of ’95 and ’96, Page took charge of its soupy psychedelia with strong piano leads while Trey often jumped to percussion. Though some versions of the song grew significant (see 6.26.95 as a prime example), more often than not, the jam didn’t reach highlight-reel territory. Nonetheless, there was always a jam.

10.12.10 - Broomfield (B.Perry)

And then in 1997, the year “Halley’s” and “Gumbo” sprang to life, the same rhythmic shift turned “Free” into a vehicle for thunderous funk throwdowns. Between the years of ’97 and ’04, the beginning of “Free” sparked wide-eyed anticipation from the audience as they waiting for Mike’s bass solo to dissolve into another world. Trey would swoop in with an idea and the band would take off amidst a thick joyride that always pumped a show full of energy. But since 2009, there has been no semblance of a jam. Refusing to let the song breathe at all, Trey has smothered the piece for no apparent reason. Sometimes used tactfully as a landing pad for deeper exploration, “Free’s” place in the setlist has also been obtrusive in this era, often appearing in the second set and breaking up the flow as a stand-alone rock song. On New Year’s Eve, Trey decided to vamp over the funk for approximately 12 seconds before taking a left turn back into the chorus. But just for that moment, it was clear that Phish could blow the roof off with the song at any minute, and the I believe that the version we’ve been waiting for is coming this year.

Hopefully I’m wrong about “Halley’s” and “Gumbo,” and 2011 will bring the return of all three of these former show stoppers, but if we get one out of three, it will be a success.


Jam of the Day:

Tube” 9.15.00 II

Though I doubt the band will ever reach the length of this Hershey version again, while we are on the topic of songs that could use some loving, how ’bout a longer “Tube?”




5.3.1991 Somerville Theatre, Somerville, Massachusetts SBD

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Sticking with the old-school theme, here is another soundboard from back in the day.

I: Bouncing Around the Room, Foam, Chalk Dust Torture, TMWSIY > Avenu Malkenu > TMWSIY, The Divided Sky, Fee, Paul and Silas, Tweezer, The Lizards, Sweet Adeline

II: AC/DC Bag, The Curtain > Sloth, Landlady, Runaway Jim, Tela, You Enjoy Myself, Harpua, Tweezer Reprise

E: Take the ‘A’ Train > BBFCFM

Source: SBD

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  1. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I should be seeding 7.29.3 kevorkian now if you haven’t gotten it yet.

  2. mitch Says:

    repost cause i got page’d. i literally just got what the dude meant the other night when he got page’d and i thought he meant horse’d. i literally thought of page not a webpage. robane’d.

    anyway, repost: anyone seeding the 8.8 aud from the other night? i cant get a seeder.

  3. phoammhead Says:


    how can i get that kevorkian?

  4. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I like to refer to that as getting mcconnell’d

  5. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    you on the noid? just do a search for “kevorkian phish” and 8.7.10, 7.29.3, and 2.28.3 should all show up. I am currently seeding all three.

  6. sumodie Says:

    @mitch: I lost my secret decoder ring -what’s an 8.8 aud torrent?

  7. mitch Says:

    haha mcconnell’d. its funny now. almost went over my head there. 😯

  8. joe Says:

    Legalities concerned rebroadcasting music via podcast or is it like the wild west?

  9. mitch Says:

    gorge 8.8.10 aud torrent

  10. mitch Says:

    joe, good question. auds are ok right? ha aud podcast.

  11. KWL Says:

    thanks t3!

  12. KWL Says:

    8-8-09 you mean mitch… both the sources kp rec’d had no seeders so i just made a note of them to wait until they pop up again

  13. joe Says:

    Or just play anything you want until you get big enough to receive a cease and desist letter and a bill for unpaid royalties

  14. sumodie Says:

    I have 7.29.03 & 2.28.03 on CD and both say mastered by Kevorkian -these are the best versions available?

    Or did Kevorkian go back and do a second re-master? As he’s done for a few other shows already released by LP. No info available at LP either.

  15. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    daaaaaaaayumm. this 7.29.3 kevorkian is crisp as a freshly opened bag of potato chips. listening to the fee>timber to check for “openness” based on the earlier convo on it. then I’m off to the C&P hotness in the second frame.

  16. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    not sure, sumo. I was looking for the greek remasters and these popped up along with that one. I do know that they sound fantastic.

  17. sumodie Says:

    @mitch: yeah, sorry, I don’t have any Gorge 09 auds

  18. mitch Says:

    8.8.10 kwl. secret show. thought i told you about it. it was sick but i wont brag.

  19. sumodie Says:

    If this is one of the Gorge 09 auds you want, ask Kayatosh as he pulled it according to the comments section

  20. mitch Says:

    i have the 7.29 remaster on cd. love taking that one on road trips.

  21. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    not open, but there’s a nice little jam tacked onto the back end of this Fee. About two solid minutes of denouement before Trey comes in with a seamless segue into Timber.

  22. mitch Says:

    kp hosted his personal fav so i went after it. good looking out tho.

  23. mitch Says:

    i actually have the other 2 from that release come to think of it.

  24. phoammhead Says:

    no, not on noid

    how do i get on?

  25. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    email me
    typeiiijpd gmail

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