TTFF: Tour Bookends

The Gorge '09 (W.Rogell)

With the Gorge exactly one week away, let’s take the final Friday before tour to review a few seminal jams that have gone down at both the Gorge and leg two’s closing locale, UIC Pavilion. Though some of these tracks have been posted before, they have the type of timeless staying power to warrant hearing again. A five-five split between the Gorge and UIC brings the last week before tour to an end. Enjoy the music…leg two awaits!


Gorge '99 (Pollock)

Seven Below” 7.13.2003 II



Wolfman’s > Sand” 9.11.99 II



2001 > Mike’s” 7.17.98 II



UIC '98

AC/DC Bag > Ghost” 11.7.98 II



Tweezer > Lifeboy” 6.18.94 II



Bathtub Gin” 11.9.98 II

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994 Responses to “TTFF: Tour Bookends”

  1. bob dylan Says:

    sorry g711. rough week no doubt.

  2. Guyute711 Says:

    It’s sad but I was kinda prepared for this. He lost his buddy who has been there almost his entire life. Things have got to get better soon. He was an awesome cat.

  3. chefbradford Says:

    Bummer Guyute, I feel you. I buried two beloved cats in the span of a week in the middle of this month. One died unexpectedly right after I house-sat (?) for my parents. Loki was maybe the sweetest cat we’ve ever had, up there with another of my awesome Siamese, Harry.

    I have nothing but sympathy for you and Mitch both. Mitch, I’m very sorry about your buddy Jackson

  4. Guyute711 Says:

    Sorry to hear that chef. Not a good year for the pets of the BB.

  5. chefbradford Says:

    Thanks man. Not a good year or month for some of our pets. I’m house-sitting for my parents again right now, our lilac-point Siamese and our Pembroke Welsh Corgi are keeping me company.

  6. bob dylan Says:

    thats like couples. when one dies, the other one isn’t so far behind a lot of times cause they rely on each other.

    seems a rough summer for the BB family. i’ll be celebrating Jackson’s life at the gorge when i’m there with the views. plan on releasing some heavy shit there. soul cleansing music will help us all.

  7. bob dylan Says:

    went out back and took care of business. now I’m inside and i smell myself but not sweating it. bro and friend are young and dad is just chillin.

    feelin alright, uh-huh, I’m feelin real good myself, uh-huh

  8. Lycanthropist Says:

    wow A Dance of Dragons has been quite the read.

    Intense and suspensful

  9. chefbradford Says:

    I know exactly what you mean, @bob (Mitch, right? so many alter-egos around here). My only run of 3.0 shows was incredibly cathartic because my grandmother passed on the day I left for the shows.

  10. chefbradford Says:

    Sorry, not “because”, but “in part because”

  11. bob dylan Says:

    Ya decided I’ll stick with the alter ego now that miner has a book and a lot of people prob read this site.

    I’d be more ok with a family member passing from old age cause then you feel you’re celebrating life. I’m feeling a lot of guilt and that’s what has me fucked up right now. Gonna try and check my head out west. I’m about to go from slow pace to tour to NYC which will be 100mph again. Lots to think on in the next few weeks.

  12. chefbradford Says:

    That’s almost exactly what I felt! I was able to celebrate my grandmother’s life, and by extension, life in general, and it was such a great release.

  13. bob dylan Says:

    My computer is controlling music for my bro and his friends masters golf zbox game. I’m leaving it on shuffle and controlling from my iPhone and my bro says “c’mon gimme hotel California or something” when terrapin from 5.28.77 starts.

    I say “give it a min, this is as big as any hotel Cali”

  14. joe Says:

    You’ll be good mitch. Just need to get out of your house. Back in the groove quick…didn’t get email corey. Anyone else want to hear my drunkin song for your enjoyment: R-H-Y-T-H-M spells rhythm muthafucka…josephmcfadyen at gee mail

  15. Corey Says:

    Sorry to hear that @Guyute711 and @chefbradford. I’m watching my upstairs neighbor’s cat right now, for the wknd. as well.

    @joe, I tried to resend. Is gee mail a com or a net or…

  16. Corey Says:

    @bob dylan, sorry bout Jackson too. Glad your ‘bows have improved. Saw that video of that other guy getting taken out…drivers are all too oblivious.

  17. chefbradford Says:

    Thanks @ Corey, I appreciate it. My pets (even cats, yeah, I’m that guy) have always been just about my best friends, at least in some capacity

  18. voopa Says:

    19 is crazy long for a cat but still, my sympathies.

  19. chefbradford Says:

    Yeah, 19 is crazy long. My cat Cin was about 17 when he lost a match with an oncoming car. Cried over that crazy bastard too. He used to sleep on my head, and was very affectionate, but he pissed on everything. Possibly including my head

  20. voopa Says:

    My first cat passed away in 2007. Gallery

    We now have 4…two brothers to replace Cal (Lenny and Carl), they are mostly outside (save for the runt who comes INSIDE to poop), but the real fun is playing Guess Who Puked Today between our two older girls, Charlie (Parker), who is old and eats grass and gets sick and pukes, and Donna (Godchaux/Lee), who has long hair and is always finding new places to puke. Fun.

  21. Lycanthropist Says:

    we need some representation on TT… stat

  22. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    TT is dead

  23. alf Says:

    long live TT

  24. ColonelJoy Says:

    Anyone of a faceVal extra for Sir Paul tonignt at Wrigley? Decdided I will head to wrigley after baseball game on south side between chi and bo sox.

  25. butter Says:

    The Mrs fainted at dinner last night, again

    Not so sure Tahoe is in the cards

    The thing is, the doctors don’t seem to think it’s to big a deal, they’ve tested her heart and the baby, and all is good. Just writing it off as a third trimester thing

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