The Gorge Sound: 1.0

The Gorge 8.7.09 (G.Lucas)

I’ve always said that Phish both plays and sounds different at The Gorge. With nothing containing their sound, the tempo of their music slows down as the notes take time to boom over the crowd; and this dynamic creates a unique tempo and sound for Phish music. The results are patient, wide-open jams whose sound is simply not replicated anywhere on the planet. As we are heading back to this stunning locale in August for two more shows, let’s look at some jams from Phish’s first era that define their “Gorge Sound.”


Disease -> Tweezer -> Disease” 8.2.97 II

The Gorge (G.Lucas)

The funk-laced and bass-led “Diseezer” highlighted Phish’s first show ever at The Gorge.



Reba > Fast Enough” 7.16.98 I

A funked-out, laid back rendition of “Reba” was played to the sunset and fused the Summer ’98 sound with The Gorge sound.



Tube” 7.16.98 II

The Gorge (G.Lucas)

This wide-open version from late in the second set typifies the open-air Gorge sound.



Gumbo” 7.17.98 I

This slowed down version on a hot afternoon matched The Gorge’s vast surroundings.



2001 > Mike’s” 7.17.98 II

The Gorge (Rogell)

A quintessential nugget of Gorge history.



Wolfman’s -> Sand” 9.11.99 II

Wolfman’s molasses funk morphed into the first-ever Phish version of “Sand;” a big-time experience.



Harry Hood” 9.11.99 II

The Gorge (G.Lucas)

A beautiful version from ’99 in a long lineage of gorgeous Gorge “Hoods.”


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  1. garretc Says:

    I guess you’re saving the Gorge Seven Below for the next set of tunes, eh Miner?

    It’d be a travesty if you left it off… Long live the 2.0 sound!

    Is it August yet?

  2. bpitts Says:

    A good example of this: on the sbd copy of 7/12/03 you can clearly hear one of the guys say “the sound up here is so fucking good, I can hear everything your doing!”

  3. eljefe Says:

    Boy. Man. God. Sheeet. I’m never gonna leave the house if Miner keeps putting up these great jamz. Been there for all of these. Can’t wait for the summer, its gonna be a throw down hoe down!!

  4. Converse with Ed Says:

    blog post request: what new songs from the trey and mike tours might we expect to hear phish play this summer?

  5. Hoedown Says:

    Peeks in on cue…Great posts this week. I fully agree with the presence of the “Gorge sound”. Now, to the Jams.

  6. st8 of mind Says:

    Thanks for the tunes again Miner. I finally made it to the Gorge in 09 to see Phish, and I will be going back again this year. Definitely a unique sound with the music blowing around. Can’t wait to hear some lengthy, wide open jams again.

  7. mitch Says:

    Gorgeous Gorge. Nice ring to it.

  8. Cable Hogue Says:

    Not sure if this has been noted, but FAQ and guidelines are up on the Superball website.

    can’t wait to dig into these jams, don’t think I’ve heard a single one.

  9. Corey Says:

    ^oh, they decided to give us some information after taking our money? how nice.

    someone mentioned/asked about the first ever glowstick war yesterday. first one that mattered was that Gorge Hood in 97. Lights off, stars out, and the unhurried sounds of gorgeous PHiSH in George.

    09 Gorge is really all about the Bathtub Gin. RnR, Sally….those are cool too.

  10. Selector J Says:

    Reggae is on.

  11. Selector J Says:

    (oh yea, click my name to listen.)

  12. willowed Says:

    Sun is out in CT. (finally)
    Reggae beats flowing thru my speakers
    (granted they are lap top speakers, but at least it’s something)

  13. willowed Says:

    I want to throw the link to the site out to a few of my friends. What’s the link?
    When I click on your name your beats play thru my Itunes account. Can’t send them that.

  14. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:


    click listen live

  15. nonoyolker Says:

    Ahhh, Gorge 2001 > Mike’s – you are still awesome… I still have yet to drag my east coast self out to the gorgeous gorge. May need to make that pilgrimage

    ’09 Gorge was also about Light, word.

  16. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Phish – April 15, 1994
    Beacon Theatre – New York, NY

    Recording Info: B&K 4011>D3 (Mike Weitzman’s rig); front/ctr of taper’s section

    Transfer Info: Sony PCM R500>Opcode DatPort>SoundForge4.5>CD Wave>FLAC

    Taper: Pete Nicolosi
    Seed: Kevin Shapiro
    Transfer/Tracking: Chris Moore

    Disc 1:
    s1t01 – Llama
    s1t02 – Guelah Papyrus
    s1t03 – Paul and Silas
    s1t04 – Harry Hood
    s1t05 – Wilson>
    s1t06 – Chalk Dust Torture
    s1t07 – Bouncing Around The Room>
    s1t08 – It’s Ice>
    s1t09 – Down with Disease

    Disc 2:
    s2t01 – Maze
    s2t02 – If I Could
    s2t03 – The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony>
    s2t04 – Suzy Greenberg>
    s2t05 – The Landlady
    s2t06 – Julius
    s2t07 – Wolfman’s Brother>
    s2t08 – Alumni Blues>
    s2t09 – I Wanna Be Like You>
    s2t10 – HYHU>
    s2t11 – Cavern
    s2t12 – crowd
    s2t13 – Magilla
    s2t14 – Amazing Grace*

    Suzy Greenberg through Magilla featuring six-piece “Giant Country Horns”: Dave “The Truth” Grippo – alto sax, Carl “Gears” Gerhard – trumpet, Don Glasgo – trombone, Joey Sommerville Jr. – trumpet, Chris Peterman – tenor sax and Mike Gallick – baritone sax


    first Alumni Blues since 7/18/91

    One of my first shows ( maybe 4th?) Made the drive with two others from southern PA and back after the show. Another friend from NYC, in his addled state thought it would be fun to come back to school with us. He wasn’t happy the next morning when he woke up in PA. Giant Country Horns for most of second set. Good stuff.

  17. willowed Says:


  18. Guyute711 Says:

    Big ups Selector J

    Let’s go Buffalo!!!

  19. willowed Says:

    Nice vibe to the show today Selector

    It’s fitting my mood perfectly!

  20. Mr. Palmer Says:

    hmm. can’t get selector going for some reason. Usually it plays through itunes. Now for some reason it goes to COG and that doesn’t work I quit cog and it still pops up. oh well.

  21. Foul_Domain Says:

    Miner – you really got me on a gorge kick today.

    spinning ’09 gorge night 2 set 2 right now.

    The ‘RnR’ jam never gets old for me. Some top ’09 Phish, no doubt. Those gorge shows dont seem to fit in with the rest of ’09 imo. I guess like Miner said, “Phish both plays and sounds different at The Gorge.”

  22. lastwaltzer Says:


    Gorge Light, the song portion is meh but the jam $$$

  23. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Doesn’t the Japan release come out today?

  24. Foul_Domain Says:

    ^ available tomorrow at livephish, May 15 for CD.

  25. Foul_Domain Says:

    …or maybe May 10

    says both on the website

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