Trey Tour – Winter 2001

8.7.08 Brooklyn (Unknown)

After Phish finished at Shoreline in 2000, Trey’s motor kept running. Continuing to write new material, he soon needed an outlet to play it and booked a spontaneous solo tour for the Winter of 2001. For a backing band, he looked to his his trio from the Spring of 1999. Pulling his rhythm section of Tony Markelis and Russ Lawton back together for his second tour ever, this time Trey added a three-piece horn section as well. Dave Grippo (alto sax) of Giant Country Horns fame,) young Jen Hartswick (trumpet, tuba) and Andy Moroz (trumpet) formed the Burlington-based trio that spiced up Trey’s jams all tour long. Adding a genuine fusion dynamic to the band’s rhythm-focused grooves, this initial horn lineup meshed immediately with the Trey, Tony, and Ray, forming, in my opinion, the best-ever incarnation of The Trey Anastasio Band.

Winter 2001 Poster

To his Spring 1999 staples of “Sand,” Jibboo,” and “First Tube,” Trey added new songs such as “Push On Til the Day,” “Burlap Sack and Pumps,” and “Drifting.” Trey ditched his acoustic set in favor of two electric throw-downs and the band hit the road in February for a slate of ten shows (adding one more on the spot in Atlanta after an unexpectedly high for the first.) Starting in the Northeast, the band wound their way south, finishing with a fierce four-pack in Asheville, NC, Columbia, SC, and two at The Fox in Atlanta. Spicing their sets with new covers, this version of Trey’s band featured musical conversations rather than Trey simply shredding over a thick groove. As opposed to the horns of modern-day TAB who have more composed lines, Grippo, Hartswick, and Moroz improvised right along with Trey through the fiercest and most explosive escapades, upping the onstage dynamic considerably while bringing an entirely new element to Trey’s jams.

Philadelphia 2010 (B.Ferguson)

Philadelphia 2010 (B.Ferguson)

So many musical passages stood out on this tour, but if one jam shined as the quintessential TAB 2001 excursion, it was “Sand > Quadraphonic Toppling” from Columbia, South Carolina. Delving deep into fusion psychedelia, the band threw down an extended series of textured dance grooves that were spiced considerably by horn improvisation. And then evoking memories of Big Cypress, Trey led the band through the abstract “Quadraphonic Toppling,” playing—and looping—the song’s minimalist melody himself.

Trey’s sextet existed for just a blip in time, playing only the winter’s eleven shows together. When Trey emerged with his band for the summer of 2001, he had added Ray Paczkowski on keyboards for the first time, as well as a fourth horn player, Russell Remington, on tenor sax and flute. The following summer, this lineup only grew, as Trey went on to explore Afro-Cuban grooves. But for a spontaneous stretch in the winter of 2001, Trey was discovering the power of his solo act, and his shows contained a palpable energy, bringing a buzz to the scene. Phish was done—for the moment—but Trey’s solo career was beginning to heat up.


Jam of the Day:

A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing” 6.19.04 II

One of the top-shelf jams of the post-hiatus era.




4.12.1991 Barrymore Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin SBD

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Barrymore Theatre - 1991

Keeping the old-school soundboard train rolling.

I: Llama, Uncle Pen, The Divided Sky, Guelah Papyrus, The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg, Stash, Rocky Top, Golgi Apparatus

II: The Landlady, Runaway Jim, You Enjoy Myself, Fluffhead, Cavern, Tela, Buried Alive, Reba, My Sweet One, Good Times Bad Times

E: Contact > Big Black Furry Creature from Mars, The Squirming Coil

Source: SBD

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  1. JeffieM Says:

    Fun talk this afternoon. Learning a lot. I think Poopy G has it about right saying that our problems are related to too much debt for too damn long, public and private.

    @Robear, I think you got the whole board stumped, but that’s not gonna be my problem right there!

  2. Luther T. Justice Says:

    Yea. We’re in the 60s finally. Time to leave work and get some god damn ice cream!

  3. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    “Needlenose Ned”? “Ned the Head”? C’mon, buddy. Case Western High.

  4. kayatosh Says:

    this ned talk is hilarious. 50K for summer tour — hilarious. LOL.

  5. Robear Says:

    she’s dreamy TIII. we’re going through the series a second time as well. plus she packs heat.


    hip / hop artist

  6. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    where are you? I’m about mid way through season 2 again. actually, watching the “What Kate Did” ep right now…

  7. kayatosh Says:

    so did ya turn pro in that belly button thing?

  8. kayatosh Says:

    ned reyerson?

  9. kenny powers Says:

    how many episodes per season in Lost? 22-ish? Damn, I am in for a ride whenever I choose to begin.

  10. kenny powers Says:

    the guy who played Ned has a great little cameo in Memento.

  11. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    24, 24, 23, 14, 17, 18

    big at the start and then they shortened the seasons up

  12. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    of course, they should have done 42, 23, 16, 15, 8, and 4

  13. Robear Says:

    we’re already onto season 6. started again around thanksgiving.

    two words:

    complex derivatives

    slick shit

  14. kayatosh Says:

    you guys see this on do I need anything here?

    October 4th, 1999
    Redbird Arena – Illinois State Univ
    Normal, IL

    Source: Schoeps CMC64v > Lunatec V2 > DAP1 @ 48kHz
    Transfer: DA-20mkII > Delta DiO 2496 > Wavelab 6(fades,Crystal Resampler) > CDWave > TLH

    Taper: unknown
    Transferred by K.C. Cadwallader [02/14/11]
    DAT provided by Bo Taylor

    SET I:
    d1t01 – crowd
    d1t02 – Uncle Pen
    d1t03 – Funky Bitch
    d1t04 – Vultures
    d1t05 – Runaway Jim
    d1t06 – Jesus Left Chicago
    d1t07 – Limb By Limb
    d1t08 – Wilson >
    d1t09 – Down With Disease

    SET II:
    d2t01 – crowd
    d2t02 – Ghost >
    d2t03 – Sample In A Jar
    d2t04 – The Wedge
    d2t05 – AC/DC Bag
    d2t06 – Makisupa Policeman
    d2t07 – Sand
    d2t08 – Ya Mar
    d2t09 – Character Zero
    d2t10 – E: Rock and Roll

  15. Aquaman Says:


    Just in time for the hourly workers to build a GE engine that the military doesn’t want.

    That Mr. Orange Man!! That’s fiscal “trimming” of the fat. 651 Million for engines that will never get used and will be stored in warehouses.

    Look it up.

    Not a shot at you Luther, my man. Just pointing out the eventual legacy of Orange Man.


  16. kenny powers Says:

    getting goosebumps thinking about the dive into Lost. like a n00b on the eve of his first show.

  17. Lycanthropist Says:

    @kenny powers

    it is definitely a ride!

  18. sumodie Says:

    still havent finished Lost or Battlestar Galactica, two of my 3 all time tv favs (Six Feet Under being the third)

    hhmm…i sense a 2001 in my immediate future, pyramid style of course

  19. Robear Says:

    That Mr. Orange Man!! That’s fiscal “trimming” of the fat. 651 Million for engines that will never get used and will be stored in warehouses.

    ^that’s the kind of stuff that state workers need to protest, IMO

  20. marcoesq Says:

    What the What!

    Phish ‘Two Soundchecks’ Limited Edition 7-inch Available For Record Store Day

  21. Guyute711 Says:

    Lost nerds. When I got netflix I started watching it from the beginning on live stream. They took season 1 off when I was about halfway through and that was the end of it for me. Diminishing returns. Kinda like that fifth piece of pizza.

  22. poop goblin Says:

    no shit Robear

    both sides of the aisle consider defense spending untouchable

    explain that one to me

  23. Robear Says:

    seriously. at this point, we’re spending too much on offense!

  24. poop goblin Says:

    record store day is great

    I want that 7-inch. very cool.

  25. kenny powers Says:

    i like rides.

    only thing that scares me is that when i get into a TV show marathon like i am with Fringe right now, I spend almost every free waking moment at home watching it and neglecting other things. a 6-season show with hour episodes….maybe i could contract mono.

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