TTFT: Past Balls

Ready to Ball?

The time is near…everyone is useless at work at this point. I’m heading back East tonight, to to get prepared for what is sure to be an extravaganza, let’s take a look at some highlights from past Balls. Enjoy the music as you prepare for Watkins Glen International and Super Ball IX.


2001” 8.16.98 III

A super-sized version filled with chunky, Summer ’98 grooves.



Wolfman’s -> Simple” 8.16.97 II

One of so many outstanding musical memories from The Great Went.



Piper” 7.18.99 III

The Clifford Ball

This scorching centerpiece of Oswego’s final set is among “Piper’s” elite versions.



Harry Hood” 8.16.96 III

The first the line of many glorious festival “Hoods.” This one , however, just may be the best.



Tweezer -> Have Mercy” 7.17.99 II

The sunset suite on Osewgo’s opening night.



Mike’s Song” 12.30.99 III

The Great Went

The apocalyptic version from Big Cypress’s opening night just released on SBD by Kevin Shapiro on SBD; the last “Mike’s Song” of the 1900’s.



Ghost” 8.16.98 II

This version that forsehadowed the ambient interplay of Fall ’98 is a personal favorite.



Waves” IT 8.2.03 II

A relic of an era when the band willingly immersed themselves in abstract psychedelic jams.



FROM PHISH.COM: The Bunny on Jam On

“The Bunny is back and will be broadcast on SIRIUS XM’s Jam_On channel. The Bunny (and Sirius XM) will be broadcasting not just Phish sets, but the full mix of eclectic music, festival reports, archival Phish audio and much much more. In addition, for those driving in to the festival without satellite radio, The Bunny will be rocking it old school on WRCE 1490 AM as well.”

The Bunny will begin broadcasting on WRCE at 8 AM on Thursday, June 30 through 8 AM on Monday, July 4. Sirius XM will join us at Thursday at 3 PM and broadcast all the way through Monday morning.”



Beyond the ‘Boards: The Taping Tradition Lives On

One can’t begin to discuss even the cursory history of Phish without mentioning the role of tapers and the taping community. After every show and tour, hundreds of padded envelopes criss-crossed the country and helped spread the gospel of Phish in a fashion similar to the way bits & bytes travel the Internet now. From one to one trades, to complex trading trees, to blanks & postage offers, to taping parties, Phish tapes were constantly circulating. At the root of every chain and the beginning of every trade, was a taper who selflessly put recording the shows above all else…Read on here!

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3,579 Responses to “TTFT: Past Balls”

  1. joe Says:

    (Wishing I was there, of cousre)

  2. Mike in Austin Says:

    “Gotta say, I would have trouble getting a whole lot done at home for months on end if there were couch tour like this every night they played.”

    Yeah. Wouldn’t that be awesome.

  3. voidboy Says:

    this is just an awesome set… loving this stuff….

  4. vegas wolfmans Says:

    DoL: +2 for use of ‘coalesce’

  5. guitarpicker420! Says:

    I had a really, really horrible thought.

  6. Dr Pronoia Says:

    pronoia, Duke, pronoia

  7. msbjivein Says:

    Sharing in the couchgroove

  8. voidboy Says:

    there’s that groove… nice shit for surreal…

  9. joe Says:

    I love you guys (and gals)

  10. Mike in Austin Says:

    I quit coalescing a while age. Now I just alesce.

    And sharing in the groove.

  11. guitarpicker420! Says:


  12. DukeOfLizards Says:


    Tonight is “vocabulary” night, no?



  13. fat bastard Says:

    i wish i was there

  14. voidboy Says:

    this is actually a very good song…

  15. Local Is Beautiful. Says:

    Beautiful set.

  16. vegas wolfmans Says:

    gp420- Enjoyed the phishnet piece. Informative and enjoyable reading for certain.

    Did y’all see that Trey interview? Solid.

  17. DukeOfLizards Says:

    Superball IX Night One: The Night that Songs That Usually Don’t Work TOTALLY WORKED

  18. Mike in Austin Says:

    There is a good flow to this set. Especially for 2/7.

  19. angryjoggerz Says:

    loving this

  20. halcyon Says:

    well my stream works now….don’t know wtf is going on…but joy is sounding pretty good right now…..

  21. voopa Says:


  22. angryjoggerz Says:

    take it slow

  23. guitarpicker420! Says:

    Apparently not going to be a 2-hour mega festie set

  24. joe Says:

    So fucking sweet. Thanks phish!!!

  25. Mr palmer Says:

    Joy fan here. Anyone with a little girl is a fan. Almost impossible not to be.

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