TTFF: Ten From ’10


12.31.2010 (Ryan Gilbertie)

With only two weeks separating us from the kick-off of Phish’s massive Summer 2011, let’s take a moment to revisit some of last year’s finest moments, in no particular order. For anyone who thinks Phish doesn’t jam anymore, take a run through this playlist…enjoy….


2001 > David Bowie” 10.30 II

10.30.10 (D.Lavery)

The smoking conclusion—and finest segment—of a wild, pre-Halloween night.



Reba” 10.19 E

The divine creation that came out of nowhere in Augusta’s encore.



Ghost” 12.31 II

12.30.10 G.Lucas)

The Holy “Ghost.”



Seven Below -> What’s the Use?” 12.27 II

A delicate, introspective journey from Worcester’s snow-covered opening night.



Rock and Roll -> Carini” 10.22 II

10.23.10 (R. Gilbertie)

Providence’s exploratory set-opening combo; from an avant-garde “Rock and Roll” into a blissful “Carini.”



Light” 8.7. II

The band’s magnum opus from the Greek—one of the year’s improvisational peaks.



Harry Hood” 12.28 II

12.30.2010 (G.Lucas)

An impeccable, four-part musical conversation that, in my opinion, represents musical perfection.



Backwards Down the Number Line” 6.12 II

One of very few jams from June’s tour with staying power. Phish came together in an instant amidst a noodly jam and crafted a soundtrack for secret-agent.



Simple” 8.6 II

8.5.10 (W. Rogell)

One of the most engaging jams from, arguably, the most creative three-night stand of the year at the Greek.



Disease -> What’s the Use?” 8.14 II

Face melting rock and roll morphs into sublime territory, landing perfectly in “What’s the Use?.”



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880 Responses to “TTFF: Ten From ’10”

  1. tela'smuff Says:

    i think it was @Monster.

    thankfully it has become a highlight of the first set now. Trey shreds Walk Away.

  2. tela'smuff Says:

    i’m out. going to see Thor. followed by Game of Thrones tonight. gettin my geek on.

  3. vegas wolfmans Says:

    scratch that. found it:

    word to ya mutha

  4. Monsterpus Says:

    Thanks Garret. That’s funny, I saw it in 4/8 shows I went to last year. Best personal bustout was the Corrina at AC 1

  5. Monsterpus Says:

    Life on Mars.

  6. garretc Says:

    Bye Bye Foot hasn’t been played since ’97, that would be a pretty big one…

  7. garretc Says:

    No Daniel Saw The Stone in 3.0

  8. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Would be down with a Daniel. My Left Toe as well.

    Later. Off to coach lacrosse to 6 year olds. Yay!

  9. Sedin Sisters Says:

    my left toe would make me too happy

  10. Sedin Sisters Says:

    password: c@md3n

  11. Kurt from Indy Says:

    id be pretty upset if they played izabella and i wasnt there, love that song

  12. Willowed Says:

    Just got home from the Quinnipiac University graduate commencement. Congratulations to my wonderful wife. Her second masters degree in the books.
    I am so lucky

    Bring on Phish ter.

  13. thedayman Says:

    afternoon, bb, weather sux around here, listening to some tunes.

    i agree, my left toe would be a filthy mcnasty bustout. oh yeah

    and also whoever made the analogy of trey and jerry’s guitar playing styles yesterday about trey being a surgeon and jerry being a medicine man, couldnt agree more, seriously great analogy.

    have a good one all.

  14. Frycanthropist Says:

    thanks @dayman

  15. Frycanthropist Says:

    my left toe would definitely make an impact on me

  16. kayatosh Says:

    pissed. just spent 20 mins + composing 2 lists of potential bustouts (divided btw. songs that have been played more than once and one timers) that I’d like to hear w/ dates and it’s not here after I posted it. grrrrr.

    here’s a quick and dirty version

    shaggy dog
    dog log
    no dogs allowed
    life on mars
    flat fee
    in a hole
    skin it back
    yerushalyim shel zahav

  17. kayatosh Says:

    bye bye foot
    who knows (band of gypsies)
    any of the tunes they’ve played by marley, the allman bros, or the GD

  18. kayatosh Says:

    $$$ video of who knows by band of gypsies from 1970. great qual.

  19. kayatosh Says:

    come on baby let’s go downtown

  20. Frycanthropist Says:

    thank you guys for checkin out Paradox Charlie.

    means a lot that you guys give it a shot.

    hope it was worth it 😉

  21. Plord Says:

    Back from the climbing gym. First time on the wall in um, 15 years? My hands gave up WAY too early. BUT BUT BUT the reason I am mentioning it is that they played _American Beauty_ and _Blues for Allah_ all the way through while I was there, and had just switched to Phish (w/ a ripping Walk Away) as in was packing up to go.

    I guess I’ll be going back tonthat place 🙂

  22. Plord Says:

    ^to that.

    Stupid iPad.

  23. Monsterpus Says:

    I’m a fan of Albequerque. (the Neil Young cover, not the city)

  24. cal Says:

    Best bustout ever was Hampton Fluff.

    Hope everyone’s having a great weekend. Very weird one here, but all’s well that ends well they say.

  25. EL Duderino Says:

    @ Bingos

    You better hope that the Rev. comes on tour with Phish again.

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