Phish In Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park - San Francisco

Moments ago, San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival announced their lineup, including a two-set Phish show during the weekend-long affair between August 12-14th. The schedule has yet to be announced, but 3-day tickets for the festival go on sale this Thursday, April 14 for $175 each. With Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits, Outside Lands will mark the third mainstream, multi-band festival Phish has played since their return in 2009. It has also been rumored that Phish will couple their festival appearance with a nighttime show at Bill Graham Civic Center in the heart of San Francisco, but no official word has been released thus far. With this announcement, leg two dates can’t be far behind, and, as assumed, it looks like Phish will be kicking off August with a West Coast run! Stay tuned for more details another announcement is imminent…

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37 Responses to “Phish In Golden Gate Park”

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  1. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Fuck a Duck Hollywood Bowl was the one for me but is my kiddos first day of school plus I have them that week.

    beginning meditation on next best options now.

  2. nonoyolker Says:

    @ TIII – good looks on the intel. Silver fox is going to be a daddy

  3. [an unrelated] Wilson Says:

    Gonna be some tired people on the road out west. Wow.

  4. butter Says:

    Gd i have some resis at Harrah’s i need to ditch

  5. butter Says:

    3.0 Phish make you love tuesdays

  6. cal Says:

    Heh. Wow. My heart goes out to you west coasters.

    Mon-Wed to end the tour? Um…what?

    Incredibly effed up shit. Can’t believe I’m not gonna see Alpine Valley this year; it’s just not summer without it. But oh well, I’ll be at those UIC shows come hell or high water.

    I really don’t get this. And I don’t see how it’s Red Light’s fault either. They better rehearse like fucking crazy for this dinky ass summer “tour” and kill it every night or summer 2012 is gonna be lawns full of crickets.

    Again, wow.

  7. phreeskier Says:

    @gavinsdad check out the green house mountain lodge in tahoe. it’s a short walk from harvey’s and cheap.

  8. phreeskier Says:


    wrong info. my bad. check out big pines mountain house.

  9. Kurt from Indy Says:

    so i could do 1, not 2:gorge or tahoe?

  10. Dan Says:

    No Deer Creek = blasphemy

  11. spacewrangler09 Says:

    This is great tour news, glad to see Super Ball IX sandwiched between both legs of the Summer Tour. Thanks to Minor never failing to deliver anything, but the best coverage.

    Here is a link to A Countdown to Super Ball IX featuring an article, videos, and show downloads from previous festivals.

  12. joyjoy Says:

    Man, what a bunch of whiners! Who says there won’t be more dates to come, Labor Day etc.?

    For this Cali girl, that 4(+?) show run in-state looks just peachy, first time venues, all stunning locations.. must be Phish’s gift to me for my 8 months of dedicated fandom!

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