Extra! Extra! Books For Sale!

Book Cover - Art by AJ Masthay

The time has come! The final edits have been made, the proofs have been proofed, and Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts: An Anthology By a Fan for the Fans is ready for pre-sale! As of right now, you can head over to the updated book site and place your order. Any orders placed by December 1st will be fulfilled in time for the holidays! When placing any order, you will find two shipping options that I want to clarify. USPS Priority Mail is 2-3 days guaranteed and USPS Media Mail is around 7 days, but no time frame is guaranteed. Any and all information about the book, its specs, and its unique format can be found at Phishthoughtsbook.com.

If you have already pre-reserved a copy on the book site with your email address, your copy is officially set aside! All you need to do is complete your online transaction before December 1st and you’ll have your book by the holidays! You will receive a reminder via email as well. Thank you for your support!

In addition, I am very proud to present the cover art for the hardback volume by AJ Masthay. In conjunction with the beginning of book pre-sales, AJ will be offering a limited edition run of 100 cover art prints (below) starting at 12 Noon EST today on his site! Be sure to act fast in order to grab one of the few available!

Limited Edition Cover Print - AJ Masthay


In celebration of this personally momentous day, enjoy some of my favorite uplifting jams for the beginning of the week.

Harry Hood” 12.28.10 II


Reba” 7.6.94 II


Tweezer” 9.3.11 II


Slave” 6.15.95 II




637 Responses to “Extra! Extra! Books For Sale!”

  1. Mike in Austin Says:

    Good luck Stapes!

  2. alf Says:

    hey kids

    getting crushed in babylon lately, doing some lurking here & there though

    nice to see 2 sevens clash having a bit of a bb renaissance. spun that on the way to bethel, & after what transpired, figured i better spin it on the way to every show. so every phish trip started with culture, in the car or on the plane, right through essex. helps ease into the day.

  3. Mike in Austin Says:

    Gotta agree Joe about the third parties. There is enough disgust with the cronyism of both parties to garner a group of “anybody but them” party.

    I actually like Ron Paul. The guy probably isn’t a good politician at all (kinda jabbers a bit) but his “Audit The Fed” and anti Crony Capitalism and Crony Socialism and being Pro States Rights is down my alley.

    And the Halloween Trey show has a very strong second set. It was a good time fo’ sho.

  4. tba Says:

    Mr. C, enjoyed your early 75 to late 75 JGB talk. Weird, I’m the opposite in that I prefer Hopkins late 75, even though love all JGB :<) And even though technically think pre 75 he was better, genuinely listen to post 75. Sucker for the wells, and the childrens, and what not that Jer added more and more to his singin'. Plus I think I like the Tiger's tone the best, but just my opinion.

    maybe some day in our old age (I'm in my 40's but getting 2nd wind :<), OK tired again :<), we can chill running show after show Legion/JGB 75', as we comment on the cchhchhchanges.

    Anyway, wrote a bit of a paper on it, but will save the crew the pain of posting it. It was fun to write though. :<)

    PS Speaking of JGB; Jim Keltner was very cool in the Harrison HBO special running right now.

    PPS I HATE DAVID STERN. STARTED WHEN HE SWITCHED THE FINALS TO 2-3-2 BACK IN THE DAY. To quote Johhny Most ranting about Sampson, Stern is a gutless big guy who picks on the little guys. No hoops, are you fing kidding???? Again!!! Two strikes in 10 years? Suck it jerky…

    Sorry guess i need to put on I'll Take a Melody

  5. sumodie Says:

    more Bombino talk earlier….

    heads up he’s coming stateside again this November, starting 11.26 in Montreal (then 11.28 right here in Northampton MA) and heading as far south as DC before dropping dates on the west coast

    including 12.10 Portland OR


  6. sumodie Says:

    duder, no ‘team hood’ invite here -i’ve yet to earn an invite code. not even sure team hood vids are uploaded there, assuming we’re talking about the same place

  7. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    damn son, holy 97 official release. i like.

    just sold my GD fillmore west box set, so new year’s is on 100 percent for me!

  8. sumodie Says:

    Yes & Yes! MrC speaks the truth about both these downloads. I especially love the first, yet another N. African Tuareg band. This group is rawer, more tribal sounding (but less musically sophisticated) compared with either Tinariwen or Bombino

    Group Inerane: Guitars From Agadez

    David Grisman Quintet ’77 with Anger, Tony Rice and maybe Mike Marshall too, though it might be Todd Philips

  9. sumodie Says:

    can’t forget to add thanks as well to AW’s drop of Emitt Rhodes fantastic 1970 debut album -sounds just like Paul McCartney’s twin

  10. thedayman Says:

    hey bb, hope everyone is having a splendid evening. really in the thick of it with school right now, pretty stressful next 5 weeks we have going, but i just threw on the livephish tweezer vid, and the combo of the lights and the uplifting beauty just melts it all away. new years run is going to be incredible, i cannot wait. phish is such a great stress reliever for me

    hope everyone has a great rest of the week.

  11. Tom Says:

    @ TDM

    Swamped in school work too. Midterms start this week and I have been hitting the books pretty hard. Good luck on your work, I’m sure you’ll do fine. NYE is my carrot on a stick if you will right now for me pulling this all nighter.

  12. Joy Says:

    Mr. Miner, thanks for the links. Love them! and congrats on your book. Too bad we don’t have a bookstore in the ‘fax any more where you could do a reading.

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