Trey’s New Songs

2.19.10 - Chicago (M.Stein)

After such an extensive summer of Phish music, I haven’t been keeping up with Trey tour as usual. I haven’t listened to a full show or many jams, but reports have been solid all around. The most interesting aspect of Trey tour for me, however, has always been its proving ground for new songs and the potential they may hold for Phish. Trey’s larger band slayed 33 shows over the summer while debuting exactly one new original, thus I would imagine that on the first tour of 2012—whenever that may be—we’ll hear a batch of new songs. With work on an album forthcoming as well, one has to wonder what new Trey debuts might crossover to the Phish stage. With more than half his tour left, we may see  Trey unveil more pieces yet, but for now, lets look at his first four debuts.


Land of Nod” – 10.7.11, Myrtle Beach, SC

Trey’s most recent debut, “The Land of Nod”—first played in the encore of the Myrtle Beach show—is my favorite and the most original of his new pieces. Written by Trey, alone, the song begins with a heavy, bass-driven groove and when the horns come in over this rhythm, the piece resembles genuine Israeli gyspy-dub (a la Balkan Beat Box.) With ridiculously danceable rhythms, Phish could slaughter this piece if they could adapt the horn lines to the quartet. The middle of the song moves into an uplifting and melodic passage with the refrain, “I was asleep for so long…”— a total juxtaposition of styles within the piece. When the song moves back into gypsy-dub stylings, TAB winds it down, though this is where Phish could just get going. Then again, this is one tune that could be tailor made for his solo project.



Glacier” – 10.1.11, Burlington, VT

The first Anastasio/Marshall composition of tour was debuted late in the second set of Higher Ground’s opening show, and that is exactly where I can see it fitting in a Phish show as well. Though the piece has already been pegged as Trey cheese by many fans, but I actually enjoy it quite a bit. While the lyrics are bit over the top about the Winter Queen and the Prince of Music, the guitar melodies and sparse supporting textures are both ethereal and cerebral. Trey and Tom usually write songs for one band and one band only, so I wouldn’t be surprised “Glacier” in the bigger pond at some point.



Snake Head Thumb” – 10.1.11, Burlington, VT

Inspired by a dream had by the Dude of Life in which Trey’s thumb was a snake’s head, this debut came in the first set of the first show at Higher Ground. A slow and filthy groove, “Snake Head Thumb” illustrates how 2010’s Halloween cover of Little Feat has influenced Trey’s songwriting. Crafted in collaboration with the Dude of Life, the chorus makes way for a slow and infectious groove that methodically moves to dirtier and dirtier places. The only debut that had included a jam, Trey unleashed his compressed growl over heavy organ swells in this percussive piece. A jam that Phish could take to sinister realms, this could be the second new-school Anastasio/Pollack contribution to the rotation (with “Show of Life”).



Frost” – 10.6.11, Asheville, NC

Beginning with beautiful vocal harmonies, this song’s opening gives way to a minimalist and chilled out groove, allowing its focus to remain on Tom Marshall’s lyrics. “Frost,” the second Anastasio/Marshall debut of tour could easily translate to a powerful Phish ballad. Containing the refrain of “Maybe you could sail away,” this section seems tailor-made for big-time Phish catharsis. Though more straightforward than many of Trey and Tom’s playful numbers, the more I hear this one, the more I like it.


TAB - 2.25.2010 (Michael Stein)



MINER’S PICKS: Summer 2011 – Denver/VT

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  1. willowed Says:

    This blonde headed kid Shay or Shey (sp?) is going to be a player

  2. halcyon Says:

    George Lucas keeps messin around with his movies….. 😉

  3. stapes Says:

    @willowed – the bacon talk makes me really want to make it out there!

  4. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    the bacon is the least of it. willowed’s wife and kids are awesome.

  5. Mr.Miner Says:

    Mike would crush land of nods dub groove. That song is awesome.

    @ queen source: buddy who talked with Trey about it.

  6. Mr.Miner Says:

    Re: snake head

  7. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    the thought occurred to me earlier today that this could happen

    makisupa>land of nod->hood

    or any order therein

  8. willowed Says:

    Just imagine my wife and kids covered in bacon.

    Now that’s awesome

    Wait…that’s just weird, but awesome

  9. Mr palmer Says:

    Just listened to the 12/31/02 Piper opener.

    Pretty intense opener, post hiatus and all

    In retrOspect a pretty uneventful show musically. Thing I remember most about that show was how important it was to get in the building. Toughest ticket ever.

    Disclaimer: didn’t make an effort for Hampton.

  10. stapes Says:

    Mmmmm bacon

  11. Michael Kang Says:

    Tofu bacon FTW!

  12. J S Whateva Says:

    The Frost tune resembles the musical themes of the “Billy Breathes” album, no? Not that that is a bad thing by any stretch.

  13. garretc Says:

    Hey folks, shameless plug alert:

    I just started writing posts on a music blog some of my friends have been running for a bit, mostly focused on new hip-hop and electronica, but not always, and those of you who have a sense of my musical tastes know that those aren’t by any means my area of expertise, so I’m just doing posts on whatever strikes my fancy. My most recent post, from today, is a 1.7 hour playlist of songs with space-related titles, from pretty much all genres. Feel free to check it out if you like, as well as the rest of the site if you feel like it! Or don’t, it’s cool either way. I’ll still be your (internet) friend.

  14. Robear Says:

    Phrickin’ Red Light mgmt.

  15. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Tab tomorrow night, bitches! 🙂

  16. Robear Says:

    @ Duder

    You’re invited to the party.

    Occupy MSG


    Huggie Bear

  17. Mr. Palmer Says:

    I think its funny they charge $10 extra for NYE. They always do this?

    $10 for an extra set. $10 for the extravagant NYE gag?

  18. Angryjoggerz Says:

    Saw that msg is announced, woot!

    In dc at workretreat. Turns out I’m not good at people. Hiding in room while coworkers get drunk. Hate this shit.

  19. Mr. Palmer Says:

    You should get shit faced, Frank the Tank style.

  20. butter Says:

    goin for another spin of “land of nod”

    sounds like sublime this time

  21. butter Says:

    Palmer, nice – get yourself some at TAB!!

  22. butter Says:

    looks like i’m skipin 28th for my baby watchin night, and hittin the last three of the year

    dont want to miss a 12.29, but the first nights of runs have slayed lately

  23. butter Says:

    Frost – very tasteful, heartfelt

    thats my fav of these 4

  24. joe Says:

    Down for 28 and 29, home for wedding 30, back for 31st? Maybe so, maybe not. She was the one who gave me the news of the run and then a semi half hearted you don’t really need to come with to the wedding. Nye fund +$590. Couldn’t go over the 1k mark by getting more tds in the Sunday night game. Didn’t have access to my ‘guy’ to get the lions in last night

    @butter – is sounding like sublime an improvement over your first listen

  25. butter Says:

    diggin the shit of snake head on my second spin

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