TAB: Denver Downloads

3.1.2011 Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO

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2.25.11 (M.Stein)

I: Farmhouse, Wolfman’s Brother, When the Circus Comes, Timber Ho, Theme From the Bottom, Tube, Gumbo, The Wedge, Joy, Backwards Down the Number Line, Strange Design, Lawn Boy, Let Me Lie*, Heavy Things**, Liquid Time**, Gotta Jibboo^

II: Night Speaks to a Woman, Acting the Devil, Ooh Child, Ocelot, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Clint Eastwood, Last Tube, Alaska, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Plasma, Tuesday, First Tube

E: Words to Wanda, Magilla, Sultans of Swing

* w/ Jen and Natalie, w/ full band, acoustic, ^w/ full band electric

Source: Beyerdynamic MC930 > Naiant Tinybox > Sony M10 (@24/48)

Gotta Jibboo





3.2.2011 Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO

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2.26.11 (M.Stein)

I: Sample in a Jar, Mountains in the Mist, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, My Friend, My Friend, Runaway Jim, Carini, Wilson, Shine a Light, Wading in the Velvet Sea, Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan**, Hey Ya!^, Push On ‘Til the Day^^

II: Cayman Review, I Done Done It, Valentine, Money, Love and Change, Drifting, Small Axe, Burn That Bridge, Mozambique, Simple Twist Up Dave, Windora Bug, Goodbye Head, Sand, Show of Life

E: The Birdwatcher, Black Dog

*w/ Jen and Natalie, ** w/ Jen, Natalie, and Russ, ^w/ whole band, acoustic, ^^w/ whole band electric

Source: fob/dfc: Milab VM44-link > Lunatec V3 (24/44.1k) > Sony D50

Money, Love and Change


Simple Twist Up Dave

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558 Responses to “TAB: Denver Downloads”

  1. Aquaman Says:


    You should have joined me for Polish buffet. Took the sprat there for dinner tonight. It would have fit the “senior” theme of you last post.

  2. Aquaman Says:

    Wings sucked it tonight against the Kings.

    Hawks are tied about to go into overtime.

  3. Aquaman Says:



    I have some new to share with the board. This goes out to all but esp to KPowers and Willowed, with whom I discussed the following at Atlantic City 3.

    The Aqua’s, sprat and all, are moving to the East Coast on April 1st, Coastal, CT to be exact.

    There are many things up in the air right now. What is not up in the air is my job as I popped the “employment cap” all over my basses face today, and it felt so fucking good I can’t tell you. Calm, with a smile, cool as a cucumber……disdain in every word that came out of my mouth.

    At first all I could think about is setting fire to the joint as I leave, but in this crazy economy, you never know. I may need a job in some weird unforeseen circumstance, so against every impulse in my mind…I am leaving happily, quietly and without burning any bridges.

    I hate being old and responsible.



  4. butter Says:

    Wow Aqua ch ch ch changes

    Best of luck in NE

  5. joe Says:

    Cool story aqua – jealous of the telling the job off but not really part. Even though this is a ‘second job’ type job, I daydream about being able to tell these phony douches to go shit in their hats. Too bad I need the money or I’d have already done it

  6. neemor Says:

    With the recent mention of BTB Fest 2011 (Part Deux), I spent a little time reminiscing on how good the second set of last year’s Blossom show was. (6.12.10)

    Although the Number Line gets all of the credit (and deservedly so), it was not hard to recall the emotions-even a year later-produced in this BlackBoarder throughout the balance of the set…

    Rock and Roll > Harry Hood > Backwards Down the Number Line > Twenty Years Later, Instant Karma! (Debut) > Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg > Waste > Character Zero

    Now, I’m very partial to a solid RandR, which this one was for an opener in a year full of recurring openers (see also DWD), the Hood set a nice tone in the second slot. Reserved for those heavy hitters, Hood fit the bill especially well this night. The BDTNL needn’t be touched on again but it was a gorgeous appearance in a gorgeous venue, making it all the more memorable.
    I don’t recall the segue into TYL being anything to write home about, but I recall the feeling of the evening taking a distinctively surreal turn to the dark. Juxtaposed perfectly with perhaps the lightest cover attempted that entire summer (I am the Walrus notwithstanding), we were taken by the hand by a band who enjoyed keeping us in the highest of spirits the whole season long…
    The throwback remainder to the set, including a classic combo of Ok Kee Pa>Suzy (always great to hear-with a standout in a year of solid Suzies), a Waste which always signifies very appealing fondness to me from the band and a rocker to close the evening in style and send us down the Hershey Highway (My apologies!)…this was a fun night indeed.

    If you haven’t listened to Blossom 2010 Set II in a while, don’t let her slip into the night…grab her and doh-see-doh.

    And make plans to get out there this year to celebrate with the warm and inviting mid-western BlackBoarders!

  7. neemor Says:

    Awesome Aqua, my neck of the woods, too.
    I’d be pleased to have you ride shotgun.

  8. Aquaman Says:

    Thx, butter.

  9. punkmug Says:

    @Aqua. Good luck on your travels out east. Will you still be making it to “the plain states trio” then?

  10. punkmug Says:

    @Neems. Thanks for the recap on Blossom. I just revisited that show about a week or so ago. I can’t wait to get to the BTB/Blossom again this year.

  11. Aquaman Says:

    Have gas card will wing man, Neemor. Very psyched.

    Alas, I am already missing Alpine.


    RE: Blossom – I listen to the BDNL > TYL all the time. The transition was one of the early version of the 3.0, “make amorphous noise, hide beat of next song in whatever Fishman is playing” segue.

    Other success in this style are: Wolfman’s > Undermind from AC 2 and Carini > MPRThere from Providence.

    Not all segues have to be a flawless RR > C&P or Ggost > Spooky to be a success, ya know?


  12. Aquaman Says:

    Actually, That Wolf > Undermind is pretty sick transition. Too bad Undermind didn’t go where I wanted. What’s sick version from last fall? Augusta?

  13. Aquaman Says:


    All tour plans are on hiatus until 5/1.

  14. neemor Says:

    I was thinking the other day how slick that segue into Spooky was.
    I mean slick.

  15. punkmug Says:

    Oh man, we will miss your Aquamaness if you are not there.

  16. cal Says:

    Thanks for that reminder, Neemor.

    SW and I got a ride home from Toyota Park (night before Blossom) from an old-college-buddy-turned-madman. He was doing 70 down Chicago city streets. Screaming at him to pull over was doing no good; we hadn’t anticipated this but the night had awakened demons from his past that put him in a very bad mental state.

    “Instant Karma” came on the radio and the line “Pretty soon you’re gonna be dead” was no comfort, but I couldn’t stop myself from just belting out the lyrics to the whole song. Our chauffeur seemed to calm down just a bit and in a few minutes we arrived at our destination.

    Just another crazy harmonic convergence between Phish and Cal’s brain.

  17. Aquaman Says:

    I type ghost like shaggy says ghost…..

    Gggggggost, zoinks,

  18. cal Says:

    Sorry if I told that story before, I can’t remember.

  19. punkmug Says:

    They really did improve on the segue aspect of their music this year.

  20. neemor Says:


    I would also like to mention that the 12.30.10 MSG Bathtub Gin was a fucking gem. I suggest it, as well. One of my new favorites.

    That is all.

  21. sumodie Says:

    Actually, That Wolf > Undermind is pretty sick transition. Too bad Undermind didn’t go where I wanted. What’s sick version from last fall? Augusta?

    For Undermind? Unfortunately 10.30 was the only version since a couple appearances during leg 1 last summer


  22. Selector J Says:

    Came back to the BB to find that Charlie Chaplin link and saw this:

    “peter broggs — Rastafari Liveth is one of my favorite reggae albums.”-kaya

    Hellz yes! Great album rec, @kaya. Peter Brogg$$$ FTW!
    I’ve put it up on the mediafiyah here:
    Rastafari Liveth

    Loved seeing gdad boost up The Viceroys, too. A testament to how deep the roots era is when a group as good as the Viceroys, who recorded with just about everyone in JA from Lloyd Daley to Coxsone to Linval, is rarely mentioned. The quality of their Studio 1 output is incredible. Ya Ho is a great compilation of those tunes.

    Thanks, BB. Just gave me lots of great ideas for the playlist in the a.m. Hopefully, I’ll get enough sleep so that I don’t play too many of my records at the wrong speed… Trying to keep those mishaps at 0-1 per show. :mrgreen:

  23. neemor Says:

    Good night, blackboard.
    Sleep tight.

  24. ChefBradforden i Says:

    I hate to do it. I really do, down to my roots.

    But I am compelled to ask, honestly, for some goodwill/vibes/chemistry/kharma, whatever you want to call it. My dad’s in ICU again, and my mother is staying by his side because he’s convinced this is IT. Coughing up blood, infected dead lung tissue. I’m housesitting for them, taking care of the animals. Been working my ass off anyway lately, so I’m somewhat out of mind anyway.

    So yeah, if you fine people could take a tiny moment to send some good vibes to this totally lost and alone cat in central Louisiana, I’d appreciate it, and I’m sorry I can’t immediately reciprocate. Thanks in advance for anything.

  25. ChefBradford Says:

    sorry ’bout the weird fucked up name, checking in from a different source

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