Riding Out the Ripples

8.16.11 (M.Stein)

With two sets of power-packed playing centered around an massive exploration of “Down With Disease,” Phish put on an upbeat and feel-good rock show for the middle night of their trifecta at UIC Pavilion. With authoritative playing all night long, the band dispersed improvisational highlights throughout two largely song-based sets, making for a choppy, though often impressive, night of music.

Within a colossal “Disease,” Phish’s passed through several naturally connected segments of dark, bass-anchored psych-rock. Using one idea from the jam to organically spawn the next, Phish crafted an exploratory odyssey that remained, simultaneously, coherent. Steering their way through an array of driving textures and pulsating rhythms, the band unleashed a herculean effort while navigating an intricate piece of original sounding music. Not resembling the contour of so many Phish jams we’ve become accustomed to over the years, we are now discovering what they would sound like with a lead bass player. Following Gordon’s lead for most of the piece, the band took an engaging jaunt through a new-school, beat-backed passage that sounded different from any jam we heard on night one.

Unofficial UIC (Ortiz)

Deep into the “Disease,” Trey began a familiar-sounding melody that set the stage for the most heart-tugging music of the night, but in an ever-protean jam, the band was consistently on the move and some ideas didn’t get a chance to fully develop. Sounding as if he was urging the band towards “Piper” with guitar chops, when his mates didn’t follow him, Trey turned his offerings into increasingly darker places that Mike supported with a thunderous bass lines. Revving back into a segment of high-speed psych rock, the band darted their lines around each others’ with precision. Building through an increasingly dark sequence, the band eventually blended into a cerebral spaced-out out finale. Phish sculpted this last segment into a gradual and very quiet segue with “Twist.”

8.16.11 (M.Stein)

Though still adhering to “Twist’s” theme, the band got more creative last night within a notably laid back and groovy version that fit quite well in context. Serving as a smooth landing point for “Disease’s” full-throttled adventure, the slinky, funked out textures slid people’s mind back from the ether and into a song-driven rest of the show. Crushing a mid-set “Theme” to smithereens and briefly jamming through a spacescape out of “Golden Age” into “A Day in A Life,” the band then put a cap on the set with a series of filthy, bass-led funk grooves in a version of “You Enjoy Myself” that quickly built into a guitar showcase.

The first set got off to a super-charged beginning with “Dinner and a Movie” and Ha Ha Ha” followed by a heat-seeking, “Bowie-esque” take on “Chalk Dust,” one of the most impressive jams of the entire night. A mid-set “Walls of the Cave” gave way to the old-school one-two punch of “Runaway Jim,” Foam”—all played with rock solid precision and tons of energy. A late-set “Limb by Limb” picked the set back up from a slight lull with an original jam that dipped into “plinko” land as Trey stabbed out a solo atop his looped patterns. Building into a more abstract and percussive territory before landing back in the song’s theme, “Limb” provided the set’s other improvisational gem. But the band still had a surprise up their sleeve in a gorgeous “Let It Loose” set closer—the song’s first appearance since Indio when the band covered The Rolling Stone’s “Exile on Main Street” in full.

8.16.11 (M.Stein)

Continuing to push the envelope with bass-led jamming, Mike and Fish sculpted a certain rhythmic intensity in “Disease” that has come to define many new Phish jams. Last night’s cosmic chase that will not soon fade from memory held down most of the improvisational meat of a show packed with Phish songs, providing a considerably softer feel than night one. Sometimes, however, when the band drops a monster jam you just have to ride out the ripples. And as the band continues to forge new pathways in their improv, sometimes huge jams are coupled with lots of songs, and last night was one of those nights. Tuesday was not a show that will be remembered for flow or its overall contour, rather, UIC’s second night will be remembered for its “Down With Disease.” And sometimes that is enough.

I: Dinner and a Movie, Ha Ha Ha > Chalk Dust Torture, Mexican Cousin, Walls of the Cave, Runaway Jim, Foam, I Didn’t Know, Ocelot, Ginseng Sullivan, The Wedge, Limb By Limb, Let It Loose

II: Down with Disease -> Twist,  Backwards Down the Number Line,  Theme From the Bottom > Golden Age -> A Day in the Life, You Enjoy Myself

E: Heavy Things, Slave to the Traffic Light, Rocky Top

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1,484 Responses to “Riding Out the Ripples”

  1. sumodie Says:

    what time did the last two night’s end?

  2. Tom Says:

    i expect loving cup>tweeprise

  3. MrCompletely Says:

    it’s just more songs to love

  4. sumodie Says:

    nah, the short Tweezer did, Caspian just followed suit by also being super short

  5. Andrew Says:

    Ghost – something people claim to have seen, while the majority believes they don’t exist.

  6. sumodie Says:

    this run is inverted in terms of quality flow, wonder when the last time that happened

  7. Andrew Says:

    Apologies the female contingent about the blue-balls comparison, but as a lover of music I felt at the time it was apt.

  8. sumodie Says:

    I’m still waiting for my Tweezer jam!

  9. negev79 Says:

    don’t worry about me Andrew – it’s very difficult to offend me. Certainly the term blue balls won’t do it.

  10. Esteban Says:

    This is one of the crazier second set lists I’ve seen…

  11. Lycanthropist Says:

    i look at a setlist like that and got to wonder what the hell happened?

    you guys know I usually fluff..

    but that kind of set just doesnt make sense to me at all..

    If you are gonna play a song based set, play song based songs, not jam based songs.. it just leaves everything uneasy.

  12. sumodie Says:

    gotta luv the added percussion from the peanut gallery -more, please!

  13. vegas wolfmans Says:

    Trying to understand the ph = fruitless. I have no theories and try my hardest not to have expectations. Strange times call for strange phish shows I guess.


  14. plord Says:

    C+P tease there.

  15. snowbank Says:

    what goes up, must come down
    and then go for a run, i guess

  16. Aquaman Says:

    atreyu likes a never ending set.

  17. sumodie Says:

    lol, if lycan is a fluffer, what does that make me? 🙄

  18. Esteban Says:

    Song heavy but still not a super long set if Antelope closes the frame

  19. sumodie Says:

    Dick’s, blueballers!

  20. vegas wolfmans Says:

    snowbank- The Moondoggies kick serious ass. I highly recommend checking them next time they’re in the hammer.


    really out

  21. snowbank Says:

    noted vegas

  22. Andrew Says:

    “Do you have any Ghost, mon?”

  23. Cable Hogue Says:

    Just checking in, and all I have to say is: bummer.

  24. BrandonKayda Says:

    One Day is a must see epic romance

  25. Tom Says:

    Loving cup>tweeprise with some sort of tease

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