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Sun has risen on day two of Superball, and day one was divine. To be back on the grounds of the Phish festival with the band at the top of its came felt like the days of lore. The sky was a bit bluer as the clouds floated above and the music was a bit slowed down as it blanketed the intimate concert ground. From note one Phish dropped a power-packed and poignant opening night of a festival that people will be talking about for time to come—the time when a full-powered band and their grand summer tradition came back together in the new era.

As it stands, I have little Internet access on site as I chase down friends with Droids to use their phones as a wifi hotspot. Combined with this spotty web access and the 24 hour nature of the festival, I’ll speak to you on the other side. Or when I catch up with a Droid again…

I: Possum, Peaches en Regalia, The Moma Dance, Torn and Frayed, NICU, Bathtub Gin, Life on Mars?, My Friend, My Friend, Wolfman’s Brother, Roses Are Free, Funky Bitch, Quinn the Eskimo

II: Jam > Crosseyed and Painless -> Chalk Dust Torture, Sand, The Wedge, Mike’s Song > Simple > Bug, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Weekapaug Groove, Joy, Character Zero

E: Show of Life


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A bit more…Without having listened back, the band anchored the first set with huge versions of their classic pieces—“Moma Dance,” “Wolfman’s,” and “Bathtub Gin”—while pulling out several rarities, taboot. A scorching and cleaned-up “Peaches” came at the beginning of the set, while an out-of-the-blue “Life On Mars?” was delivered in the middle, before a jammed-out and exclamatory “Quinn the Eskimo” sent things to setbreak in high style.

The second set featured more exploratory playing from the band—peaking in a utterly sublime “Simple”—channeling the mysteries of the universe through the speaker towers of Watkins Glen. After a shredding “Crosseyed” jam, the band dropped onto an ambient path that wound a slow and enchanting route into “Chalk Dust.” This juxtaposition of styles, from shredding to abstract to shredding, kept things interesting before a way laid-back “Sand” provided a shining mid-set highlight filled with festival-sized dance grooves. A monster “Mike’s Groove”— centered around “Simple’s” cosmic trek—dominated the second half of the set, and just when it felt like “YEM” might close the set, out popped out a crunching “Character Zero.” An enthralling version of “Show of Life—and perhaps the most extensive to date—provided an indelible stamp of catharsis to a very poignant night of Phish.

The festival is back and better than ever. Love every minute of IT, folks! See you at 3pm!

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4,028 Responses to “Superballin’”

  1. angryjoggerz Says:

    My god, how many lurkers are there? I know I have a whole grip of friends who lurk and give me shit about posting – calling me AJ and shit.

  2. lot rat Says:

    Lot 5 was going off like a mofo

  3. joe Says:

    Some of the stuff in the middle sounded DJ Shadowy(I know not a favorite of some here – you know who you are).

  4. butter Says:

    spinning ball Tweez

    tryin wi boxing for the first time, this is a riot

  5. Mr. Palmer Says:

    wii boxing with the kids is great.

  6. tela'smuff Says:

    so it sounds like you enjoyed the Tropical Taco @butter? love that place. also a good thai place heading in the opposite direction on the island. sure you uhad a blast. kauai is easily my favorite place i’ve ever been to.

  7. Corey Says:

    @Mr. C, yes there is:
    Herbie Hancock’s Fat Albert Rotunda. Joe Henderson tears it up on that one.

    Fat Albert Rotunda vs. Dookey Shoe. Discuss…

  8. DukeOfLizards Says:

    OK, so after reading that Marshall quote, I cruised over to PT and did some skimming. Saw this:

    “I for one welcome our 3.5 overlords”

    I laughed.

  9. EllJefe Says:

    Sorry I missed all the BBers @ the fest. Was on my own path w/ my crew (my brother and good buddy included). There was just too much catching up and making new memories going on and my phone was a bit fuzzy the whole time. Looking forward to meeting folks @ the Gorge however.
    What a great great time though, we were all there together creating that great attitude of laughter and community though so I guess IT doesn’t matter. Here’s to all the peeps that made for a great conscious expanding weekend. CHEERS!!!

    Now I have to start listening back to all that sublime music. Gotta get in the Storage locker toot sweet!

  10. Corey Says:

    …Or not, but its a funky record, just like Fat Albert himself.

    Let’s not forget that @willowed had the first meetup. @neemor, @snowbank, @matso all the way from across the pond, and like 20 or so more were there pre Hartford 09. Just a short few months after Hampton. Good times…I distinctly remember the garage hang and watching the world cup….and my wife napping, out on @willowed’s lawn.

    If this board is truly a microcosm of the world, then it would be alright. Too bad it isn’t.
    But it certainly helps the PHiSH fans’ typical street cred.

    Intelligent Thoughtful Insightful Philosophical Humorous Encouraging Supportive Helpful

    These are the words that come to mind when I think of this board. We touch all these on any given day. If only ALL people were willing and/or in a place to act in a manner that these words suggest…on a daily basis. Wow, what a kind, pleasurable world we could live in, eh?

  11. DukeOfLizards Says:

    Finally got around to it – the Storage Jam is SO much more coherent (rhythmically, at least) on playback, IMO. I guess the surround-sound effect threw me for a loop at the time?

    Is anyone else having this experience?

  12. albert walker Says:

    Call me a custy for digging a type 1 jam especially one under 20 min

    But this ball sand is smokin

    Page crushing the Rhodes

  13. Mr.Miner Says:

    SAND kills. I like it better than the Tweeze I think.

  14. Mr.Miner Says:

    re Storage…thought it was the greatest thing from the moment it ended…more to come on Phish’s most psychedelic spectacle to date

  15. albert walker Says:

    Now killing the grand

  16. Mr.Miner Says:

    havent even listened to night one yet…im lagging…so much sick music to digest….AND they brought back Oceans and OG Scents…Superball was a mini slice of heaven…

  17. ThePigSong Says:

    Bethel Waves d/l link?

  18. DukeOfLizards Says:

    Oh don’t get me wrong, I was blown away by the Storage Jam from minute one. But the grooves they hit are WAY more tangible on playback.

    Just hitting minute 19 of my first playback since Saturday. This Mike theme is the seed for what I believe was my favorite segment at the time.

  19. ThePigSong Says:

    soundcheck that is ^

  20. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    i thought the storage jam was the greatest thing before it even began

  21. alf Says:

    that was hartford 10 no?

    robear’s oasis = the OG bb meet up.

  22. Doug Shaffer Says:

    Those who attended Big Cypress will love this Doc. Take a look:

  23. alf Says:

    storage jam = musical peak of the weekend

    haven’t listened back to a note of it, and confidence level in that statement is at roughly 100%

  24. albert walker Says:

    An amazing night DF

    wonder how many pre rolls were smoked on Saturday?

  25. Jtran Says:


    Just got finished with my first relisten. I know what you mean about it being more “coherent”

    From where alf and I were I was getting blown away by the many sounds. On headphones with things coming at me from just two directions it comes together a little bit.

    That experience live though can’t be beat.

    llfa @df. I think I did too

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