Ten Tunes For Friday: Summer ’97


Summer 1997 (S.Nissman)

With summer on our minds this week with the announcement of Summer 20011 Leg I, this Friday we focus on Summer tour from fourteen years ago—1997. Phish had just returned from Europe, where they funked out every song imaginable, beginning to hone their new playing style. When the pulled into Virginia Beach on July 21 to kick off their US tour, they were a well-oiled groove machine that was ready for business. Here are some of my favorites selections from a transformative summer tour that criss-crossed the nation.


Down with Disease > Mike’s > Simple” 7.22

One of the most adventurous jam sequences of the summer from Walnut Creek, with, arguably, the best segue ever executed in band history.



Run Like An Antelope” 7.29 II

A fierce rendition from Desert Sky in Phoenix.



Cities > GTBT”  8.10 II

The Cornfields

My favorite jam of the summer when tour ended, and still right up there with the best of the best of Summer ’97.



Gumbo” 8.13 I

This is, perhaps, the most liquid “Gumbo” ever played, including some of the danciest music of the summer and a legitimate nod to “Franklin’s Tower” towards the end of the jam. My personal favorite, I don’t think any version even approaches this one.



Harry Hood > jam” 8.14 II

Darien Lake

This version from Darien Lake gets my vote for the “Hood” of Summer ’97—and there were more than a few gems. And that is not even considering the sublime jam that oozed from the song’s peak; some of the most intricate interplay you’ll ever hear.



Wolfman’s > Simple 8.16 II

One of the defining jam sequences of the Great Went.



Tweezer” 8.17 I

One of only two “Tweezers” in a massive US tour (the other came at The Gorge), this version dropped on the final day of tour in the Great Went’s afternoon set.

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  1. KWL Says:

    voopa thanks for seeding that (and a lot of other stuff in the past), i’ll be hopping on momentarily

  2. verno329 Says:


  3. voopa Says:

    My pleasure. This is part of why I obsessively have tried to save all of the seeds over the years (see the Gorge 9/11/99 discussion from a while back.).

  4. voopa Says:

    This source is a little thin, but nothing a little EQ wont fix (as always)…

  5. voopa Says:

    Jesus, I just killed that torrent. It’s back now.

    *overzealous voopa backs away from the PC and has some smokes & drinks*

  6. oneshowatatime Says:

    is anyone else having trouble finding the greek 2 remaster?

  7. Gavinsdad Says:

    Holy shit this is the first time I’ve seen this new singer for Journey…nice pipes!! He just destroyed “faithfully”.

  8. DavidSilver Says:

    You should hear Donna sing Don’t Stop Believin in the shower. Epic.

  9. oneshowatatime Says:

    if so this could be your lucky day

  10. oneshowatatime Says:

    ok, i’m out.

  11. KfL Says:

    wow, 3 song second set in that trey show. talk about contrast (and composition)

  12. voopa Says:

    Holy shit this is the first time I’ve seen this new singer for Journey…nice pipes!! He just destroyed “faithfully”.


    That may have DQ’ed your BB membership right there, Sorry bro.

  13. plord Says:

    Gdad you know they got that dude from YouTube, right? He was singing in like, the Manila Marriott for weddings and shit. Neil Schon called him up.

  14. plord Says:

    Yo AW I pulled that DeJohnette, Abercrombie, Holland set awhile back. Sick, sick, sick lyrical legato so loose it’s tight playing all over that record. Thanks a bunch, I’m spinning it regularly.

  15. garretc Says:


    I dunno man, lesser BBers than Gdad have kept their membership through more egregious transgressions, ergo I’m of the opinion that Gdad retain full membership rights and privileges granted therein.

  16. garretc Says:

    Damn, you know you’re focused on finishing up your paper when it takes you 35 minutes to realize the album you were listening to ended…

    And that especially holds for me, I can’t abide silence… But hey, it worked, I wrote a kick ass paper, and it was ONLY 300 words above the 1800 word limit! Sorry professor…

  17. punkmug Says:

    @garretc. Sometimes I’m just to baned to realize the record ended 30 minutes ago.

  18. garretc Says:


    Happens to the best of us, to be certain!

    But I think I’m past that phase… I’ve told myself so many times that music is the priority that I don’t forget very often, or if I do for very long…

  19. garretc Says:

    So I know this was old news over a decade ago, but “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back” is absolutely ridiculous dope…


  20. sanchothehutt Says:

    Hi all, it has been a long while since I posted, but I’ve been thinking of you all (at least the way my brain has processed you)

    My Dad luckily avoided a massive heart attack today (they determined his blockage was at 95%) Very fortunate.

    Those of you who remember me might recall that I have a nephew who is due in this world in roughly 2 weeks. Please send positive vibes! I hope that there is a Leg 2 announcement and that I may meet SillyWilly yet 🙂

  21. punkmug Says:

    Ha, yeah. Not sure I have made it as long as 30 minutes with no music. Now that would be sacrilege of the highest order. Good to hear you there is someone more focused then I.

    Never rocked a lot of PE, but I did rock that and FOABP for a time. Maybe a few old vids on YT are in order…

  22. punkmug Says:

    See, so baned I can’t even type in a coherent fashion. Its these old school PE vids! Thanks for the suggestion.

  23. sanchothehutt Says:

    Also, while I’ve been gone from this site, I’ve been devouring Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. Brilliant. Anyway, miss you guys and wanted to say “hi” and that I’m still around, for good or ill

    continue with yourselves 🙂

  24. punkmug Says:

    @sanchothehutt. ::positive vibes:: Consider Public Enemy’s word and be Louder then a Bomb.

  25. ThePigSong Says:

    props to voopa – thanks dude!

    much vibes to sancho, family’s where it’s at. Cheers to a healthy Pops and a new nephew.

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