Trey Tour – Winter 2001

8.7.08 Brooklyn (Unknown)

After Phish finished at Shoreline in 2000, Trey’s motor kept running. Continuing to write new material, he soon needed an outlet to play it and booked a spontaneous solo tour for the Winter of 2001. For a backing band, he looked to his his trio from the Spring of 1999. Pulling his rhythm section of Tony Markelis and Russ Lawton back together for his second tour ever, this time Trey added a three-piece horn section as well. Dave Grippo (alto sax) of Giant Country Horns fame,) young Jen Hartswick (trumpet, tuba) and Andy Moroz (trumpet) formed the Burlington-based trio that spiced up Trey’s jams all tour long. Adding a genuine fusion dynamic to the band’s rhythm-focused grooves, this initial horn lineup meshed immediately with the Trey, Tony, and Ray, forming, in my opinion, the best-ever incarnation of The Trey Anastasio Band.

Winter 2001 Poster

To his Spring 1999 staples of “Sand,” Jibboo,” and “First Tube,” Trey added new songs such as “Push On Til the Day,” “Burlap Sack and Pumps,” and “Drifting.” Trey ditched his acoustic set in favor of two electric throw-downs and the band hit the road in February for a slate of ten shows (adding one more on the spot in Atlanta after an unexpectedly high for the first.) Starting in the Northeast, the band wound their way south, finishing with a fierce four-pack in Asheville, NC, Columbia, SC, and two at The Fox in Atlanta. Spicing their sets with new covers, this version of Trey’s band featured musical conversations rather than Trey simply shredding over a thick groove. As opposed to the horns of modern-day TAB who have more composed lines, Grippo, Hartswick, and Moroz improvised right along with Trey through the fiercest and most explosive escapades, upping the onstage dynamic considerably while bringing an entirely new element to Trey’s jams.

Philadelphia 2010 (B.Ferguson)

Philadelphia 2010 (B.Ferguson)

So many musical passages stood out on this tour, but if one jam shined as the quintessential TAB 2001 excursion, it was “Sand > Quadraphonic Toppling” from Columbia, South Carolina. Delving deep into fusion psychedelia, the band threw down an extended series of textured dance grooves that were spiced considerably by horn improvisation. And then evoking memories of Big Cypress, Trey led the band through the abstract “Quadraphonic Toppling,” playing—and looping—the song’s minimalist melody himself.

Trey’s sextet existed for just a blip in time, playing only the winter’s eleven shows together. When Trey emerged with his band for the summer of 2001, he had added Ray Paczkowski on keyboards for the first time, as well as a fourth horn player, Russell Remington, on tenor sax and flute. The following summer, this lineup only grew, as Trey went on to explore Afro-Cuban grooves. But for a spontaneous stretch in the winter of 2001, Trey was discovering the power of his solo act, and his shows contained a palpable energy, bringing a buzz to the scene. Phish was done—for the moment—but Trey’s solo career was beginning to heat up.


Jam of the Day:

A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing” 6.19.04 II

One of the top-shelf jams of the post-hiatus era.




4.12.1991 Barrymore Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin SBD

Mp3 Torrent (asap), Megaupload < Links

Barrymore Theatre - 1991

Keeping the old-school soundboard train rolling.

I: Llama, Uncle Pen, The Divided Sky, Guelah Papyrus, The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg, Stash, Rocky Top, Golgi Apparatus

II: The Landlady, Runaway Jim, You Enjoy Myself, Fluffhead, Cavern, Tela, Buried Alive, Reba, My Sweet One, Good Times Bad Times

E: Contact > Big Black Furry Creature from Mars, The Squirming Coil

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  1. Robear Says:

    mrs. v is dedicated. we need more of her in our schools. the teachers i work with run the gamut from very dedicated, to very worn out.

    voopa and silly, i guess i’m hoping that the public workers and private workers, both of whom are getting their butts kicked, will stand up for each other.

  2. BTB Says:

    The interest deduction from your mortgage is capped i believe.

  3. Robear Says:

    compound interest is brutal on a home-buyer

  4. BTB Says:

    Sorry, the tax deduction from your mortgage interest expense is capped

    i believe!

  5. WharblGarbl Says:

    Green board is down for me too. How am I going to get my daily dose of “wsp sux” and topics that are completely irrelevant to Phish and make me weep for humanity?

  6. SillyWilly Says:


    I hear ya.

    But frame the question in another way.

    So, yes, he is asking public employees to make a sacrifice, but shouldn’t he have asked others to make a sacrifice first?

    in the end it’s about who should pay what

    i just dont think social workers, nurses, and teachers should pick up the bill.

    you know, in a very personal way, I don’t know if I can afford to be a Public Defender with 180K of debt and the new pension and health care requirements

    when you make cuts like this you force good-intentioned people away from the work and into the private sector.

    the private sector isn’t all bad, and the public all good, but in something like my field, there is a very real impact.

    I could go write wills for a ton of money, or I could defend indigent people for pennies

    this is the effect in my mind.

    Just my mind, though.

  7. BTB Says:

    Hampton Confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!—–> WSP SUX

  8. Robear Says:

    silly and voopa,

    it also seems INSANE to me, to group teachers / educators, and public works, dmv, state employees together.

    talk about two different job descriptions. really creates a hot button issue. people want better pay for teachers. at the same time, we want to trim the fat from some other departments. lumping them together really creates an ‘us vs. them’ from within.

  9. BTB Says:

    Our govt’s spending on everything needs to be reduced. Defense to entitlements…everything. No favorites. Only fair way to do it.

  10. WharblGarbl Says:

    That and the sexy_mermaid saga make me want to swear off that website every day but I keep coming back for some reason. They’re starting to think that they’re 4chan /b/ and that is not what a phish message board (nor any board) should ever become

  11. kayatosh Says:

    I feel like bro coli brother right now after a long ride on the cactus luxury express.

  12. Robear Says:

    silly, did the governor propose the same cuts for his office, and the state house and senate? didn’t see if you responded yesterday, ‘cuz I’m really curious.

  13. poop goblin Says:

    my girl comes home in tears from her job at Chicago Public Schools cuz such few workers there actually give a shit about there jobs and give it the effort it deserves.

    this is the only case I know. and everything she says to me just says it doesn’t work. it’s a shame these people are losing their cush jobs and benefits because they have no chance of success in the private sector.

    I know this isn’t everyone. shit Angry Joggerz worked over there with her but she claims as a whole the majority over there gives two shits about working to the best of their ability

    kind of sad it has her running to the private sector since she loves education and wanted to help the inner city school systems

  14. kayatosh Says:

    2010 TAB tour was boss. hearing a few 2010 gems (2.25.2010 rocky mtn. shuffle) come by on shuffle is getting me pumped for philly TAB. spare ticket anyone?

  15. kayatosh Says:

    ghee+blue cheese+merryvale red

  16. kenny powers Says:

    @ BTB

    if that’s true, then it’s a mighty high cap because my mortgage is practically at jumbo levels and we ain’t seen no cap.

    @ voop

    “The mortgage deduction was definitely part of the reason we bought a home, but certainly not the only reason. And we did not seek out the biggest house and mortgage possible, for damn sure.”

    Smart move. I’d say I’m sort of in between extremes, but slightly closer to the irresponsible/clueless home buyer end of the spectrum. In the years leading up to the purchase of our first home, everything we were told and taught from family (including a very smart and succesfull finance guy who knows his shit), friends, economists, etc, was that a home is the best investment you can make, it will create major equity very fast, putting 5% down is totally adequate, the market will be going up for a long time, yadda yadda.

    Then months later the market implodes and interest rates drop 2 full percentage points lower than what we got, but we can’t refinance because we have no equity or cash. So essentially we’re stuck, screwed, won’t be able to break even on a sale after commission for years. And since we’re now getting divorced and need to sell fast, we’re surely gonna take a huge hit.

    We didn’t take on the biggest mortgage possible but it was close – which might sound irresponsible, but when you factor in how insanely expensive the western suburbs of Boston are ($373K in 2006 for a 987 sq foot home on a half acre, which would now be closer to $275K), and that we wanted to be in a town with great schools, etc….

    I’m not trying to paint myself as a total victim, just saying it’s hard not to get royally screwed when the “conventional wisdom” shoved down your throat for years turns out to be turned on its head virtually moments after you make the biggest financial decision of your life.

  17. SillyWilly Says:


    I’m not sure, man.

    I can’t find anything about that.

    I better peace out for awhile.

    This isn’t Phish related at all.

    my email is falkwilt at the gmail if anyone wants to keep talking about it.

  18. BTB Says:

    sorry to hear that KP

  19. kenny powers Says:

    @ sILLY

    “when you make cuts like this you force good-intentioned people away from the work and into the private sector. ”

    that’s why i think any changes should be gradual, phased in, so there’s time to adjust and people don’t need to make drastic decisions that soon. On the other hand they might not even find private sector work. But I agree, nurses, teachers, SW’s should be exceptions to some extent for sure.

    I just think a big part of the reason the deficit is so huge and we can’t seem to fix that is because in times that were more flush and when government was expanding, various people and groups got used to certain benefits, and no politician wants to have to tell people they can’t have it anymore so nothing is trimmed and the budget swells nonstop. It’s gonna hurt, but I guess the challenge/goal is to make that hurt as fairly distributed as possible.

    Although i do consider myself fairly fiscally conservative (socially liberal), it sucks when the right is all “cut everything now, all government is wasteful” and the left is all “you can’t cut any of this because person X or Y will suffer”. It’s a shitty situation and I’m faintly hopeful that the bickering can simmer long enough for some sort of compromise to come out of it all.

    I like ice cream.

  20. Luther T. Justice Says:

    Our Republicans in Ohio are also trying to pass a bill to eliminate collective barganing. Senate Bill 5 will be the death of the unions here.

  21. Aquaman Says:


    “Sidewalk’s meant for walkin’ Not for fancy walkin'”

  22. Chuck sweD Says:

    mmmm ice cream

  23. kayatosh Says:

    I stopped watchin the simpsons eons ago (regretfully), but I do know that one, aqua. classic shit right there. i would have trouble walkin a straight line right now.

  24. SillyWilly Says:

    Word, KP

    You definitely keep an even head over this whole thing.

    I prefer my ice cream to have hot fudge on it.


    yeah, man. The media is playing this wisco thing up as sort of the top of the slide.

  25. voopa Says:

    Sucks, KP. I’m SO glad we didn’t buy during the boom…I was always bearish about it. Paid off when our landlords called us in late ’08 and said “Stop paying rent, we lost the house.”

    A place across the street and two doors down was being worked on, the neighbor said he heard it would be rented the following week. That next week, a for sale sign was on the place. So we looked into it- $79,000! At the time the average price for homes that size in the region were selling for about $160,000. The kitchen was an empty room, and we invested about $40-50K on top of the purchase price.

    The family that owned the home walked away in early ’08; not sure who had it and what happened in between. But since we got it so cheap, we were able to refi last month to a 15 year at 4.25%. Damn lucky.

    I know some people had no choice but to buy during the bubble, but I’m glad we able to wait.

    Here’s the home website again, in case anyone cares:

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