TTFF: Tour Bookends

The Gorge '09 (W.Rogell)

With the Gorge exactly one week away, let’s take the final Friday before tour to review a few seminal jams that have gone down at both the Gorge and leg two’s closing locale, UIC Pavilion. Though some of these tracks have been posted before, they have the type of timeless staying power to warrant hearing again. A five-five split between the Gorge and UIC brings the last week before tour to an end. Enjoy the music…leg two awaits!


Gorge '99 (Pollock)

Seven Below” 7.13.2003 II



Wolfman’s > Sand” 9.11.99 II



2001 > Mike’s” 7.17.98 II



UIC '98

AC/DC Bag > Ghost” 11.7.98 II



Tweezer > Lifeboy” 6.18.94 II



Bathtub Gin” 11.9.98 II

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994 Responses to “TTFF: Tour Bookends”

  1. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    wow, Butter. You know the routine. Gotsta take care of the baby,

    It will work out the way it was intended to works out.

  2. Mr palmer Says:

    Scary Butter. Hope your wife feels better. Do what you need to do.

  3. Dr Pronoia Says:

    thoughts to the Butter family man. that’s scary.

  4. EL Duderino Says:

    Momma’s and babies are far more important than a band.
    Here’s to NO more problems for the Mrs. and the little pad o’ butter.

  5. MrCompletely Says:

    i know its crazy butter but all kinds of wild things with blood sugar & blood pressure can happen in those last weeks. your lady will be fine, your l’il n00b will be fine, just keep it very chill til you cross the finish line….

  6. Lycanthropist Says:

    good morning BB

    keep an eye on momma butta

  7. Robear Says:

    Top of the mornin! In the midst of a little heat wave out here. Spent all day at the river yesterday.

    Life can be sweet and bitter at the same time.
    It’s the yin vs the yang,
    Gotta grit your teeth and bear it.

  8. Robear Says:

    Feeling a giant ‘Birds of a Feather’, descending on the Gorge.

    Feels liberating not to be chasing any songs for once! Got the Sallies at MSG and Blossom. Got the Golden Age at SBIX.

    Bring on Alumni Blues!!

  9. Robear Says:

    Whenever I see an NFL free agent sign with a team like the Bengals, you put that person in the ‘$ over winning’ category of players. Not saying it isn’t nice to have both. But signing with the Bengals is a statement:
    “I don’t care about wins and losses, just my paycheck”

  10. MrCompletely Says:

    as much as I’m not an Eagles fan, leaving money on the table to go there this season signals the opposite. Respect.

  11. voopa Says:

    Anyone need a pair for HB? Twitter friend is selling them.

  12. Robear Says:

    No doubt, C.

  13. MrCompletely Says:

    I’ve decided that I’m going to resolve my ambiguous feelings about the Eagles’ probable forthcoming ascendancy by focusing on the immense downside for Cowboys fans.

    after all I am a connoisseur of sports schadenfreude

  14. jtran Says:

    Morning from seattle bb

    Slf and i had a great time here yesterday. Really beautiful place. You see pictures of mt rainier from the city and say wow. Not even close to real life, pretty amazing

    Heading to everett today for a slf family bbq then into the cascades until the shows. See y’all on a terrace on friday

  15. fatbunch Says:

    Good morning BB-ers! Can’t wait for all to be in the PNW next week. Hope to meet some of you on the slopes above the Columbia! Robear – will you be at the waterwheel table? Mr. C coming over from PDX?

    Our crew likes a very special spot near the venu and we’re getting things dialed in menu/shuttles/vittles-wise. Advance-team rolls Thursday a.m.! Peeps have also brewed a special “George the Phish” IPA with cardamom and long pepper for the weekend and the brewer dreams of getting a bottle or two to the band. 22 oz bombers with hand-made labels and all… Robear – would a drop off at the WW table make that a possibility?

    Just reading back a few pages… Positive thoughts out to those of you facing life’s challenges and outcomes. Just remembered a year ago today that I was 4 days post back surgury and wondering about Berkeley… Life sure is interesting: perspective recommended!

  16. jtran Says:

    And gotta say: we loved the fact that our burlington style fit right in here. First big city I’ve been to that that was the case

  17. fatbunch Says:

    jtran how ’bout that summer weather in Seattle? My sis was down at Matthews Beach yesterday and said it was the most beautiful day she recalls in her 19 years of living in Seattle

  18. Robear Says:

    Fat bunch, will be at WW for Gorge! Staying at Cave B.

    As far as I know, band doesn’t drink. Feel free to drop off some 22’s at the WW table though. I’ll put them into good hands!

  19. Mr palmer Says:

    Not buying that the Eagles are all of a sudden the best thing since sliced bread because of this dude signing there. NFL defenses are smart ,Vick won’t reicate what he did last year. Samuel can’t stay on the field. If the giants didn’t hand them that game last year they wouldn’t have made the playoffs.

    I’m short the Eagles.

  20. Mr palmer Says:

    Replicate ^^. iPhone’d

  21. jtran Says:

    It’s great. We walked around all day comfortably. Not too hot not too cold.

    That’s hilarious though; we figured it cant be like this all the time..talked about wanting to see what the real weather here is like before thinking of a move to somewhere in the pnw

  22. fatbunch Says:

    @Robear – that’s perfect! The intention is all he wants them to see…;-) Cave B is absolutely amazing! We’ll be on public lands nearby.

    One of my favorite aspects of this thing we have: the intention and creative offerings on both sides of the stage!

    @Jtran – when the weather’s good, and it often is, there is no place like it! Lovin’ life on the dry-side of the Cascades ourselves.

    If anybody is rolling through Spokane en-route our band is playing a gig to benefit the community garden in the Perry district on Thursday at 6. Great farmers market will be going on at the same time and the nieghborhood has an awesome little tavern and wood-fired pizza joint.

  23. DukeOfLizards Says:


    Weird, a Giants fan short the Eagles ;).

  24. Mr palmer Says:

    Go figure! Also short the Jets and Cowboys. 😉

  25. MrCompletely Says:

    I’m not putting the Eagles as automatic SB faves but they’ve gotten a lot better. It’s not just that they signed the best defensive backfield player in the league, it’s a total of half dozen significant signings so far. If the offense can stay approximately even and the D can take a big step forward then they’re absolutely in the top class of teams.

    but there’s no such thing as a super bowl lock, and injury reports heading into the playoffs can change everything anyway

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