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Sun has risen on day two of Superball, and day one was divine. To be back on the grounds of the Phish festival with the band at the top of its came felt like the days of lore. The sky was a bit bluer as the clouds floated above and the music was a bit slowed down as it blanketed the intimate concert ground. From note one Phish dropped a power-packed and poignant opening night of a festival that people will be talking about for time to come—the time when a full-powered band and their grand summer tradition came back together in the new era.

As it stands, I have little Internet access on site as I chase down friends with Droids to use their phones as a wifi hotspot. Combined with this spotty web access and the 24 hour nature of the festival, I’ll speak to you on the other side. Or when I catch up with a Droid again…

I: Possum, Peaches en Regalia, The Moma Dance, Torn and Frayed, NICU, Bathtub Gin, Life on Mars?, My Friend, My Friend, Wolfman’s Brother, Roses Are Free, Funky Bitch, Quinn the Eskimo

II: Jam > Crosseyed and Painless -> Chalk Dust Torture, Sand, The Wedge, Mike’s Song > Simple > Bug, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Weekapaug Groove, Joy, Character Zero

E: Show of Life


SBIX Mini Print (Masthay)


SB IX Mini Print (Masthay)


A bit more…Without having listened back, the band anchored the first set with huge versions of their classic pieces—“Moma Dance,” “Wolfman’s,” and “Bathtub Gin”—while pulling out several rarities, taboot. A scorching and cleaned-up “Peaches” came at the beginning of the set, while an out-of-the-blue “Life On Mars?” was delivered in the middle, before a jammed-out and exclamatory “Quinn the Eskimo” sent things to setbreak in high style.

The second set featured more exploratory playing from the band—peaking in a utterly sublime “Simple”—channeling the mysteries of the universe through the speaker towers of Watkins Glen. After a shredding “Crosseyed” jam, the band dropped onto an ambient path that wound a slow and enchanting route into “Chalk Dust.” This juxtaposition of styles, from shredding to abstract to shredding, kept things interesting before a way laid-back “Sand” provided a shining mid-set highlight filled with festival-sized dance grooves. A monster “Mike’s Groove”— centered around “Simple’s” cosmic trek—dominated the second half of the set, and just when it felt like “YEM” might close the set, out popped out a crunching “Character Zero.” An enthralling version of “Show of Life—and perhaps the most extensive to date—provided an indelible stamp of catharsis to a very poignant night of Phish.

The festival is back and better than ever. Love every minute of IT, folks! See you at 3pm!

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4,028 Responses to “Superballin’”

  1. sumodie Says:

    …and it was transcedent

  2. Lily Says:

    Sbix=good times so far. Doesn’t feel like a particularly “small ball” to us. Convert field seems a but narrower than others (esp Indio). If you’re not supertall, and you like to hang right in front of soundboard, avoid page side near swooping camera-there’s a bit of a ditch there that makes it hard to see. Fish side in front of soundboard has a bit of a, oh let’s say mound, shall we-lawn slopes a bit and it’s easier to see from there.

    Sound quality is just stellar. Loved watching the sunset and the color in the sky. Trey goading the ferris wheel riders to tip at sunset was pretty funny.

    Security is chill but a pretty good wait for day parkers as they half-heartedly search those cars too.

    Highlight for me last night was the sublime otherworldly simple jam. Cross-eyed was also amazing. I was surprised that it segued into chalkdust though it was done magnificently. Everything felt wide open, like a west coast show. You could tell the band was relishing in having fewer time restrictions than a traditional shed.

    I think we’re in for quite a ride today&tomorrow. Looking forward to some epic jams and fun rocker tunes. Peace y’all-have fun today, be kind to your neighbors, and drink some water.

  3. Angryjoggerz Says:

    Sick night. Off to see the Bomb Squad for free in millennium park at noon, summer is fucking here, bring the mothefucking noise!

  4. Little Buddy Says:

    What up kids…

    Balling with the wife and three year old. Saw Robear at the WW tent in the afternoon. Always nice to see the king of nice!

    This was my boys firs show since he was just a little baby and he blew the place up. Little man was getting down with the all the page siders during that hot hot c&p, chalkdust, sand combo. It was so fun to watch! During the peak of chalkdust he was just freaking out. As all the effed up douche bags tromped through it got me thinking…

    Whether or not a phish show is an okay place for a kid to be has often been debated. But after seeing my boy boogie last night and respond to the ebb and flow of the music with his emotions and body movements I honestly think he was getting IT more than a pretty large percentage of the effed up dbags that I saw. Little man has logged more hours listening to phish than some adults and he recognized the songs and responded to the jams. He even had this funny loafing dance during the odd jam that opened the second set.

    So… While I won’t be bring little Bruce to any indoor shows fornmany years to come, I think the summer festy will have to become an annual tradition. Woke up this morning at my brother in law’s house 30 min from watkins to him tugging on my arm asking if we could go to another phish concert. Good stuff!

    Just thought I’d share that. If you see a e year old smacking whiffle balls at the back of the festival grounds this afternoon come say hi. He likes to get some swings in before he boogies down.

    Superballin sober family style! Something many of you may not be able to relate to but I enjoyed every note last night. The boys are back with big festival sized balls and I think we are in for some madness tonight.

    Be safe out there!

  5. Angryjoggerz Says:

    Lol @ accruts. Keep you gruntled.

  6. Mr palmer Says:

    I loved both sets last night. Moms had a little something extra. Gin ripped, wolfmans was jammy. Life on Mars was a nice bust out. Page kills that tune.

    Missed the opening of set II. Spinning now. SimPle was what we drool over. Even the ballads, bug and Joy were nailed.

  7. Mr palmer Says:

    Moma. Stupid phone ^

  8. Corey Says:

    Stage is vertically staggering, imposing. Ferris Wheel guy is famous now. Funny “Trey talks up crowd” moment.

    Gonna do the race too. Ran ALL the streets in Glen Close yesterday morning.
    Glen(n) Miller str!! (phone just corrected str to DTE. Think my phone is trying to tell me something. Anyway,s till gotta pick up my bib….after AAA arrives to address my battery.

    Good times in the Glen.

    Peaches was real tight. Real tight.
    Quinn was intense.
    Gin, great stuff right there.
    Set 2. Child, please. Great playing…even though Bug got Horse’d.
    Opening of II was incredible, new, spontaneous PHiSH.

    OK, time to stretch.

  9. Corey Says:

    Jeez, I forgot Life On Mars?!?!? That’s my problem right there.
    That, and a dead battery. At least, I hope that’s all it is.

  10. DukeOfLizards Says:

    248 miles solo in 3 hours 15 minutes

    :high fives self:

  11. verno329 Says:

    Enjoy it Duke! Safe travels! You’re balling for all of us

  12. mitch Says:

    Duke I’m proud of you brother

  13. marcoesq Says:


    you drive from Baltimore?

  14. mitch Says:

    Duke is a NYC kid

  15. marcoesq Says:

    ah, nice. thought he was a local dude I went to school with. Baltimore is 248 miles to watkins as well

  16. Leo Weaver Says:

    Duke’s the man! Have fun dude. If it were 248 miles from Charlotte I’d be there.

  17. Lou Zealand Says:

    Johnny apple weed! Epic!

  18. Beantownboy Says:

    Listening to last night’s show while driving 11 hours from Boston to Cleveland was quite the trip. The jams were sublime combined with the open road gave me time to reflect on the journey that has unfolded since my first show 17 years ago.

    Glad to see that both Phish and my life seem to be on a similar path of goodness at the moment. Very fortunate to be in this space right now with such an incredible soundtrack to accompany it with.

    Sappiness aside, that show was siiiick!

    Ball out, bitches!

  19. P.S.H.S Says:

    Proudly wearing my couch tour tshirt all weekend! Glad to hear everyone is ballin superbly. Btw, Watkins is in for the most amazing fireworks anyone has ever seen! I can remember thinking at cypress, that they’ll never top this display ever, but….

  20. gavinsdad Says:

    BB’er check ins from the ball = proper

    Duke feeding his inner mounting flame = ditto

    nice work peeps and i like @sumo’s attitude. sharin in the groove really works.

  21. Lew Zealand Says:

    I throw the fish away, and it comes back to me!

  22. DukeOfLizards Says:

    Chillin in day parking for a minute before I head in.

    Paul and Silar referenced in today’s Times crossword, for the record.

  23. Lou Zealand Says:

    I throw the fish away, and it comes back to me!!

  24. Mr palmer Says:

    When is show time today?

  25. Lou Zealand Says:

    3, 730, 10

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