Extra! Extra! Books For Sale!

Book Cover - Art by AJ Masthay

The time has come! The final edits have been made, the proofs have been proofed, and Mr. Miner’s Phish Thoughts: An Anthology By a Fan for the Fans is ready for pre-sale! As of right now, you can head over to the updated book site and place your order. Any orders placed by December 1st will be fulfilled in time for the holidays! When placing any order, you will find two shipping options that I want to clarify. USPS Priority Mail is 2-3 days guaranteed and USPS Media Mail is around 7 days, but no time frame is guaranteed. Any and all information about the book, its specs, and its unique format can be found at Phishthoughtsbook.com.

If you have already pre-reserved a copy on the book site with your email address, your copy is officially set aside! All you need to do is complete your online transaction before December 1st and you’ll have your book by the holidays! You will receive a reminder via email as well. Thank you for your support!

In addition, I am very proud to present the cover art for the hardback volume by AJ Masthay. In conjunction with the beginning of book pre-sales, AJ will be offering a limited edition run of 100 cover art prints (below) starting at 12 Noon EST today on his site! Be sure to act fast in order to grab one of the few available!

Limited Edition Cover Print - AJ Masthay


In celebration of this personally momentous day, enjoy some of my favorite uplifting jams for the beginning of the week.

Harry Hood” 12.28.10 II


Reba” 7.6.94 II


Tweezer” 9.3.11 II


Slave” 6.15.95 II




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  1. phoammhead Says:

    awesome, MrMiner – looks, sounds great – congrats!

  2. pencilneck Says:


  3. angryjoggerz Says:

    Congrats, Miner! Sick cover too.

  4. tela'smuff Says:


  5. Beantownboy Says:

    Congrats, Miner!

    I know this is a dream being fulfilled for you so it has to feel great.

    You’ve helped to create an incredible community here on the BB and the book is just going to elevate it all to the next chapter (like what I did there?!).

    Big Up!

  6. phoammhead Says:

    asheville getting the goods


  7. bhizzle Says:

    Cheers to you Miner! You’ve been a blessing to the community.

  8. kayatosh Says:

    congrats, miner.

    book cover looks amazing. masthay!

  9. angryjoggerz Says:

    So, I put in for MSG tix, but never got an email confirmation from phishtickets. shouldnt there be an email conf? now i am nervous. I emailed them to ask as well and never heard back. bumbaclot.

  10. albert walker Says:

    congrats Miner!

    exciting stuff. can’t wait to check out the book. cover looks great.

  11. sumodie Says:

    Great news, Miner, looking forward to the day my copy arrives in the mail

    Too bad you couldn’t include scratch n sniff technology to evoke various aspects of phish tour -imagine the possibilities! Maybe in the 2nd edition, eh?

    I finally read the details about the book’s organization -very cool.
    Anyone who hasn’t check it out here:


  12. win butler Says:

    AJ Masthay did tue cover art!

    I will buy a book now.

  13. sumodie Says:

    must be the first time Masthay could use the word “Phish” in his art, makes for a classy & distinctive book cover

  14. bearito Says:

    Nice job Miner! Looking forward to checking it out.

    This woosta Hood goes real good with my morning coffee.

  15. jerseyjim Says:

    Morning, Mr. Miner,

    Good news on the book. Let me know if you’re planning any bookstore appearances in NYC over the MSG Holiday run. Would love to have a signed copy. I don’t know how that whole thing works, but check out Idlewild Books on W 19th street.

  16. mitch Says:

    w00t! w00t!!

    way to go miner! its been an awesome ride leading up to this. cheers!

  17. Robear Says:

    Screw this. I’m waiting for the paper back.

  18. alf Says:

    congrats, miner. great news!

  19. bearito Says:

    So how’s Trey’s tour going so far? Only heard the Burlington show.

  20. win butler Says:

    Bearito, depends if you ask the fluffers or the jaded TAB Vets.

    G Cub, Palmer, Phoamhead, Holger

    AW, Bob Dylan, El Duder, Robear

  21. stapes Says:

    Cover looks awesome, book sounds great! Gonna have to scrape together the cash for this. Christmas present to myself maybe.

    Congrats Miner! And thanks for what you’ve created here.

  22. Tom Says:

    @ AJ, I think you are supposed to get an e-mail, I know I got one. Maybe your order didn’t go through?

  23. EL Duderino Says:

    The cover does look GREAT.
    I’m thinking it’s a Hampton ’09 shot

    @ WB

    What’s jTV

  24. EL Duderino Says:

    never mind

  25. EL Duderino Says:

    @ AJ

    They’re pretty good at getting back to you.
    do you have a confirmation #?

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