Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 — Downloads

8.6.11 - The Gorge (Joe Iudice)

For the end of the week, and with the help of Chris Keiner of Phish Listening Room, I have assembled downloads of all the Miner’s Picks that were posted last week. And here’s where Chris comes in. As audience sources of each current show are posted on etree, he reviews the same four songs from each and every source, honing in on—in his opinion—the best available recording for every show played. These installments of Miner’s Picks were assembled from Chris’ selected sources, thus feature the “best” sounding source for every single track! Also, for the first time in Miner’s Picks history, I am offering the compilations in both lossless and mp3 formats.

Below, you will find any link that you will need to download these summer compilations. The torrent links are listed first and are the easiest way to pull entire compilations at once. There are two sets of torrent links—one comprised of FLACs and one comprised of 320 kbps mp3s. Additionally, if torrenting isn’t your thing, there are also direct Megaupload links for the compilations as well. I had to keep each Megaupload file under a 1 gig, so there are multiple download links for the FLAC compilations, though the mp3s files all fit into a single download for each set of picks. Enjoy the summer highlights in any format you choose!

I want to also thank Eric Masters for organizing and re-uploading all the Leg I picks, by far the heartiest compilation of them all. In addition, download links for “Miner’s Picks: Denver” will be provided as soon as they are ready. Enjoy the weekend!




Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Leg I (FLAC)

Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Super Ball (FLAC)

Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Leg II (FLAC)



Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Leg I (mp3)

Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Super Ball (mp3)

Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Leg II (mp3)




Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Leg I (FLAC) Pt.1

Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Leg I (FLAC) Pt.2

Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Leg I (FLAC) Pt.3

Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Leg I (mp3)



Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Super Ball (FLAC) Pt.1

Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Super Ball (FLAC) Pt.2

Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Super Ball (mp3)



Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Leg II (FLAC) Pt.1

Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Leg II (FLAC) Pt.2

Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Leg II (FLAC) Pt.3

Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 – Leg II (mp3s)


Miner’s Picks: Denver: Coming Soon…



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1,483 Responses to “Miner’s Picks: Summer 2011 — Downloads”

  1. kayatosh Says:

    and if you lose, it hoits twice as bad.

  2. kayatosh Says:

    party time!

  3. kayatosh Says:

    collie for life

    stop the war on jah’s love

  4. guitarpicker420! Says:

    The Phills were a solid team and by all rights should have won. But Howard pretty much sucked it up in the middle of the order and that really made all the difference. Hated to see him go down like that at the end.

    Go Cards!

  5. kayatosh Says:


  6. kayatosh Says:

    I’m thinking phils 2012

  7. kayatosh Says:

    go cards 2011

  8. kayatosh Says:

    by the way, are yall gonna get buck wild on 11.11.2011?

  9. guitarpicker420! Says:

    Cards will be much better next year with Wainwright coming back, makes Westbrook their 5th pitcher with a great one in AAA waiting to come up in Shelby Miller. The deeper they go, the more likely they resign Pujols. Add to that a better bullpen (led the league in blown saves this year) and better play up the middle (no more theriot to suck it up at short) and they win 5-10 more games next year.

  10. kayatosh Says:

    can’t talk baseball. would rather talk trees:

    saw some gorgeous dawn redwoods today at the arboretum.

    or vilayat khan:


  11. guitarpicker420! Says:

    Drove through Southern Indiana yesterday and Saturday and the trees are almost at full color. Really beautiful in the Hoosier National right now.

  12. Hoedown Says:

    11/11/11 this guys birthday and a special one. Wish we had a show to go to.

  13. Mr.Miner Says:

    can someone click this torrent to see if its working…denver picks mp3s here


  14. kayatosh Says:

    it’s not necessarily wrong to party.

    sometimes you need it.

  15. guitarpicker420! Says:

    Looks good miner

  16. kayatosh Says:

    if the sun refused to shine,
    i would still be lovin you
    if mtns crumbled to the sea,
    there would still be you and me

  17. Robear Says:

    What channel is Tigers game on?!

  18. gavinsdad Says:

    who smokes w33d daily on this board? too incriminating a question? i don’t care. but…i only puff twice a week or so. literally. but when i’m at a show i puff 50 times a day. literally.

    sorry i couldn’t press for city (new york) or venue (msg) earlier today. i have a delicate relationship with “my source” and there is no way i wanna jeopardize that. obvs i wanted to ask announcement date so everyone could firm up their travel shit but i’m gonna assume, like others, it’s once trey wraps (i’m not thinking after bear creek cause that’s a fest with multiple bands…prob after his last solo date).

    furthur at msg and ac for me. also little dragon next week and boris at the end of the month. then mebbe new mastersounds in nov. i think i’m missing TT band Oct 21 unfortunately.

  19. kayatosh Says:

    vapor is for daily use

  20. guitarpicker420! Says:

    Sweet Pujols just hit a no doubter. 2-0 Cards

  21. gavinsdad Says:

    ^pure speculation on announcement date up there.

    also, had my first legit catch with both sons over the weekend….like the real thing…we set up in an L as my yard is shaped funny. but we had it going. big time DAD moment there. filed it away in my memories but secretly wished my wife filmed it. parenthood +1 right there.

  22. gavinsdad Says:

    GP your boys won fair and square. Carpenter had the goods Fri nite. (or we just had shittily timed soft bats…funny how that happened last year against the Giants too). i’m moving on. i don’t know to what (flyers?) but i’m moving on.

  23. guitarpicker420! Says:

    I’m just hoping the Cards bridge the gap to College hoops. The Colts are so dreadful, I have to wait 32 days until Purdue tips off its first real game.

  24. stapes Says:

    I was daily until 9/6. Needed a break and going through job search. Miss it but it feels good too. When I start again it definitely won’t be daily

  25. guitarpicker420! Says:

    Showing replay of Pujols HR, he hit it off the ’82 pennant sign in left.

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