The End of the Road

UIC Pavilion (C.Smith)

We have come to the end of the road. What started on Memorial Day weekend at Bethel Woods will wind down this Labor Day weekend just outside of Denver, Colorado—and what a road it has been. Regardless of what may happen for New Year’s and beyond, this is time to appreciate and celebrate the tremendous music that Phish has cranked all summer long and all the unforgettable times that have gone along with IT.

Beginning with “Boogie On -> Waves -> Caspian > Crosseyed”on the opening night of Summer, Phish built upon the foundation of 2009 and 2010 and reinvented themselves this year. The band is back to creating original music, experimenting in new directions, and exploring sounds unique to this year alone. Armed with a diversity of jamming styles, razor sharp chops across the board and a willingness to explore again, Phish has made Summer 2011 a tour that will go down in history.  Colorado will cap a season—and possibly a year—of music that many doubted could or would ever happen again. And in this summer of timeless Phish, the band has dropped more than a few handfuls of golden jams and frozen moments. And to think this has all happened in 2011…

6.10.11 - Camden (G.Lucas)

What started as multi-legged 33-show monster has dwindled to a single three-pack. But the next three nights in Dick’s Stadium could be some of the shows we are talking about incessantly for months until we hear another note of live Phish. It isn’t like like band to go out with a whisper, and after a summer in which they have transformed as an improvisational unit, these three shows have serious potential. Three-nights stands have produced some of the highest highs of the modern era, and just this summer we have seen Phish absolutely incinerate Bethel Woods, Super Ball, and UIC Pavilion. And now, one more three-pack in the mountains of Colorado to stamp the summer complete.

6.4.11 - Cleveland (M.Stein)

Though life is truly lived in each unfolding moment, it is sometimes helpful to pause and appreciate the road traveled. And when gazing back over our shoulder at the past 30 shows of the season, what a truly astounding ride it has been it is, and something for which to be grateful for all eternity. From Bethel’s “Halley’s” to Clarkston’s “Disease” to Cincinnati’s “Tweezer” to Darien’s “2001” to Camden’s “Curtain With” to Atlanta’s storm-interrupted escapade to Charlotte’s “Ghost” to Portsmouth’s “Sand” to Super Ball’s Storage Jam and “Reba > Bowie” to the Gorge’s “Rock and Roll” to Tahoe’s “Light” to UIC’s “Undermind” and everything in between, 2011 has been nothing short of a revelation in the Phish universe and an amazing time to be a fan. And regardless of how long it is until the band’s next scheduled show, anyone who has followed along this summer can sit back and smile.

But no sitting yet. We have three more nights and many moments that will stay with us forever. See you at the stadium!

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838 Responses to “The End of the Road”

  1. phoammhead Says:

    can you say ssssssssssssssssssegueway!~~~~~~~~~~

  2. phoammhead Says:

    that truly was a work of art

  3. phloridaphan Says:

    Peace out from the sssssssssssssssssunshine state

  4. phloridaphan Says:

    Anybody call of duty on ps3

  5. phloridaphan Says:

    Cant sleep after that

  6. halcyon Says:

    Sick show…..pulled a wook down but the. BB assisted me and rallied for the show

  7. phoammhead Says:

    somebody help me . . . !~!!!!

  8. Random Poster...Nutbag Says:

    ssssssso that was fun. kind of nice to live 5 milesssss from a venue. wassss hoping for an esssssster encore. not technically an “s” but sort of issss. cheerssss to two more nightsssssssssss.

    cheessssy i know….

  9. Random Poster...Nutbag Says:

    esther…my bad on the spelling and i’m mostly sober….enjoy the rest of the weekend folks…

  10. cal Says:


  11. voopa Says:

    Wow, very cool. Just read back on the Scotty thing, I’m sure I’ve seen him over the years…RIP

  12. BrandonKayda Says:

    The “S” show eh? Cool.

    Any interesting jams?

  13. voopa Says:


  14. brother Says:

    OK. what is going on?? i’ve seen the setlist, SSSSomething is amissss?

  15. Cheard Says:

    Still seeking Sugar Shack

  16. nakedguy Says:

    the S show was a tribute to our homie scotty n. a long time green crewer and overall keeper of the vibe

  17. Mike in Austin Says:


  18. [Not Tom] Says:

    Perfect Show. That’s all I have to say.

    So glad I made it.

    NTM #redeemed

  19. [Not Tom] Says:

    Didn’t see Sabotage coming at all. Thought it’d be either Show of Life or, in a very Phishy twist, eSther.

    Sabotage absolutely put the mutha phuckin cherry on top of that Sundae.

    The jams in Sally and Simple were Sublime.

    Super september second show shown from a soccer stadium.

  20. Willowed Says:

    In the airport right now. Leaving soon. See you boys and girls in a bit.

  21. Luther T. Justice Says:

    Shall See Super Sick Summer Saturday Stadium Show.

  22. Luther T. Justice Says:

    Don’t forget the travel sized peanut butter @willowed. You’ll need it.

  23. Mr palmer Says:

    Made it through Seven Below last night. They were playing great up to that point. Fun show.

  24. Beantownboy Says:

    Denver bound outta Boston!
    Hold the jams!
    Also if anyone has any party favors to share I would be grateful.
    Staying at the e suites.
    Beantownboy35 at gmail

  25. Willowed Says:

    Hey Luther. I was in and out over the last few weeks. I never got a Chance to tell you to feel better. I know you were hurting for a bit

    I hope all is good brother

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