TAB: Denver Downloads

3.1.2011 Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO

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2.25.11 (M.Stein)

I: Farmhouse, Wolfman’s Brother, When the Circus Comes, Timber Ho, Theme From the Bottom, Tube, Gumbo, The Wedge, Joy, Backwards Down the Number Line, Strange Design, Lawn Boy, Let Me Lie*, Heavy Things**, Liquid Time**, Gotta Jibboo^

II: Night Speaks to a Woman, Acting the Devil, Ooh Child, Ocelot, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Clint Eastwood, Last Tube, Alaska, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Plasma, Tuesday, First Tube

E: Words to Wanda, Magilla, Sultans of Swing

* w/ Jen and Natalie, w/ full band, acoustic, ^w/ full band electric

Source: Beyerdynamic MC930 > Naiant Tinybox > Sony M10 (@24/48)

Gotta Jibboo





3.2.2011 Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO

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2.26.11 (M.Stein)

I: Sample in a Jar, Mountains in the Mist, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, My Friend, My Friend, Runaway Jim, Carini, Wilson, Shine a Light, Wading in the Velvet Sea, Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan**, Hey Ya!^, Push On ‘Til the Day^^

II: Cayman Review, I Done Done It, Valentine, Money, Love and Change, Drifting, Small Axe, Burn That Bridge, Mozambique, Simple Twist Up Dave, Windora Bug, Goodbye Head, Sand, Show of Life

E: The Birdwatcher, Black Dog

*w/ Jen and Natalie, ** w/ Jen, Natalie, and Russ, ^w/ whole band, acoustic, ^^w/ whole band electric

Source: fob/dfc: Milab VM44-link > Lunatec V3 (24/44.1k) > Sony D50

Money, Love and Change


Simple Twist Up Dave

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  1. neemor Says:–-artist-spotlight-kung-fu-–-free-track-and-interview/
    First and good morning.
    Kung Fu for the morning drive.

  2. neemor Says:

    ^ From above article
    (Referring to the Sullivan Hall show that I went into the City to see with Mango and Kyra last year-funny because as it mentions, the sax guy showed up late, but to me it sounded like home. This band (Kung Fu)works as a four piece, but Stoops is being modest…)
    **Again, I urge you all to see this band**

    “When the Allman Brothers were at the United Palace Theater, Kung Fu was playing an after party for those guys and Jenson was our only sax player and he was an hour late to our show because he was sitting in with the Allman Brothers. We were standing on stage at Sullivan Hall as a quartet and we were like what the hell are we going to do, because without that other voice we’re another quartet; bass, drums, keys and guitar,

    TC: You all of a sudden turn into a rock band.
    TS: Yeah, and we were like oh, wow. That gig was a wakeup call. This voice (saxophone) is an integral voice in the music.

  3. neemor Says:

    Mike SanClem, your review from Ogden hit a couple good points for me. Wanted to say good job.

    “I’d read a lot of complaints about people being loud during the acoustic sets, but the crowd at the Ogden hushed immediately and stayed quiet and sang through all the right parts. It was actually quite impressive, particularly during Theme and Backwards Down the Number Line where they instinctively filled in for the missing band members. Trey enjoyed it too, and it felt like a true collaboration between performer and audience.”

    ^ this made me glad.

    Nice one from Oaktown, too, butter. Thanks!

  4. neemor Says:

    How many times have all three Tubes been played in a show?
    I’m sure it’s been discussed but I’ve been out sick.

  5. phoammhead Says:

    mind’s racing, can’t sleep


  6. phoammhead Says:

    neems, let me see your doctor’s note 😉

    i need something from the doctor for sleep

  7. phoammhead Says:

    they need to give this guy a shot . . . or a dunk!

    who ever heard of a 50″ vertical jump – that’s insane!

  8. (looks too much like)Dave Says:

    Just got off work, good morning BB.

  9. willowed Says:

    Hey boys. Hiy up Furthur last night. Got to hang with Jdub for a quiclk minute before we strolled into the venue.
    Big Picture review. These boys are freakin’ smokin’. Russo on the drum kit is pure magic. Some of the best drum playing I’ve heard. I am not familiar with that cat on the key but he was pure fire. Old school organ playing.
    The music
    The show was super hot. One major flaw (and I mean major) they dropped Days Between aftet a hot Love Light Scarlet Fire. It tottally crushed the set. I mean it sucked the energy right out of the place.
    First set
    Money for Gasoline Foolish Heart was so tight. Possibly the best playing of the night.
    Best jams of the night
    Money for Gasoline (not too familiar with this one…I was floored)
    and Love Light
    Worth the 70 for a ticket.

  10. lastwaltzer Says:


    glad you had a good time, the MFG is a ratdog tune from like 06

  11. willowed Says:

    A Rat Dog jam….wow

    Best jam of the night.

  12. bhizzle Says:

    Looking at the setlist of that Furthur show last night right now. Looks good. And when I saw Money for Gasoline I was all “Huh?” Not familiar with it at all too willowed. Actually not drawing a clue for the Days Between either. Unfortunately, no good grades for the Rueben and Cherise? I thought the key board player was Jeff Chimenti from Ratdog/Frog Brigade fame?

  13. willowed Says:

    The Rueben and Cherise was very fun to hear. The accoustics were a bit off I felt so we didn’t get that signature guitar tone (or maybe it was missing)loud and clear. It was a definite crowd pleaser.
    Days Between was a cool tune to listen to if I was at home just chillin’ on the deck. Slow jam that they played for waaaay to long. They just noodled around with it. The set was smokin until they dropped that. Such a lull in the set.

  14. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Did they play the beatles tune, Oh!Darling?

  15. lastwaltzer Says:


    bob’s actaully written a few good ones for ratdog, would have been good dead tunes. Ashes and glass comes to mind.

  16. willowed Says:

    Yes. They’ve been playing a Beetles tune a night for the last 4 nights. I think all off the same album.
    If you notice. It’s the 4th song on Abbey Road. It was the fourth song last night.
    Boston night 1 Come Together opener – first song on abbey road
    Boston night 2 2nd song Something – second song on abbey road
    Boston night 3 Maxwells played 3rd – 3rd song on album
    then last night – Oh Darling – 4th song in show, 4th song on album
    Pretty cool

  17. Mr. Palmer Says:

    never got into ratdog. not sure why. Have a few shows. Not my thing. bobby was never my favorite.

  18. willowed Says:


  19. willowed Says:

    Saw Rat Dog open for The Almans a few years back. Rat Dog was head and shoulders better than the Almans. Personlly I thought Rat Dog blew them off the stage.

  20. KfL Says:

    never once thought seriously about seeing further (p&f is a different story), but am kinda intrigued right now. binghamton is less than 90 miles away (so they say)…… anybody wanna hit that show?

  21. bhizzle Says:

    Good catch on that Beatles thread…Gonna have to see whats in store for Binghamton.

    Ratdog has always been a fav of mine. I think it all had to do with the band coming to more accessible places for me than P+F. Phil’s singing theses days always rubbed me wrong. Love Jay Lane and Jeff Chimenti. Nothing against Russo but I wish Lane was still playing with Furthur too.

  22. lastwaltzer Says:


    word, I’ve seen em a few times, not really my thing either. A good night no doubt but phil and freinds is where its at for post-dead.

  23. willowed Says:

    Make the run KFL
    Trust me, I would tell you if it wasn’t worth it. Lot was energized, place was packed, crowd was great and the jams were mind bending. Worth the ride.

    Absolutely great shake down.

    Furthur is not a stroll down memory lane. They are dropping some connected and tight music. Very engaging music. That Russo on the kit. Fuck. That cat can play. I mean floored by his talent.

  24. bhizzle Says:

    I saw the ABB & Ratdog show at CMAC years ago and thought both were great…that was until The Bros started playing Franklin’s Tower (?) and invited Bobby out. The Bros played it a different pace than the Dead so Bobby’s singing was kinda off and then they got to a place where they prompted Bobby to do guitar work and it was for not. Warren had to step up to save it, but all in all a good time.

  25. KfL Says:

    thanks willowed. i’ll spin one of the orpheum shows today and see if i can find anyone to go. unfortunately it’s on a tuesday.

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