MGB @ Santa Cruz

3.08.2011 Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA

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Mike Gordon Band (.com)

I: Andelmans’ Yard, Can’t Stand Still, Rhymes, Voices, The Beltless Buckler, Makisupa Policeman, I Miss My Mind, Meat, Lit O Bit, Hap-Nappy

II: I’m Deranged > The Field, Got Away, Jaded, Sugar Shack, Black Tambourine, River Niger > Funky Bitch, Dig Further Down

E: Skin It Back

Source: Neumann KM140s ORTF > Sound Devices MP-2 > Edirol R09 24/48

I’m Deranged > The Field


River Niger > Funky Bitch > Dig Further Down

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742 Responses to “MGB @ Santa Cruz”

  1. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Uconn/Cuse in a battle.

  2. sumodie Says:

    Iā€™m calling no NE festie. Oversaturation.

    That’s why I think it’ll happen end of summer. Don’t care if I’m wrong as long as there’s a festi at some point in 2011. Today’s sales did seem sluggish…not that I’m complaining

  3. BrandonKayda Says:


    Email me at – I may have interest in the MPP2 pavs.

  4. willowed Says:

    revisited the Hartford show today
    The Tweez>Theme was as good as I remembered.

  5. ThePigSong Says:

    So, I guess after today 3.0 ticket-mania is finally over. Phew! I was wasting way to much stress on the Phish.

  6. Dr. Pronoia Says:

    i read growing up dead. it’s OK. really just reminiscences about touring in the early 90s. not much insight into the band, music, or tour/head life in general though.

    pick it up in a barnes and noble and read for a bit and see if it’s what you’re looking for

  7. sumodie Says:

    Kinda feel dumb because I worry and complain and get pretty down about things that are almost fully self-imposed, avoidable, and psychological.

    And you’re the ONLY one in the world that thinks like this! šŸ˜‰

    That’s what the right side of my brain is always saying to the left side


    sorry to hear the news, @aj/chonz. Good luck with addressing that.
    I feel like a smoker does: I know loud music is bad for my hearing, yet I never wear ear plugs nor not want the music to be any softer. At least I’m not going out clubbing much anymore

  8. Calpain Says:

    @Dr. P- thanks, I will do that this summer and see if its worth it. Or maybe it could be one of those “read at the bookstore books”

  9. poop goblin Says:

    damn that sucks AJ. hope it works out man.

    kind trade.

    my Bethel Friday lawn for your Bethel pavillion

    anyone interested?

  10. kenny powers Says:

    lulz @ sumo.

  11. kenny powers Says:

    this UConn Cuse hame is intense.

    on another note, i highly recommend getting really lit and watching jackass 3. no matter how stupid and insane, i’m fucking dying laughing over here.

  12. kenny powers Says:

    got some of that Beeline….you can totally taste the difference. so much cleaner and, well, herbier than butane.

  13. poop goblin Says:

    yep. beeline is key.

    me and my girl are 100% converts.

  14. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Beeline, huh? I think Robear was blazing sticks of the robane with that during 1/1 set II. Local head shop would have it, i assume?

  15. poop goblin Says:

    they should Palmer. my local joint was giving it away free when you spent decent money trying to spread the word.

    health reasons aside the taste difference is night and day

    it’s just a hemp wick with a wax coating

  16. kenny powers Says:

    ooooohhh!!! Cuse ties it with a trey (ha) at 4.6 seconds!!!

  17. Mr. Palmer Says:

    can Kemba do it again? I say yes.

  18. kenny powers Says:

    perhaps palmer. me no have no head shops near me. i ordered mine straight from hawaii. ordered a 5-pack and the gave me 7. good folks!

  19. kenny powers Says:

    cuse looked buried

  20. kenny powers Says:

    wow, he was almost fouled right there. imagine? three shots? over

  21. kenny powers Says:

    was spinning that Oak Mountain show from El Dude. it’s funny Shapiro chose Sally for this archives show when the Wolfman’s and Tube jams are so much hotter.

  22. willowed Says:

    Cuse needs ti hit their foul shots

  23. Mr. Palmer Says:

    another BE classic

  24. garretc Says:

    Little Creatures is a great TH record! Should have spun this ages ago…

  25. Mr. Palmer Says:

    I have 2 extra lawns to PNC 2 if anyone gives a shit. I’ll post them on the exchange.

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