Patience Is a Virtue

8.10.11 - Lake Tahoe (Eric Batuello)

After four consecutive shows that flowed naturally with jams routinely seen to fruition, Phish closed out their stand in Tahoe with a herky-jerky performance that had flashes of brilliance, but little cohesion. Ironically, the band played quite well and continued to present original ideas throughout the second set, but instead of allowing any of these jams to fully develop, Trey showed his first signs of impatience during leg two as he continued to push the setlist forward while cutting of several jams that had loads of potential. In a second-set filled with improvisational vehicles, the possibilities were endless. When all was said and done, however, the “mini-jams” strewn throughout the main event—some charted for the stars—were never realized and Phish left the Sierras with a high-energy set that possessed little continuity.

"Disease" - 8.10.11 (E.Battuello)

When the band opened the second half with “Disease,” one had to think they were taking one of their favorite recent jams into the deep end. But when they had broken structure and engaged in serious improv, Trey decided to bring “Runaway Jim” to life at the cost of the “Disease” jam.” But when the guys opened up “Jim” for the first time in ages, it seemed like that decision would soon be forgotten. Coming out of a segment of growling psychedelia, Phish made a change and sounded like they might debut a new song. But when they took this idea and transformed the music into a sublime groove, it seemed like the band was on the brink of transcendence. But just as they hit full stride, Trey, inexplicably, bailed on the idea in favor of “Ghost” (a song he had already pushed earlier in the “Jim”.) At this juncture, Phish had embarked on two legitimate jams during the first two selections of the second set only to have them aborted by the big guy.

Though the “Ghost” jam, itself, was a straightforward rocker, once the band hit the peak, they dripped into an ambient excursion. As the guys added layers of abstract effect and melody to this burgeoning sound sculpture, the moments within were the most spiritual of the night. But once the band had locked themselves in the storage shed, Trey got claustrophobic and escaped this developing beast with the eject button in the form of “Golden Age.” Not to be repetitive here, but as soon as “Golden Age” got out its structure and into a palpable groove, Trey urged the band into an ambient fade out and “2001.” Letting loose a bit in the super-charged space funk, Phish crafted a sweltering late-set dance session, a vibe that would be furthered by a jamless “Sneakin’ Sally” and a wholly standard “YEM.”

8.10.11 (E.Battuello)

The meat of the second set would have to be considered the sequence from “Runaway Jim” through “2001,” but with little cohesion, the presentation of this music suffered. The set could have been huge. If Trey allowed one or two jams to grow—specifically, “Jim” and/or “Ghost”—the show’s eye-popping setlist would have sprung to life. But as it stood, though “Disease,” “Jim,” and “Ghost” all had moments of sheer genius, Trey’s continuous impatience didn’t allow the band to reach any musical breakthroughs. For the first time this tour, Phish didn’t drop a timeless, improvisational gem, but, instead, powered past a few passages of huge promise en route to their most discombobulated effort of August.

Unofficial Tahoe (Masthay)

Oddly, as tour has seemingly just started, it is now on the brink of conclusion. With one show at Outside Lands and three in Chicago, Phish will bid us adieu until Colorado—three shows that will likely be their swan song of 2011. And over these next four shows, I’m sure we will hear quite a bit more mind-bending music. Every tour has a speed bump, and last night certainly felt like the off night of this run—not such a big deal considering the goings on in the Phish universe over the past week. On to San Francisco. Next stop—Golden Gate Park!

1st Set Notes: The band played the first set straight as an arrow, favoring well-played songs though stringing together a lot of flat setlist choices. The show’s first signs of life came via a late-set “Stash” whose spiraling jam provided the first improvisational licks of the evening. The band built a little end-of-set momentum with “Funky Bitch,” and “Antelope,” but when the lights came on for setbreak, there wasn’t much music to discuss. The most notable talking point was the bustout of “Dogs Stole Things” to open the show, one of the last songs to appear in this era.

I: Dogs Stole Things, Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan, Poor Heart, Alaska, Halley’s Comet > It’s Ice, When the Circus Comes, Ya Mar, Stash, Funky Bitch, Instant Karma!, Run Like an Antelope

II: Down with Disease > Runaway Jim > Ghost > Golden Age > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Sneakin’ Sally through the Alley, Guyute, Wading in the Velvet Sea, You Enjoy Myself

E: Show of Life, Good Times Bad Times

"2001" - 8.10.11 (Eric Batuello)

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1,321 Responses to “Patience Is a Virtue”

  1. SOAM Says:

    depending on what im on and who im with-a songy set can work..cant bitch about the selection …..

  2. Mike in Austin Says:

    Gives me even more respect for miner to put good coherent thoughts together for us in the mornings.

  3. butter Says:

    that Jim is quite exciting compared to the other bizillion Jim’s i’ve seen

  4. angryjoggerz Says:

    once again, gotta say that hanging with the bb;ers made it extra fun, great people, just my speed, nice, intelligent, open minded. Looking forward to UIC when it seems like 90% of the board will be there.

    Special thanks out to Tela’s for driving my ass around and for Robear for the b-day present.

  5. DryIceFactory Says:

    Naw I didnt get out, I should have dawn patrol’d it but I didnt think it would be big enough. I did surf Cape Cod on Saturday and scored some sick ones (chest high windswell) on my new 5’8 fish. Courtesy of NorEaster Surf Shop in Scituate, MA.

    Getting really excited for next week though.

  6. voopa Says:

    Fireworks came from shakedown behind the Horizon casino. Shit is very illegal here in forest fire country.

    “Only you…”

  7. Mike in Austin Says:

    That was my first golden age and I loved it.

  8. SOAM Says:

    still though-summer tour looked epic a couple months ago…and now-like Miner said-there are 13 sets left in 2011..

    fuckin bummer.


  9. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:


  10. Chuck sweD Says:

    gotta be an nye run

  11. Lycanthropist Says:

    ancient chinese riddle for you

    too much beverage = no beverage

  12. Mike in Austin Says:

    Thanks Voopa. Didn’t look sanctioned. I was thinking it was a bad idea.

    I saw a T-shirt at a shop with smokey the bear that said “I put out”

  13. kayatosh Says:

    golden age has that Beat.

  14. Mulitbeast Says:

    I did not start streaming until the second set. Was Mike having an ‘off night’ set I per Voopa’s post?

  15. butter Says:

    Oddly, as tour has seemingly just started, it is now on the brink of conclusion. With one show at Outside Lands and three in Chicago, Phish will bid us adieu until Colorado—three shows that will likely be their swan song of 2011

    ^ as i was winding down last night/ this morn, i had a major wave of sadness as you can feel tour winding down

    west coast especially, its like we had all these shows, and know there is only 1.

    everyone enjoy the off day and lets rage GG Park on Friday!!

  16. butter Says:

    last nights Golden Age had such great energy, its like we have this amazing scene and music and a tune like GA just infuses positive energy on top of all that is

  17. angryjoggerz Says:

    If anyone is just needing some very very very chilled out music this am, the above link will do y ou right. Listening right now, overlooking the lake and trees. yes.

  18. Wilson123 Says:

    Miami NYE Run….please please please

  19. butter Says:

    so GG park is getting the brain eating Tweezer, huh?

  20. Mulitbeast Says:

    I am on the same page with you on GA. Gorge was my first GA. The song seemed to really hit the right notes; lyrically and musically. It is now my favorite cover they play.

  21. WanderMuch Says:

    my brain is still wading in velveeta cheese this morning after 2 nights of 4 hours sleep. I can’t imagine how rough couch tour would be if not for the early curfew.

    I could’ve napped through the first set until they got to Yamar. Get’s a little dancey from their on, so that’s fun. The guys looked hot/tired. Also noticed Mike look to Fish rolling his eyes a few times after Trey came over and talking with him.

    2nd set opened with real possibilities, but other than Jim never really delivered for me. Ghost was pretty good. 2001 was basic rock/funk and fun, just never got anywhere. I can imagine if I were there I would’ve had a very good time, but this show just did not deliver, especially relative to the first night. Looks beautiful on paper though…

    DWD~>Jim~>Ghost~>2001~>YEM for a second set would’ve been heat. To much lurching around for my individual tastes.

  22. sumodie Says:

    Miner’s comments about Gorge1&2 seems just as apt for Tahoe1&2:

    “Pairing a psychedelic monstrosity on night one with a set of super-sized candy grooves on night two”

    From a webcaster’s perspective, I’m with butter regarding last night. Set 2 was a groovy dance party only mildly interrupted by guyute/velvet sea.

    I thought the set2 jamming was sweet if short. I never felt that Trey was rushing things, more like he just wanted kidz to dance harder & harder, so he kept pushing out the cowfunk

    Very excited to see what Phish unleashes in Golden Gate Park!

  23. DryIceFactory Says:

    Well I thought I was going to get hosed for my post this morning but it seems a few of you agree with me.

    You just have to look at the positives here. Disease, Jim, Ghost, Golden Age ALL got some fun improv. Yes, they were short sections of improv, but entetered new and interesting territory. I think 4 2 minute improv sections should equal one 8 minute improv section. Sure, we didn’t get a “keeper” jam, but we have a set that has undeniable flow up to Guyute and no segues felt forced. Intrusive? Maybe you got me there. Forced? I’m not seeing that.

    Sure, I wanted to see Jim go 12/31/95 on us, but it didn’t happen last night. I’m just as disapointed as anyone else, but it didnt make me think the band stumbled or had a “hiccup” of a show. Ghost was fun, some interesting lyrical play was added last night and I was digging it. I’ll take it.

  24. Robear Says:

    Hey all!

    SLF and I need a ride from Tahoe to Reno today!

    Call me or send email.

  25. dubber Says:

    out of Jim and before Ghost big red fumbles into a phrasing that is picked up by the others for about a min. It sounds very familiar. Anybody else hear this and know what it might be. Page plays what sounds like the melody of something very familiar on the tip of my brain.

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