Ten Tunes For Friday: Summer ’97


Summer 1997 (S.Nissman)

With summer on our minds this week with the announcement of Summer 20011 Leg I, this Friday we focus on Summer tour from fourteen years ago—1997. Phish had just returned from Europe, where they funked out every song imaginable, beginning to hone their new playing style. When the pulled into Virginia Beach on July 21 to kick off their US tour, they were a well-oiled groove machine that was ready for business. Here are some of my favorites selections from a transformative summer tour that criss-crossed the nation.


Down with Disease > Mike’s > Simple” 7.22

One of the most adventurous jam sequences of the summer from Walnut Creek, with, arguably, the best segue ever executed in band history.



Run Like An Antelope” 7.29 II

A fierce rendition from Desert Sky in Phoenix.



Cities > GTBT”  8.10 II

The Cornfields

My favorite jam of the summer when tour ended, and still right up there with the best of the best of Summer ’97.



Gumbo” 8.13 I

This is, perhaps, the most liquid “Gumbo” ever played, including some of the danciest music of the summer and a legitimate nod to “Franklin’s Tower” towards the end of the jam. My personal favorite, I don’t think any version even approaches this one.



Harry Hood > jam” 8.14 II

Darien Lake

This version from Darien Lake gets my vote for the “Hood” of Summer ’97—and there were more than a few gems. And that is not even considering the sublime jam that oozed from the song’s peak; some of the most intricate interplay you’ll ever hear.



Wolfman’s > Simple 8.16 II

One of the defining jam sequences of the Great Went.



Tweezer” 8.17 I

One of only two “Tweezers” in a massive US tour (the other came at The Gorge), this version dropped on the final day of tour in the Great Went’s afternoon set.

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855 Responses to “Ten Tunes For Friday: Summer ’97”

  1. EL Duderino Says:

    @ Cal

    If he’s thinking of his friends then let ’em fucking play the whole god damn show!

  2. Jtran Says:

    If nothing else Trey is practicing/playing in his down time from Phish and his playing sounds amazing right now imo

    Keeping the fingers warm for Bethel

  3. voopa Says:

    Why do Trey fans tolerate him pissing in their ears?

  4. voopa Says:

    Totally kidding, btw…

  5. kayatosh Says:

    I am not offended by solo acoustic, but it does seem like he’s mailing it in at times and appealing to the yahoos by doing all phish tunes. Where’s kissed by mist? that siad, i enjoyed some of the solo tunes in philly. of course, i was elevated.

  6. Mr. Palmer Says:

    If you don’t like , don’t go. Trey doesn’t care if your there or not. No big deal. He’s having fun. He enjoys it. Its is show. Story over..

  7. phoammhead Says:

    i see its getting fashionable to hate on treys parade

    bad mojo around here right now

    ^well said, MrP

  8. cal Says:

    I’m with ya, El Dude! But you can’t tell me that, even WITH the acoustic set, they couldn’t be stretching out if they WANTED to. In this instance, it has got to be a conscious decision to be contained.

    That glide interview with Trey, he’s talking about how it’s never until the second tour that everything really gels with the band (or some crap like that), which made me hopeful that we’d get some fucking jams this tour. Instead it’s been even weaker on jams than TAB ’09, so what the hell kind of “gelling” was he talking about?

    Okay, I’ll shut up and report back after Sunday. Maybe the Riv will blow the fuck up.

  9. cal Says:

    You guys need to look up “hate”. We love Trey. We’re just talkin’ here.

  10. EL Duderino Says:

    @ Palmer

    I’m not trying to be a whiny bitch… But I am disappointed with some of the effort thus far. I’ve been a big proponent of TAB on here. He’s not giving his best IMO

  11. albert walker Says:

    it’s like my fucking Cubs Palmer

    when Soriano shits the bed I call him a douche

    this acoustic set is shitting the bed. not all art is golden.

    I’ve seen Neil kill the acoustic electric format. this just doesn’t work for Trey.

    but yeah he can do whatever the fuck he wants. his band.

  12. EL Duderino Says:

    500 mics of lsd would cure any bad acoustic set Kaya 🙂

  13. butterflyeffect Says:

    soriano signed through 2014 at 18 million per

    ouch mcdoodle

  14. EL Duderino Says:

    …it’s people’s hopes for the tour that have been dented… it is a let down for phans who are in it for the long hall IMO. Again Palmer, not trying to piss you off, I’m just a little disappointed that’s all.

  15. EL Duderino Says:

    If you’re gonna play the D-35 play it like Pete Townsend or something is how I feel

  16. kayatosh Says:

    trey has noted that many of the tunes he’s playing in the acoustic set have their origin as acoustic songs worked out on acoustic guitar. the acoustic set also gives him chance to feature his vocal skills.

  17. EL Duderino Says:

    “trey has noted that many of the tunes he’s playing in the acoustic set have their origin as acoustic songs worked out on acoustic guitar”-kaya

    I would say this is the case for all writing… never wrote a hit myself but that would be my guess…

    You guys ever seen a Robert Hunter show? Now Robert is no Jer or Trey…

  18. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Not directing at anyone at all. FTR, i thought the acoustic set was pretty weak myself. I think it had more to do with the talking and drunk nyc crowd than the actual playing.

    I get the love/hate thing. I really do. It when people get on hear and say he’s a bad acoustic guitar player and shit. That just cracks me up.

  19. DavidSilver Says:

    Trey should try a keyboard setup.

  20. kayatosh Says:

    el dude: true. but he seems to be using it as a selling point, like “here’s a peak into what it’s ice looked like as an embryo. get off on that.”

    The overall tone of the philly show this past wed, was one of intimacy, lightness, and happiness. not a whole lot of risk taking. one could consider this vibe to be somewhat bland. That said, I’ve been listening to 2.18, 2.19, 2.20, and 2.23 and digging it. Philly Mr. completely was $$$, but not b/c of trey.

  21. albert walker Says:

    maybe a David Silver cover on keys

    shit would be hot

    forgot David had some serious chops and vocal skills back in the day before he started banging Megan Fox

  22. EL Duderino Says:

    he’s done that already DavidSilver

    TAB ’99 – Phish mini-keyboard set up

  23. kayatosh Says:

    I enjoyed hearing and seeing him play acoustic. some redeeming nuance to it.

  24. albert walker Says:

    agreed he doesn’t suck on acoustic palmer. just not the proper setting for him.

    Neil is the only cat I’ve ever seen pull that off and he is working with slightly better material. plus that’s one of his comfort zones.

  25. EL Duderino Says:

    @ kaya

    I get that, but to me as a closet guitar player at a upper intermediate level… I would say you have to play something relevant, for me it’s lacking whether the intention is from the heart… Trey’s a better player IMO on the acoustic then what he’s playing

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