Trey Tour Kicks Off

2.25.2011 (Michael Stein)

Trey kicked off his solo tour on Saturday with a benefit show for Vermont Flood Relief efforts in Burlington. From all reports, Trey’s band was far more patient and focused on jamming than last tour. He ditched the acoustic sing-along for two sets of electric work, and included the horns in the jams far more than last year. And Trey even debuted two two tunes! I wasn’t able to make it to Vermont, so I asked another fan, and reader of Phish Thoughts, Jonathan Tran, to do the honors. His review is below and links you over to the “Reader Reviews” page. If anyone is interested in writing a review for one of the upcoming TAB shows, please shoot me an email at

I: Cayman Review, Simple Twist Up Dave, Liquid Time, Gotta Jibboo, Snake Head Thumb*, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Money, Love and Change, Magilla, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Drifting

II: Acting the Devil, Alaska, Clint Eastwood, Push On ‘Til the Day, Sand, Let Me Lie, Valentine, Winter Queen*, Tuesday, Windora Bug, First Tube

E: Hey Ya!, Show of Life



TAB @ Higher Ground, Burlington, VT: 10.1.11 / by Jonathan Tran

2.25.11 - Pittsburgh (Michael Stein)

Trey and his solo band opened their tour with an inspired effort Saturday night in Burlington, where the band played the 750-person Higher Ground for a show that was only announced two weeks ago. With proceeds benefiting Vermont flood recovery efforts TAB threw down a musically relevant show that only foreshadows good things to come this tour.  Before you wonder any longer, yes, Trey decided to drop the acoustic first set in favor of two electric. And, yes, this was a welcome move by just about every fan in the room. Also of note was the return of improvised horn parts (instead of leaving stage) during jams, which was absent from last February’s winter tour. In short, all signs pointed towards “Go!” on the first night of Trey tour.

With the energy already at a peak before show time, the band came out firing with the up-tempo “Cayman Review” followed by the ever-requested “Simple Twist Up Dave.” It seems as though Trey’ has decided that TAB tour is where “Liquid Time” will stay, and the band crushed the tune last night. The uplifting jam fit the Irene recovery vibe of the evening and this lesser-played song went over as well as anything with the crowd.

The fireworks came out next as the band grooved into “Gotta Jibboo.” This version veered away from recent Phish versions and turned into a full-band dance showcase with Trey comping Ray’s clav and organ parts, while Russ and Tony held down the low end. The presence of the horn section throughout the jam seemed to push Trey further into the groove, all the while filling space with well placed musical accents. The debut of “Snake Head Thumb” came next, and was also well received by the attentive Burlington crowd.  A “Stealing Time”-“Steam”-“Ocelot” mash-up, this gritty blues number developed into a hard-edged jam that fits Trey’s current guitar style. I could see this song making it to the Big League, and it would be a welcome first set addition…READ ON HERE!

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    Enjoying an Avery IPA while semi-watching Ken Burns Prohibition and respinning Gorge RnR for the millionth time. In the words of KP – America.

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    Been painting cabinets today, and my neighbor just brewed some coconut porter based on Stone Brewing recipe. Stuff is delicious and strong. Creeper beer. Inspired to homebrew.

    Yanks ain’t looking good against Verlander. He is amazing to watch pitch. Dude was just throwing straight up triple digits

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    Radiohead concert recording from 9/28 NYC.

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    Camden ’03 Twist


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    Can’t imagine getting hit with that in the same show as that Scents (spun that last night)…

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    Interesting article over on the AV Club about internet vs. mainstream tastes. Does kinda sound like something us here at the BB have been aware for a while in our own context though… Interesting to hear it from a different perspective like that

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    Haha, wasn’t really focusing on the music anymore, got 4:30 minutes in IT BOAF (next on my essentially randomly sorted [and recently created!] “Top-Shelf Phish” playlist) without even realizing it…

    Worse things have happened

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    Supp guys

    Nail biter in Detroit

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    Tuff tuff game just played there by Detroit

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    That 0-2 chin music to Jeter was October baseball at it’s finest

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    Spoiler alert:

    Prohibition is lifted

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