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6.10.11 (G.Lucas)

After the incredibly successful summer that Phish has already had, we still have a dozen shows to go! In a bit more than a week the circus will travel to the hallowed grounds of the Gorge to kick off the back end of the touring season. And things couldn’t look brighter. When we left the band just a few weeks ago, they had just thrown down the best weekend of music in the modern era amidst a full-blown Phish festival of the sorts we only dreamed about a few short years ago. It is impossible to deny the musical momentum built over the first half of this summer and— more than ever—it certainly feels like the dawning of Phish’s Golden Age.


7.3.11 (G.Lucas)

Full-blown creativity, new improvisational directions, experimental jamming, airtight communication, uncharted territory—all of these facets were part of Phish’s opening month of tour. And if the progress made from leg one to leg two during the past two summer tours is any indication, Phish is going to come back with even sharper jaws and enhanced improvisational adventure. At Super Ball, the band seemed to play with a laid-back patience, understanding that we were all there for three days and there was no reason to rush anything. As a result, almost almost no jams were ended prematurely and the weekend possessed an undeniable flow. Though some sets were better crafted than others, the band left us with a slew of the most innovative music to be played in this era.

Two nights at the Gorge, Hollywood Bowl, Tahoe x 2, Golden Gate Park, then two three-packs—at UIC and Denver…there is heck of a lot of music left to be played this summer! And just like the last two, when all is said and done, my bet is that the second leg will produce the most memorable jams of the tour. Building off a spectacular June that was in a different league than its 2009 and 2010 predecessors, the thoughts of what might come out of August is awe-inducing. Five new venues and a return to two of their most classic haunts will provide us with 24 more sets to take us through a Phishless fall. But something tells me that after a spectacular—and lengthy—summer, that won’t be too much of a problem for anyone.

In 2011,  Phish has created a buzz in the community like no time since their Hampton return. Showcasing a completely revitalized improvisational brilliance—built upon the foundation of ’09 and ’10—Phish took people by storm in Bethel and have maintained that quality of play, and improved upon it, right up through Super Ball. It’s an exciting time to be a Phish fan, as the entire comeback has brought us to right now. And heading up to the Gorge in this context, could anything be sweeter?


Jam of the Day:

Light > Number Line” 6.19.11 II

Deep in Portsmouth’s second set, Phish got into an intricate and psychedelic take on “Light” in which Trey actually sets up a quasi-transition into “Number Line.” With so much meat in his show, this “Light” jam hasn’t been discussed to much; check it out.

[audio:http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/phish2011-06-19.d2t08.mp3,http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/phish2011-06-19.d2t09.mp3] Tags:

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  1. Mr.Miner Says:

    i did teach US history (Zinn’s a People’s history) for 5 years…i just checked back in and see the politics is going strong…

    politics is the hand the magician wants you looking at while the tricks are being done by the other…

    debate away…

    cliff notes forthcoming 😉

  2. Esteban Says:

    Nice take, Miner

  3. Beantownboy Says:

    @ Miner

    Isn’t that a take off of Chomsky’s opinion about sports?

    That they are a distraction for the masses while the government runs a muck?

  4. Esteban Says:

    @bearito we have the same issue now too… I’ve been picking my romas and other strands about 5 days early, when they’ve just turned that saffron hue… Ripen them inside in a brown paper bag in a cabinet for two days and they should turn out okay. My leaves started developing that same blight-type look and feel a few weeks ago…

  5. voopa Says:

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  6. bearito Says:

    Esteban – I haven’t had any new growth since I pulled off all the sickly Roma’s. The leaves had all been eaten and/or fried from the hot southern sun. I just went to look at them however, and there is some new leaf growth, which I am happy to see. If any new tomatoes form, i’ll try your plan of pulling them a little early.

    Everything else I have grown is doing great (12 or so herbs, mixed varieties of peppers)

  7. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    i don’t think it’s a coincidence that politics talk has segued into bad veggies. natural jam partners right thar

  8. Esteban Says:

    @bearito I’m in central NC near the foothills, and this is the third year that I’ve had to take this approach. Past two years I’ve gone light on the watering post-April and try to rely on the weather. Everything else this year did wonderfully, peppers and cilantro especially, along with about a dozen herbs, too.

    I try to plug off or pinch back early growth after the tomato plants flower and shoot up. We’re probably not going to get much new growth at this point in the summer, though. Almost everything has inched beyond the green stages…

  9. BingosBrother Says:

    I love magic. I am naive and easily fooled and not bothered by those facts. Its a major reason why I love Phish so much. I have no idea how they perform the awesome tricks that they do and that makes it even more enjoyable and miraculous to me. Fuckin Phish. How do they work?

  10. Esteban Says:

    Record dill production this summer countered by a lackluster cucumber outing… It dries well, but tomatoes and dill just aren’t the same without cukes

  11. MrCompletely Says:

    “politics is the hand the magician wants you looking at while the tricks are being done by the other…”

    an on point observation

    sports, or anything else, can only be an opiate of the masses if that’s how we react. chomsky’s a genius but he’s also an elitist with elitist personal interests. there is no fundamental conflict between sports or any form of entertainment and political engagement

  12. negev79 Says:

    I’m out for the afternoon kids. Nice debates today for sure. See you later!

  13. dorn76 Says:

    I love that you dropped “kool aid” and “my stripes” into the discussion. Way to bring me in to a debate there, shooter!

    I’m simply pointing out who was President when jobs were created/lost.

    Fact is still a fact, even if it doesn’t fit with your frame of reference dude.


  14. snowbank Says:

    “politics is the hand the magician wants you looking at while the tricks are being done by the other…”

    So true. Most of the issues the talking heads end up discussing on TV are at least one topic removed from where the actual action is.

    The only spending problem was bush’s wars. Sure, we could argue they were necessary. If that was the case then we should have raised taxes and not cut them.

    The real problem is that people believe that cutting taxes for the wealthy spurs economic growth. It doesn’t is a significant way. Large deficits only effect the economy when there is a risk the money won’t be paid back or if there is competition with private equity such that interest rates rise (not a problem with interest rates near zero). The only place that these statements are controversial is with conservative radio talk show hosts and people who get their information from them. Their real agenda is to gut the federal government so they can force women to have babies, re-institute jim crow laws (with new provisions for mexicans) and allow rich people to plunder further.

    what up BB?

    Seahawks have an o-line! We may have a run game by the end of the season. Then we can make any QB look good. Just like holmgren made hasselbeck look good.

  15. Mr.Miner Says:

    thanks to all who stepped up and voluntereed to help me get book fliers out all over tour and all over the country.

    MUCH appreciated!

    If anyone else thinks they want 100-200 flyers to distribute wherever you see fit, let me know!

  16. snowbank Says:

    Oh and, I’m loving the posts Mr Miner. Good food for my building Gorge buzz. It’s nearly a week away!

  17. Mr palmer Says:

    Beards>colonialism>politics> Seahawks?

    Ladies and Gents, we just got >Horse’d

  18. dorn76 Says:

    Again, I phrased it poorly and am not saying Obamacare or whatever created jobs. Just looking at the overall jobs picture under both Presidents. Of course all this talk about Presidents creating jobs is silly. President’s are there to take the blame or the credit for the state of the economy, whether or not they have anything to do with it…

  19. dorn76 Says:

    UIC Night 2 anyone?

    Beardless and UIC night 2-less….sucks!

  20. MrCompletely Says:

    “Then we can make any QB look good.”

    Not Tarvaris Jackson, chief.

    No one (except maybe Silly) believes more in the importance, indeed the pre-eminence of line play more than I do – that being one of the main reasons I’m not info FF – but the QB has to have skills.

    Hey…could be Jamarcus Russel I guess?

    “Just like holmgren made hasselbeck look good.”

    Hasselbeck was never good and believing in him was Holmgren’s worst error. He refused to cut his losses and dump the guy when it was obvious he’d hit a mediocre ceiling because he had this rep as the guy who “understood quarterbacks”

  21. Selector J Says:

    “Then we can make any QB look good. Just like holmgren made hasselbeck look good.” -snowbank

    Even Tavaris? :mrgreen:

  22. voopa Says:

    Emailed Harvey’s a WEEK ago and they still can’t answer my question:

    Your Question 07/21/2011 03:00 PM
    Hello, I’m attending the Phish concerts in August and was wondering if small “pocket” cameras will be allowed in the venue (like at other Phish shows)?

    Answer 07/27/2011 12:12 PM
    Not 100 percent sure, but think small would be OK.

    Thanks a million Dennis, IF THAT’S YOUR REAL NAME

  23. MrCompletely Says:

    “Hey mang, Dennis told me it was cool. you know Dennis right?”

  24. MrCompletely Says:

    anyone watch this? worth my time? Frontline is frequently on point….

  25. Esteban Says:

    @voopra fudge a printed out email making the provisions to carry it in and keep it in your pocket in case you’re patted down and it’s discovered…

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