The Age of Miracles

Great Woods - 6.7.11 (Rob Sadowski)

In their first visit back to the amusement park environs of Darien Lake since 2009, Phish dropped a spectacular second set filled with a rhythmic focus and monster grooves, providing their western New York audience with plenty of music to dance to on Wednesday night. Focusing their pristine playing of summer on anthemic groove-based improvisation, the band crafted a fun-filled second set that featured a continuous flow throughout. Lacing the opening frame with a series of summer debuts and rarities while providing the knockout blow the second, Phish played a complete show that set up a weekend blowout at Camden and Merriweather Post.

Darien Official Print (Slater)

Beginning the show with a string of three bustouts—”Nellie Kane,” “Mellow Mood,” and “Buffalo Bill”—the band set an exciting mood early on and balanced this song-based excitement with high-quality, rhymically-focused escapades in “Wolfman’s” and “Undermind.” Trey jumped into his refined stacatto playing early in the night during “Wolfman’s,” and he’d continue along this path through many jams of the show. As the set rolled on, the summer debuts continued to roll out—”Ride Captain Ride,” “It’s Ice,” “Dog Faced Boy” and “Brian and Robert.” And the final improvisational highlight of the set came sandwiched between scorching doses of arena rock (“46 Days” and “Character Zero”) in a “Limb by Limb” that Trey attacked out of the gate with cathartic lead melodies. Though totaling 15 songs, the first set didn’t ever drag as the band wove together songs and jams in a combination that kept things moving right along. But when the band came out after setbreak, Phish carried a different kind of motion.

Kicking off a set-long dance-party with the third-ever cover of TV on the Radio’s “Golden Age,” the band unveiled their most developed version to date. Moving from the song’s fusion of uplifting melody and driving groove, the band added an infectious funk exchange once the song reached its usual climax. Setting the tone for the second set with high-octane dance music, the band continued down this path with a passionate roar through “Mike’s Song” that passed through the always-welcome “Fast Enough For You,” en route to one of the standout highlights of the show—”Weekapaug.”

PNC (C.LaJaunie)

Transcending the”Groove’s” fun-filled, thematic jam, the band dove into a far more intricate exercise in groove. Trey leapt into the fray with a high-speed tease of “Golden Age,” and the entire band hopped on for a reprise of the jam (that was teased throughout) as “Weekapaug” set sail into collaborative textures. Amidst a quick-witted interplay, the band dropped into their new-school staccato jamming-style, shredding the piece to bits with “plinko funk” improvisation. Smoothly remerging with the song’s theme, the band likened a locomotive as they collectively took the jam to its peak as Trey played with sublime phrasing—a trend of his leads throughout the night. And as the band hit the last note of “Weekapaug,” they let it drip out into a brief ambient note (in which Trey dropped another “Golden Age” tease) which quickly morphed into the post-apoalyotic soundscapes of “What’s the Use?” Phish took their patience with the surreal mid-set interlude, treating the piece with immaculate delicacy. And as the final layers resonated over the audience, Trey picked out the beginning of “Theme.”

Flowing quite well, as the band emerged out of the dark instrumental with a high-powered version of “Theme” that continued the groove-based ethos of the set. Though “Number Line” never seems to fit naturally into any slot of any show, once its jam got going everything changed. Trey immediately ripped off lightening-quick, multi-note runs that encouraged the entire band into faster and creative interplay. This dynamic piece set up a monumental exclamation point of the set in “2001 > Harry Hood.”

6.7.11 (R.Sadowski)

Drenching their laid-back space-funk escapade with full-band teases of “Golden Age” throughout much of the jam, and then crafting a ridiculous mashup with “What’s the Use?” in the piece’s final segment, Phish threw down a definitive version of “2001” that showcased their glue-tight playing and musical playfulness at this stage of the game. A full-scale throwdown of the likes we haven’t seen from the song this summer, the band used the swarthy dance excursion to tie the set together. And then Phish put their signature on the night in the form of an outstanding “Harry Hood.” Continuing their liquid phrasing of the show, both Mike and Trey stood out amidst this jam. But it was when Fishman switched from a fluttering beat into a subtle groove, taking the whole band with him, that this version really jumped off the stage. Crafting an original take on their spiritual opus, the band finalized an outstanding set with a triumphant musical conversation that shot an arrow through the heart of the audience. Trey led the way with gorgeous leads that—in the moment—brought memories of Darien ’97’s top-shelf rendition under the very same circus tents. Capping the night of fire-filled grooves with a sublime and

Weaving a non-stop second set to compliment their song-heavy opening frame, Phish played to all facets of their audience within one show last night. And as without touching any of their more exploratory jam vehicles, this weekend is looking as promising as ever…

I: Nellie Kane, Mellow Mood, Buffalo Bill, Kill Devil Falls, Wolfman’s Brother, Rift, Undermind, Ride Captain Ride, It’s Ice, Dog Faced Boy, Brian and Robert, 46 Days, Limb By Limb, Character Zero

II: Golden Age, Mike’s Song > Fast Enough for You > Weekapaug Groove, What’s the Use? > Theme From the Bottom, Backwards Down the Number Line > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Harry Hood

E: Good Times Bad Times


1,385 Responses to “The Age of Miracles”

  1. kayatosh Says:

    yo. I’m home; left during julius. not feelin that set II. BBFCFM after stnd. free and possum killed it. swept away and steep partially redeemed the set. good dwd and bowie. but zero flow.

    set I danceable mike’s groove, good stash, tube, cavern and guelah; great curtain with. sloth was unique in that it was badly off at the outset.

    curious old school song selection, but nothing I could really sink my teeth into. rocky top opener – no thanks.

    was right in taper section on left side.

    sorry to be a downer. too buttered. cigs got a little much too. and probably one too many beers (had 2.5). haven’t read your thoughts from the couch yet.

    need a rebound show in MPP.

  2. punkmug Says:

    Ghostfunk. I totally agree with your Darien thoughts.

  3. punkmug Says:

    Kaya. Your thoughts seem to mirror the vibe around here tonight. MPP will rage!

  4. BingosBrother Says:

    “It all worked out, because I was into them being into it for some reason. ”

    hell yeah. Gets me pumped too. Most fans aren’t checking setlists, posting all day or ever on message boards, or even thinking about the band. They’re there for a good time, which is fine. Much rather have our casual fans than any other bands.

  5. sumodie Says:

    frustating show that never went anywhere for me….grrrr…like bethel 3

    but hey, i got my possum

    till the next one

  6. GhostPhunk Says:

    “yo. I’m home; left during julius”


  7. DukeOfLizards Says:

    In all seriousness:

    Spin the Paug and the Stash.

    Ignore the rest unless you’re wearing a cape.


  8. BingosBrother Says:

    Damn kaya, you missed some great music! 😉 Wish I coulda been there with ya instead of here.

  9. punkmug Says:

    Well said Bingos.

  10. kayatosh Says:

    I missed golgi fluffhead and joy. – no problem. bold as love would have been nice though.

    had the wife in tow. wanted to beat the throng. getting out of camden is no picnic.

  11. butter Says:

    wow, Robear, youve been pimpin Blossom Piper, and i really got it now

    nice call on the playin jam

    alot of these jams its taken 4-5 spins to really digest it without having been there

    this is by far the most fun tour i’ve ever listened along with and not done

  12. butter Says:

    but damn, this is really happening

    packing for a week of Phish, to cap off this epic tour with, ya’ll 🙂

  13. GhostPhunk Says:

    safe travels butter.

  14. Guyute711 Says:

    Sounds like coming home was a good decision. People weren’t happy with the show? Mike’s 2 shows in a row is pretty crazy.

  15. butter Says:

    thanks Ghost

    now you gotta do another to get the taste out of your mouth kaya

    glad your home safe and beat the rush

  16. kayatosh Says:

    first set was fun. guyute and mule in the same set was rough for me. enjoyed both, but could have easily done without. questionable placement.

  17. plord Says:

    g’night folks, here’s hoping tomorrow is a jammer not a SatNightSpecial.

  18. kayatosh Says:

    thanks, butter.

    saw signs of the confidence and patience (stash) and curtain with was real nice, esp. the With. but overall an off show. bodes well for rest of tour.

  19. butter Says:

    saw the curtain with on a sick video stream, very delicate yet powerful playing

  20. kayatosh Says:

    butter: re. curtain. yep. well put

  21. GhostPhunk Says:

    “nice call on the playin jam”

    Feeling that.

  22. Willowed Says:

    Emotional fire from the front lines. Don’t sleep on that possum

  23. BrandonKayda Says:


    You can vote on a thing to give a $25,000 donation to the theater that is producing the West Side Story musical I’m going to be in in August. You can also text “106790” to 73774 if you don’t want to make an account.

    Sorry, I know this is unlike me, just throwing it out there. Apologies for the whoring, but it would be appreciated. No worries either way.

    Cheers folks. Now I’m out.

  24. sumodie Says:

    well, i cant leave a show early, even one like this. ran to car after encore & exited lot in 5 min

    now the long drive home, but w/ no afterglow

    southern cross swing awaits

  25. kayatosh Says:

    way to be in it to win it, sumodie. safe travels.

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