Monday Morning Minutes

12.31.2010 (Ryan Gilbertie)

WOOKIPEDIA: One of the greatest facets of Phish Thoughts to me, is the community that has formed around the website. Not only have fans found new friends to help kill time virtually, but also real people with whom rage Phish with personally. The connections that have been made and friendships formed by so many people on the self-dubbed “Black Board” (the comments section of the blog) has blown me away. I have, similarly, met tons of great people through the site, and continue to do so as Phish fans’ sense of community is unparalleled. And as any good community does, they look for ways to improve things. Last week, one of the regulars on the Black Board suggested an idea for a community-based resource in the vein of Wikipedia. But surrounding Phish culture, soon, the much more appropriate name, “Wookipedia” was born. Instead of introducing it myself, I told the person who came up with the idea to write a blurb on it. And here is what Mitch had too say.

"Power" Pollock 1995

For anyone that’s familiar with the bottom half of Miner’s site, they know that there are a lot of ideas passed around on the board on any given day. Often times you’ll find great nuggets of info regarding the latest music, what food or drink spots to check on tour or how to burn a copy of your bootleg DVD.  If you’re like me, you probably try and make a mental note or jot something on a scratch of paper, but the hell if  I’m gonna dig through pockets on the road, ya dig? Last week, after some discussion on the “BB,” I threw together the “W00kipedia” where we can all add our knowledge so its easily accessible from anywhere. Just create an account and edit the pages as you wish. Please remember to link your newly created pages to the main page with a blurb about it so people can easily find it. Though the infrastructure is up, there are very few pages up already. This will be a resource that grows in usefulness with the more people who contribute! Enjoy.  -Mitch (


“The Venues of Summer: Volume I” Utica DVD Raffle

The Winners Are...

First off, thanks to all who contributed. With over 20 entries, the raffle came down to 15 people who named all the tracks on the compilation. The contestants who made it into the raffle were: Matt Stevens, Jeremy Renda, Jason Embry, Mark Hoyt, Soloman Hay, Chris Magnerelli, Michael Aurzada, Brian Richardson, James Emantin, Mario DiPasquale, Brian Brinkman, Randy Hope, Ross Bellenoit, Mike DesJardins, and Mitch Ladd.

And the three raffle winners—as picked by Mrs. Miner—who win a “Live In Utica” DVD/CD box set are: Matt Stevens, Mark Hoyt and Brian Brinkman!! Congrats guys—shoot me an email with your mailing address and I’ll get the packages out to you!

The tracks were:

“Birds Of A Feather -> Catapult PNC 6.29.2000

“Mike’s Song” Blossom 6.20.95

“Harry Hood” Darien Lake 8.14.97

“Reba > Carini” Great Woods 7.13.99

“It’s Ice” Riverbend 9.20.2000

“Piper -> What’s The Use?” Great Woods 9.11.2000

“Split Open and Melt > Kung > Jam” PNC 7.15.1999


Jam of the Day:

Split Open and Melt” 6.21.94

I had never heard this beast until Kevin Shapiro dropped it as part of Live Bait 4 last week. I immediately dubbed it “the best jam I’ve never heard.”




If you’re going to a show this summer, bring your point-and-shoot cameras! As of last year these are allowed into venues, so snap away and send me your best shots! I don’t have consistent photo contributors for this upcoming tour, so it’s very likely that if you send me some shots after the show that you’ll see them on the site the next morning! You can send photos in zip files (preferred) or as individual email attachments. Let’s see your creativity all over the site the summer! If you’d like to contribute, please email your photos to before you go to sleep after the show! Thanks! (I will always take shots the next day as well.)


2,426 Responses to “Monday Morning Minutes”

  1. MrCompletely Says:

    it’s pretty obvious that they’ve practiced a lot before a few 3.0 tours but not enough before most of them. If they’re really getting multiple days of solid practice in, so much the better. It definitely shows IMO.

  2. MrCompletely Says:

    I dig that Eckert disk BTW

    never got back to ya on it butter but it’s good Nola music fo sho

  3. MrCompletely Says:

    all those Heat haters holla at me now!



  4. kayatosh Says:

    12.13.97 vultures — $$$. i was in the house that night.

  5. voopa Says:

    MrC, Ha!

    I’ve kept sports talk on the down low lately…someone a few weeks back accused us Sharks fans of being “bandwagoners” or some shit, so I haven’t been posting about them.

    How can that be when the Sharks are the only hockey team I root for? Whatever. Stupid Internet.

  6. MrCompletely Says:

    haters gon’ hate, chief

    fly your fan flag high

    I’m in the catbird seat in these NBA playoffs, I really like every team left in it and think all 4 possible Finals matchups will be fantastic so I’m basically rooting for a bunch of Game 7s

  7. EL Duderino Says:

    haters gonna hate and fluffers are gonna’ fluff

  8. MrCompletely Says:

    I knew you were gonna say that

    but there are more haters than fluffers these days

  9. MrCompletely Says:

    not that I disagree, tho

    it’s definitely true

  10. kenny powers Says:

    glad you concur C

  11. lastwaltzer Says:

    anybody not gotten their utcia dvd yet?

  12. EL Duderino Says:

    “I miss the old Twist intro…
    Doom doom doom doom”-voopa

    F C G
    F C G
    F C F
    F C G
    F C D
    F C G

    Metu voopa

  13. butter Says:

    Cool C, was wondering what ya thought. I’m a little biased cuz I hear my friends voice and it strikes a chord and meshes well with me.

    Hung out with Jake last night at Sonoma jazz. Dirty Dozen is down to LA tonite and touring their way back to Nola, via AZ, TX. He says it gets a little crazy on the bus still, these days.

    They are on tour or playing, like 200 nights a year. Jake got to play with Billy Kreutzman a few times during jazzfest. I guess with the 7 walkers gig Billy K has. He told Billy he doesn’t even know how crazy it is to be playing with him. Like he’s living out some rock and roll fantasy as he was a GD and Phish kid coming up. Even got the “Phish” logo tattooed on his back when he was really feeling IT at one point. Don’t know if he ever got it removed, as he had talked about it.

  14. EL Duderino Says:

    @ Mr. C

    Tough times we live in brings more cynicism

  15. EL Duderino Says:

    I still hate the Heat.
    The Bulls have no chance now.

  16. Jtran Says:


    I didn’t but I ordered from Amazon. 5/24 release for them.

  17. lastwaltzer Says:


    Ahhh so did i, guess there is my answer.

  18. Guyute711 Says:

    Yeah, Shit be expensive at jfk airport.

  19. kayatosh Says:

    streaming nana’s chalk pipe – kimock molo hess and sears – $$$:

  20. MrCompletely Says:

    @el dude, look at it this way

    the reason they’re falling behind in this series is because midseason they decided not to panic-trade a big for a shooter

    so right now they don’t have the firepower against a team that can play solid D like the Heat. a healthy Booz is a solid #3 offensive threat but not good enough to be #2 on a contender.

    but long term it was the right call. Bigs are harder to come by than shooters. They’ll acquire a second creative scoring option next year I bet, and will be well positioned for the upcoming post-Lakers/Celtics/Spurs era.

    This year is too soon for them. Same for OKC I think. Both will be making deep playoff runs for years and years.

    I’m sure you’re bummed, right now it looks like Miami has the bulls figured out. I do expect Chicago to win 1 or 2 more before the end though. But man, the Bulls are for real.

  21. butter Says:

    re: Utica DVD, came Saturday

    Page eyes closed, super feeling the open jam after Have Mercy = priceless

  22. nonoyolker Says:

    I’m with C, looking for game sevens in both conferences. Hoping the Bulls still have it in them. Still mad the Heat exposed just how old my squad is (yeah, i was trying to bury my head in the sand until the last possible moment – young guns made my Cs look geriatric).

    Mavs are playing re-dirkulous right now. Thinking anyone will have trouble with them. This year was a major turning point in power for the league – most dramatic shift i can remember. Young squads have the juice now

  23. MrCompletely Says:

    I just love N’awlins music @butter so it’s close to my sweet spot

    the entry-level skillset down there is so high – like just the basic off the shelf quality of any randomly assembled band is so far beyond anywhere else it’s crazy – so anyone from the cream of the crop is gonna sound good to me usually

  24. albert walker Says:

    is Boozer the most annoying douche in the NBA?

    that’s my problem right there

  25. MrCompletely Says:

    word @nono, I’m with you

    Mavs are the exception to the age rule of course…you’d think they’re close to done, but if they win it this year, I dunno…I suppose Kidd has to break down eventually, but Dirk keeps getting better…they might have a couple years of relevance after this one

    I’ve enjoyed the last few years of the Celtics, and have been a huge Spurs fan since the start of the Duncan era, and have enjoyed hating the Lakers, but I’m ready for the page to turn in general. So many fun to watch new teams!

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