One Crazy Summer

8.10.10 - Telluride, CO (G. Lucas)

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, Phish will travel the long and winding road of Summer 2011. Totaling 30 shows right now, and with one more announcement on the horizon, this will be the largest tour the band has undertaken since their return. Granted their are breaks in between the four portions of shows, but when the band plays together this much within a short period of time, magic begins to happen in a different way. Regardless of how well Phish is playing at the time, there is only so far their jamming will go in the context of a 14 show tour like last fall. But when you combine nearly 35 shows within one season of playing, musical trends develop, improvisational themes emerge, and styles of play become crystallized as a portrait of a point in time.

Summer '93 (Pollock)

Think back to the longer tours of the mid-’90s when the band toured incessantly. The iconic months of August ’93, November ’94, and December ’95 didn’t pop out of nowhere, rather they were a direct result of extensive touring and constant improvising night after night after night. And while Summer 2011 can’t replicate the group dynamic that arose over a 54-show fall tour in 1995, the countless shows that comprised the winter, spring and summer of 1993, the number of shows does correlate much more with summer tours of the late ’90s.

Phish’s 1997 Summer Tour consisted of 38 shows (19 in Europe), Summer ’98 equaled 33 shows (9 in Europe), Summer ’99 clocked in 23 shows (3 in Japan), while the band’s Summer Tour of 2000 was comprised of 25 shows (7 in Japan). Add the 30 shows already on this summer’s slate with a few more around Labor Day, and Summer 2011 lands right in the same ball park as many well-loved summers of lore. Over the course of these previous summers, though less so in 2000, distinct jamming styles developed with such focused playing. Could we be looking an earnest stage of musical change this summer? With the tightness, creativity and momentum of Fall Tour and New Year’s Run in tow, alongside successful side-projects from Trey and Mike, the band could be on the brink of quite the memorable season.

7.4.10 - Alpharetta, GA (W.Rogell)

Starting in Bethel, slated through UIC in mid-August, and rumored to end in Colorado around Labor Day, any way you cut it, Summer 2011 is shaping up to be a monster. With that much time on stage together, things will happen that are unplanned, go unspoken, and will bring surprise to everyone, band included. This amount of playing, though broken up into four segments over three months, will still provide a certain density of improvisational minutes unseen by the band since their return. Might we witness some of their most impressive playing thus far in this era? In my opinion, the odds are high. Broken into legs of 18 shows, a three-show festival throwdown, and nine shows, where the treasures will arise is anyone’s guess. And legitimate theories could be posed as to why each of  the three scheduled segments will blow up. Whether it be classic East Coast venues and the most shows at once, a super-sized festival, or the inspiration of west coast nature, each part of summer seems to have its own perks and potential. Pick and choose where you must, but remember, it’s about the shows you hit, not the ones you miss! (Most of the time.)


Jam of the Day:

Twist -> Izabella” 7.31.98 II

A classic summer nugget from Polaris ’98.




7.20.1998 Venura Co. Fairgrounds, Ventura, CA

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Ventura 1998

Highlights of Ventura ’98 include the opening “Bathtub Gin” (Riverport’s little brother), “Drowned -> Makisupa,” a rare appearance of The Who’s “Sea and Sand,” and “Harry Hood.”

I: Bathtub Gin, Dirt, Poor Heart, Lawn Boy, My Sweet One, Birds of a Feather, Theme From the Bottom, Water in the Sky, The Moma Dance, Split Open and Melt

II: Drowned -> Makisupa Policeman > Maze, Sea and Sand, Prince Caspian > Harry Hood

E: Sexual Healing* > Hold Your Head Up, Halley’s Comet


Source:AKG c568eb (OTS, pointed at stacks) -> Aerco Pre-Amp -> Sony D-8 @ 48KHz


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  1. DukeOfLizards Says:

    Depending on where you are in the tri-state area, “sub,” “hoagie,” and “grinder” are acceptable names for the kind of sandwich that is best-made in New Jersey.

    South North Jersey (in the Somerset/Union County neck of the woods) = sub.

    Also, “grinder” is just ridiculous.

  2. SillyWilly Says:

    @Mr. P

    Can I be on the tasting committee?

    I can be neutral because I’m not from the Northeast.

    but, dang, there’s still that getting to Camden thing

  3. SillyWilly Says:

    Apparently in some regions of the UK sandwiches are also called a “butty”

  4. Guyute711 Says:

    I could go for a DiBellas’ Godfather sub right now. Genoa Salami, Capicola, and spicy ham on a real Rochester sub roll. Cover that sucker in mustard and banana peppers.

  5. Selector J Says:

    Terrible Story Time:
    Was next to this dude in the pavilion at Polaris in ’00 who, for reasons only him and the good lord will ever understand, decides in broad daylight to crouch down and attempt to piss into a 20oz water bottle during the 1st set.
    But wait! It gets worse. After filling the bottle, he begins to slowly pour it out under the seats creating a small stream of piss headed towards the stage. At this point, everyone witnessing this is like, “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” bringing a halt to his little plan.
    And to top it off, this guy is incredulous that we’re intervening with his piss-capades. I think his exact words were, “Why are you guys being jerks about this?”
    My buddy starts yelling “Security!” and the dude bolts leaving the piss bottle with no cap under his chair.
    And no, this dude was not a wook. clean cut as all get out. To this day, I’m not sure if he was a super-confused spunion or just a terrible, terrible person.

  6. gavinsdad Says:

    chip butty

  7. SillyWilly Says:

    i always feel bad for the inevitable kid in a phish bathroom line who tries to piss in the trash

    always happens, always ends in humiliation

  8. Admiral Ackbar Says:

    This is asinine.

    They’re fucking blatantly called “lightsaber sandwiches.”

    And you will never find a more delicious hive of ham and mayonnaise than Mos Eisley.

  9. Fly Says:

    @Sel J

    Wouldn’t have minded so much if he capped the bottle, but pouring it out under the seats is fail.

    When traveling for basketball in high school, we would routinely piss in Gatorade bottles, cap them, and get rid of them later.

  10. Guyute711 Says:

    Bring me the fan pack please. That’s right 14″ not a piddly foot long. Can probably grab some in Corning on the way in to the Ball.

  11. Guyute711 Says:

    Jersey subs right here.

  12. Mike in Austin Says:

    piss-capades +1

  13. SillyWilly Says:

    i warned the PA fuzz about a full gatorade bottle in my passenger seat.

    it was capped.

    and i was hustling from Cleveland to Jones Beach.

    They really appreciated the warning. But, not enough, I guess.

  14. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    yo guys, i recreated some famous film scenes using only dogs as actors playing the human parts.

    this is the “trash compactor” scene from Star Wars IV A New Hope.


    and if you like it, send it to all your friends/post it on fb! hah thanks.

  15. Fly Says:

    And this is why the first note of Bethel will blow our minds: because the anticipation has already built this much, and we still have five and a half weeks to go.

  16. SillyWilly Says:

    i kinda want a grinder for dinner

    haha. i’ve never heard of a grinder.

    oh yeah, grinders are ridiculous.

  17. Selector J Says:

    Yea, the moment the pouring happened it went from ‘pretty gross but kinda somewhat humorous’ to full-on “Get. The. Fuck. Out.”

    I mean… It was the first set!

  18. JeffieM Says:

    sorry if this has been discussed already:

    The National is putting together a GD tribute album?

  19. Selector J Says:

    ^btw the theory on “the pour” was that he ran out of room and was going to fill it again.
    20 oz’d.

  20. Selector J Says:

    re: The National
    did not see that coming.

  21. Mulitbeast Says:

    That National GD tribute is wild. Thanks for posting.

  22. Mulitbeast Says:

    I just love f’in sammiches. Whatever you call them, I like em. A decent sammich chain here in Denver sells grinders. Tasty.

  23. EL Duderino Says:

    In chicago we have hot Italian Beef sandwiches…

    seasoned Italian beef simmered in aw ju (sp?)

    severed on Italian roll/bread with the option of sweet green peppers (warm/kinda like sauteed) or hot peppers not the sport ones you find on chicago style hot dogs but the jardinaire (sp?) with the option of mozzarella or provolone cheese… When you’re in town for UIC BITCHES you should definitely get one… it’s like chicago style pan pizza, regional kinda dealy

  24. EL Duderino Says:

    the beef is piled on by the way, not some thin skimpy bull-shit you find in other part of the country

  25. tela'smuff Says:


    dude, wasn’t i in front of you at SC2?? i hope i wasn’t spilling on you. i do recall holding onto a beer for a bit to start the show, but then just dancing my ass off next to guyute and lycan.

    i was never one to drink at shows, but that has changed 3.0. i think it’s largely due to me not taking “other” stuff as much at shows, as well ass the fact Phish started playing music conducive to beer drinking and not square meal time. i think i’m a pretty decent dancer with beer in hand.

    and dude, you and the slf for sure have a reservation at the homestead here for labor day.

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