Here is the final download from Trey ‘s winter tour. As Mike’s shows become available, I will be posting them with audio clips as well.

3.4.2011 The Music Box, Los Angeles, CA

FLAC Torrent (via etree), Mp3 Torrent, Megaupload < Links

2.25.2011 (M.Stein)

I: Chalk Dust Torture, Bathtub Gin, Prince Caspian, Theme From the Bottom, Joy, Cavern, Backwards Down the Number Line, Wilson, Heavy Things*, Liquid Time*, Gotta Jibboo^, Push On ‘Til the Day^

II: Cayman Review, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Ocelot, Valentine, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Money, Love and Change, It Makes No Difference, Acting the Devil, Night Speaks to a Woman, Clint Eastwood, Shine, Sand

E: Dragonfly, First Tube

* w/whole band, acoustic, w/whole band, electric

Source: 3 Mic Mix Stereo Pair Neumann U-89’s (1st Set to Hyper & 2nd set Cards) into V3, Plus 1 Earthworks SR-77 Down the Center > Littlebox (W/Input Stage Transformer)

Night Speaks to a Woman


It Makes No Difference

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440 Responses to “TAB @ LA”

  1. poop goblin Says:

    Watching Chicago peeps strugglin to climb the stairs of the train platform is fucking depressing

    Damn this country is one fat mess

  2. P.S.H.S. Says:

    from the info ive gathered off of msg’s site theses are the best 5 concerts played at msg.
    1. MJ ’88
    2. concert for bangledesh ’71
    3. elvis ’72
    4. LZ ’73
    5. Stones ’75

  3. vegas wolfmans Says:

    ^12/31/95 not even on the radar? I’m calling bullshit.

    Poopy G- I’ve been digging that Dillinger record. Bravo. Bruce Lee.

  4. AintNoTele Says:

    Ya’ll gotta see this, good times…it’s work friendly

  5. buddysmyles Says:

    My name is coming off ticket exchange for bethel! My friend ponied up $100 to become a member of Bethel Woods today and pulled 3pav & 3lawn tixs to each nite! there were no service fees & they were Etickets so his total including the membership ended up being $20 cheaper than PTBM (if he had hit 2 separate orders) …. who knows how much less than TM. Not to mention that the hassle of onsales is now avoided.

  6. DukeOfLizards Says:


    Wait wait wait… $100 to what now?

    Explain yourself.

  7. albert walker Says:

    Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee will make you run and flee just like a chimpanzee

    OOH We…..Bruce Lee

  8. buddysmyles Says:

    @DOL It cost $100 to become a member of Bethel Woods. They had a presale on phish tixs today. So he became one this morning and grabbed what he could. That $100 fee is getting split between 6 of us so that $100 is basically what the service fees would be on 18tix(9lawn/9pav)!

  9. AintNoTele Says:

    That baby gets wasted! So awesome, i can’t wait to have kids!!!

  10. albert walker Says:

    if you don’t dig Dillinger – CB200

    you fucking suck. FACT.

  11. buddysmyles Says:

    Or atleast the fees for PTBM. I dont know how much the fees per tix will be for TM & then shipping!

  12. Chuck sweD Says:

    2 things really quick:

    i love frank zappa.

    bruce lee playing ping pong with nun-chucks is fucking sweeeet… if only it were real…

    other than that: swed. :mrgreen:

  13. albert walker Says:

    cuz Natty Kung Fu Fighting

    and Natty kick like Lightning

  14. phoammhead Says:

    @buddysmyles ^brilliant!

  15. phoammhead Says:

    wonder if MrMiner knows about ^that!

  16. buddysmyles Says:

    If one can filter through the shit of the GreenBoard one can find useful info from time to time! I think someone here mentioned that there was a presale on like page 4-5. bhizzle maybe? Membership has its privileges!

  17. Robear Says:

    +5 to buddysmyles and his buddy.

    well done kids!

    @hh, and everyone else:

    Relax, breath, do nothing extra, in regards to the tickets. No BB’er left outside.


  18. Jtran Says:

    Grabbing that Dillinger now AW. You just reminded me I e-mailed the link to myself this morning.

  19. Jtran Says:


    Let me know if you’re in need of WW volunteers still for leg 1.

  20. phoammhead Says:


    what section and row were the pavs that you got?

  21. KfL Says:

    and you’ll be inside bethel, right robear? 😀

    hey folks. long day, it’s far from over. good stuff earlier – keep fighting pham b and chef

  22. Robear Says:

    usually need WW volunteers. let me know what shows you’re doing @ Jtran. hit camden>merriweather.

  23. Jtran Says:

    I was gonna say the ones I was thinking you might need folks/I’d wanna do would be Blossom and MPP.

    I’ll shoot you an e-mail.

  24. buddysmyles Says:

    @phoammhead That i do not know yet. he said back of Pav. both of us were @ work and texting. we were supposed to team up fri for the onsales(him sat/me sun) and we figured friday nites show would just shakedown one way or another. Hell i met him through the ticket exchange board he hooked me up for the Sat Umass show this fall. Mr.Miner’s Phishthoughts FTW!

  25. sneven Says:

    Hey guys, sorry for the quick drive by here, but I just absolutely had to share this with you.

    Please peruse these while I go get some paper towels to clean up the Captain ‘n Coke I just spewed all over the desk.


    /end drive by/

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