Flashbacks: Stage Shots

6.12.11 - Merriweather (Moshe Cohen)


6.12.2011 - (Erik Howard)


6.12.11 (Graham Lucas)


6.12.11 (Moshe Cohen)


6.12.2011 (Graham Lucas)


Book Contest #1 Results:

Sorry for the delay in posting these, but without further ado, I’d like to congratulate Brandon Benton for blowing away the field with his picks to win a free, signed copy of my forthcoming book. Thank you to the 80 contestants in contest #1, and best of luck to the 160 contestants in contest #2! The top finishers are below (as entered):

1. Brandon Benton (21 pts)

2. Bill Aimonetti, Proj Mersch (14 pts)

3. Dan Goodkind, Jeff Kay, Matt, Mike A (13 pts)


1,109 Responses to “Flashbacks: Stage Shots”

  1. pbs Says:

    standing by the SOAM call, bookending the set with evil.

  2. Mike in Austin Says:

    Trey is on fire. His fingers are liquid.

  3. voidboy Says:

    yeah, feels like Bowie could be lurking for sure… felt that before Maze.

  4. tela'smuff Says:

    this set took the 3.0 turn after that Maze. still good though. Split would be awesome, but i think a Suzy, Coil is up.

  5. seif Says:

    i like Bug…it doesn’t matter

  6. Mr. Palmer Says:

    thanks pbs. appreciate it. I made through 38 years without ever having to deal with it. Was caught off guard, big time.

  7. seif Says:


  8. seif Says:


  9. voidboy Says:

    there you go… with that piano outro…intro…

  10. Oldskool Says:

    @Mr. C, I just read this book called Feed, and am now reading the second in the series, Deadline. Have you heard of it?

    Feed is a double entendre as it is a bout a post apocalyptic world where there are Zombies but also where blogging is a major source of media. Some of it is cheesy, but some of the issues dealing with government control and people’s civil liberties being stripped is pretty interesting.

  11. tela'smuff Says:

    ‘aight. i’m out. attitude shifting.

    Great Sand>Disease>Maze segment. That was powerful stuff.

    peace out.

  12. Oldskool Says:

    That is so stressful Palmer!I am surprised Rushdie not give you advanced notice. What kind of company is it? Is it something that lines up with the politics and policies of the place? Or does it not make sense?

  13. Whipcity Says:

    To early for that Tela….. late heat makes a comeback these days.

  14. pbs Says:

    Not what we’d have loved to see here, but it’s Page’s House…so who are we to complain?

  15. Oldskool Says:

    Fucking iPad autocorrect. I meant to say I am surprised that they did not give you advanced notice. I would have thought it part of the HR hiring policy

  16. thedayman Says:

    >antelope? Hmm these sets have sure been strange lately

  17. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Its a renewable energy company. Basically a start up. They recently began hiring a bunch of people, so its a new policy. I guy i know there, who got me the gig, started in Jan. I asked him point blank early on and he said no. Never had to do it.

    Signed an offer letter and everything. Never mentioned. 3 days in, bam. i get the email. Like i said, i’m 99% sure its not an issue. ready to move on.

  18. thedayman Says:

    Def not complaining about it, just odd. This set had such good flow up until maze IMO

  19. Oldskool Says:

    Very cool. What is the format there? Or you guys selling energy credits to companies? Or have products? Or is it more strategic?

  20. Mr. Palmer Says:

    All of the above. buy and sell physical product for ourselves and customers. Offer hedging services in the futures market. biodiesel, ethenol, as well as feedstocks. interesting stuff. Brand new to me , so there is a learning curve for sure.

  21. Whipcity Says:

    These second sets are kind of old school. Some good heat then a little cool down and then some more heat. Think accoustic army back in the day.

  22. Oldskool Says:

    Did a bit of consulting at one point with EnerNOC. Unfortunately I had to move on to something else but would have loved to stay around a bit longer and get more into it

  23. pbs Says:

    Carini > Sand > DwD > Maze > 2001 > Antelope. A little manipulation of the setlist, AW stylee, and we’d have had a rager. Good set no doubt, but the late set song selection leaves a bit to be desired.

  24. Oldskool Says:

    Good for you. Great industry to be in and something that is obviously growing. My only advice is to make equity plays early and often, that is where the real benefit of working for a startup early on comes from. If you really believe in it, even take equity over a raise or a bonus and it will hopefully pay off big in the end.

  25. Mike in Austin Says:

    I like it. Bug, meatstick, and aditl were fine choices. Still a rager, without big jams.

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