Unofficial SBIX Print (Masthay)

Sun has risen on day two of Superball, and day one was divine. To be back on the grounds of the Phish festival with the band at the top of its came felt like the days of lore. The sky was a bit bluer as the clouds floated above and the music was a bit slowed down as it blanketed the intimate concert ground. From note one Phish dropped a power-packed and poignant opening night of a festival that people will be talking about for time to come—the time when a full-powered band and their grand summer tradition came back together in the new era.

As it stands, I have little Internet access on site as I chase down friends with Droids to use their phones as a wifi hotspot. Combined with this spotty web access and the 24 hour nature of the festival, I’ll speak to you on the other side. Or when I catch up with a Droid again…

I: Possum, Peaches en Regalia, The Moma Dance, Torn and Frayed, NICU, Bathtub Gin, Life on Mars?, My Friend, My Friend, Wolfman’s Brother, Roses Are Free, Funky Bitch, Quinn the Eskimo

II: Jam > Crosseyed and Painless -> Chalk Dust Torture, Sand, The Wedge, Mike’s Song > Simple > Bug, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Weekapaug Groove, Joy, Character Zero

E: Show of Life


SBIX Mini Print (Masthay)


SB IX Mini Print (Masthay)


A bit more…Without having listened back, the band anchored the first set with huge versions of their classic pieces—“Moma Dance,” “Wolfman’s,” and “Bathtub Gin”—while pulling out several rarities, taboot. A scorching and cleaned-up “Peaches” came at the beginning of the set, while an out-of-the-blue “Life On Mars?” was delivered in the middle, before a jammed-out and exclamatory “Quinn the Eskimo” sent things to setbreak in high style.

The second set featured more exploratory playing from the band—peaking in a utterly sublime “Simple”—channeling the mysteries of the universe through the speaker towers of Watkins Glen. After a shredding “Crosseyed” jam, the band dropped onto an ambient path that wound a slow and enchanting route into “Chalk Dust.” This juxtaposition of styles, from shredding to abstract to shredding, kept things interesting before a way laid-back “Sand” provided a shining mid-set highlight filled with festival-sized dance grooves. A monster “Mike’s Groove”— centered around “Simple’s” cosmic trek—dominated the second half of the set, and just when it felt like “YEM” might close the set, out popped out a crunching “Character Zero.” An enthralling version of “Show of Life—and perhaps the most extensive to date—provided an indelible stamp of catharsis to a very poignant night of Phish.

The festival is back and better than ever. Love every minute of IT, folks! See you at 3pm!

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4,028 Responses to “Superballin’”

  1. Mr.Miner Says:

    Random Poster wins the barcodes by 5 seconds. well played, sir.

  2. Random Poster...Nutbag Says:

    Thanks Miner! Lucky timing for me since I was writing this very post of thanks to the site, but had to do it in Outlook becuase I can’t seem to spell without it anymore which is actually kind of sad…

    This site is great. I rarely post as my name would indicate (and lack of avatar) but lurk when I can get away from my job/wife/8 month old son and find all sorts of great links, thoughts, ideas, etc….and some of those meme’s are just awesome. I used to check Gadiel’s site daily since about the early nineties and also relied on the Doniac Schvice for info. PT offers me nothing but negativity and bad vibes so I stay away. I was lucky enough to catch DTE->Blossom this year and couldn’t wait to see Miner’s review since my buddy and I walked out of DTE thinking it was maybe the best 3.0 show up to that point. Can’t wait for the CO shows at Dick’s since they’re in my back yard. Anyway, that’s my long winded way of saying this site is great for all things Phish and more…thanks to all.

  3. DukeOfLizards Says:

    “I’ve said it before, but the best part about this site for younger kids without many friends into Phish (or custy friends into Phish) is that we always have a crew at any show we hit.”

    It bears repeating on a third consecutive page.

    Trey’s solo on the SBIX Mound is one of the greatest pieces of pure guitaristry I’ve heard him produce.

  4. halcyon Says:

    BB = Great Board

    Many cool people and wacky cats on here. hope to meet more of you down the road.

    Radiolab fans? Glenn Kotche (Drummer from Wilco and Kronos) fans?

    From the website
    Glenn Kotche of Wilco performs “Monkey Chant,” his retelling of the ancient Hindu epic the Ramayana–using different instruments in his drum kit to convey different characters. And after explaining how he once wrote a string quartet on the drums, he plays one more composition: “Projections of What Might.”

    This is some sick avant garde bad ass percussion and drumming. Monkey Chant is mind bending. Srsly

  5. Mdawg Says:

    Best Board

  6. BingosBrother Says:

    Its a Golden Age comin round…

  7. Mike in Austin Says:

    It deserves repeating that tou guys are the best Phish addiction enablers in the world. Constantly reminding me I need to listen to more Phish.

    Cues Mound.

  8. WIFAN Says:

    I realized i was a BB addict when at a show I will think to myself “Oh the BBer’s are going to love this show. It has tons of Jams.” (Apine night 1, 10′). I also find myself thinking “Uh oh I can hear Miner now bagging on this jumbled show.” (Toyota Park Chicago 09′) I’m the nerd who has a blast at all these shows, but I love the post show analysis. Makes me wish they would have a post show news conference, ie. NFL. Example, first question… Yes Mr. Miner from Phish Thoughts. “Yes first question is for Trey. The band seemed to me and the audience that the band was just starting to find the flow in Disease before you seemed to cut it off early. What opening did you see, and why did you do that?” Might not be great for the band, but it might be entertaining just for one night… Thanks Miner. Truly enjoy this site and the good peeps. Hope to meet some of you in Chicago or Denver!

  9. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Just heard the jam>Crosseyed for the first time. Wow. Night one is no joke either. What a great three days. SO much music.

    yes, this place is great. Met many new friends over the last 18 months. Looking forward to making some new ones in August

  10. BingosBrother Says:

    Heart beat sounding
    Ricocheting in their cage
    Thought I’d lose my balance
    With the grounds bounce and sway
    And all this violence
    And all this goes away
    And the vibes that rise like
    Fireflies illuminate our play

    Some light being
    Pulled you up from night’s party
    Said clap your hands
    If you think your soul is free
    And the silence was astounding
    ‘cept some “Oh Lord!! Mercy Me’s”
    And oh you can’t stop what’s comin’ up
    You’re never gonna stop gonna live it up
    And oh it’s gonna drop gonna fill your cup
    And oh it’s gonna drop gonna fill your cup

    The age of miracles
    The age of sound
    Well there’s a Golden Age
    Comin’ round, comin’ round, comin’ round

    Give it up
    ‘stead of grabbing for decay
    What we viewed as gold
    I believe pollutes this space
    And its grace ascending
    Like a snake up your tree
    Up your happy ending understanding
    All your s’pposed to be

    Let it move right in
    Let it kiss your face
    Let it sow your skin
    In perpetual embrace
    Like I said “Love’s Light is Laughter”
    Like the sun spitting happiness into the hereafter
    Oh here it comes like a natural disaster
    Ah blowing up like a ghetto blaster
    Ah here it comes, bring it faster
    Ah here it comes, bring it faster

    The age of miracles
    The age of sound
    Well there’s a Golden Age
    Comin’ round, comin’ round, comin’ round

    Love, don’t you falter
    Burning hearts
    Dragged behind
    The horses dancing on the altar
    Hooves breaking Gods
    To diamond dust and stars
    And there you are…

    Now we’re all allowed to breathe
    Walls dissolve
    With the hunger and the greed
    Move your body
    You’ve got all you need
    And your arms in the air stir a sea of stars
    And oh here it comes and it’s not so far

    All light beings
    Come on now make haste
    Clap your hands
    If you think you’re in the right place
    Thunder all surrounding
    Aw feel it quake with the joy resounding
    Palm to the palm you can feel it pounding
    Never give it up you can feel it mounting
    Oh its gonna drop gonna fill your cup and
    Oh its gonna drop gonna fill your cup

    The age of miracles
    The age of sound
    Well there’s a Golden Age
    Comin’ round, comin’ round, comin’ round

    The age of miracles
    The age of sound
    Well there’s a Golden Age
    Comin’ round, comin’ round, comin’ round

  11. DukeOfLizards Says:


    That Jam>Crosseyed was the official stimulus for my trip up to Watkins. I was just barely still on the fence, then they opened the second set with a jam and that was all she wrote.

  12. ThePigSong Says:

    darnit! meant to hit as many highlights as I could today, but fell asleep. I guess I wasn’t as recovered from sbix as I originally thought.

  13. SOAM Says:

    it was just all it could be. it was epic.

  14. ThePigSong Says:

    ahh the monthly – how long have you been here question…


    Looking forward to your posts Miner. Hoping you have time for your ‘Best of Leg I playlist’. I started making one for the shows I hit, but only have about 3/4 of the music.

  15. ThePigSong Says:

    ^^^”Looking forward to your posts Miner. Hoping you have time for your ‘Best of Leg I playlist’. I started making one for the shows I hit downloaded, but only have about 3/4 of the music.


  16. Gavinsdad Says:

    Let the grill begin. Love Summer grillin nites. Standard fare…burgs and doggies.

  17. Hoedown Says:

    SuperBall has us all gitty. I’m still dumbfounded as to what I just heard and witnessed. Not ready to listen back yet.

    BB and Miners efforts are the purest things Phish out there.

  18. Hoedown Says:

    I think I ate enough burgers and dogz over the last 6 days for at least 1.5 years. Pure fuel for festival rage though.

  19. jtran Says:

    Just headed down to the lake to spin some of the storage jam on headphones and watch a thunderstorm move in

    Got chased away, but this music is epic. Mind blowing, transcendent

  20. jtran Says:

    Builds to the groove aat31 minutes and then deconstructs


    Yes 4

  21. Mdawg Says:

    IT is great to have so much Phish to plow through!

  22. angryjoggerz Says:

    False alarm, random broken tooth bone fragment from last extraction, no wisdom tooth, hooray! My random, one finger on one of his hands middle eastern dentist is so awesome, shot my mouth up and pulled it out all in one minute. Good times.

  23. RamblinMind Says:

    The storage jam begs to be played through headphones, in the dark, with herbal accoutrements. The problem: those conditions are too conducive to sleep, especially with a hypnotic hour-long jam playing.

  24. DukeOfLizards Says:

  25. Gavinsdad Says:

    Flourishes abound

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