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The Garden

Last week we looked at some of the elite moments in Madison Square Garden Holiday Run history—and this week there is plenty more! With a December legacy like none other in the venue,Phish has more than enough to fill out another stellar Friday playlist. These tracks further illustrate the explosive music the band has cranked out at the end of the year in The Garden.


Wolfman’s Brother” 12.31.97 I

The first set highlight on New Year’s Eve ’97.



Ghost > Ha Ha Ha” 12.31.98 I

One piece of a monster opening set in New Year’s Eve ’98.



Tweezer -> Cities” 12.31.98 II

After a balloon-popping fiasco all but ruined the third set “Tweezer” on New Year’s Eve ’97, Phish annihilated this second set beast the following year.



Carini -> Katy -> Sally > Frankenstein” 12.30.97 E

Grade-A Phish crack through and through. The first domestic “Carini,” the birth of the “Moma Dance,” and a reprise of “Sneakin Sally”—the bustout from ’89 that opened the show. This sequence gets my vote for the best encore in the band’s career. Unquestionably.



Drowned -> Lizards” 12.31.95 II

The first appearance of “Drowned” after Halloween kicked off set two in this legendary show and gracefully slid into “Lizards.”



AC/DC Bag > McGrupp” 12.30.97 II

One of the finest jams of 1997’s stellar three-night run.



Mike’s Song” 12.31.97 II

A filthy and menacing version; typical of ’97 “Mike’s Songs.”



Weekapaug Groove” 12.31.97 II

This dynamic and extended “Weekapaug” closed the second set of New Year’s Eve on its highest note.



Run Like an Antelope” 12.29.97 I

Pure and unadulterated fire; one of the elite versions of the year.



You Enjoy Myself” 12.31.95 III

When the band finished what many consider their finest New Year’s Run with a blowout version of “YEM” at The Garden, all was right in the universe of Phish.

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623 Responses to “TTFF: More MSG Madness”

  1. Gavinsdad Says:

    @palmer – ill be with Ed I’m sure and some of the old gd fam of mine. Last time mitch Ed and I hung at the flying puck. Non descript bar at 30th and 7th. We’ll get it together closer to.

  2. sumodie Says:

    oooohh, gdad’s famous invisible maneuver. Some day he’s gotta teach us novices 😉

    Once more I may be skipping Further in my area after swearing I’d see them at long last. Fate beckons elsewhere…

  3. butter Says:

    Cool Sumodie, link saved

    Got some good numby’s from Masthay too

    #30 Miner and #77 Alpha

  4. Mike in Austin Says:

    That was quick on the Masthay print. Mine should be there when I return.

    Note to self: Planning 9 days with parents and in-laws in Mn was a dumb idea.

    In 9 days though they’ll never want to see us again. So we’ll have that going for us.

  5. angryjoggerz Says:

    Hang in there MIA.

    I realized today that I am not at all people person, so my new message to people in general is fuck you.


  6. sumodie Says:

    I totally forgot that Undermind first debuted with TAB at that ’03 Burlington show -such a different feel when it’s played with horns

  7. Mike in Austin Says:

    Thanks AJ. These old people are clowns.

    Speaking of old, I add another year tomorrow.

    If that makes any sense.

  8. angryjoggerz Says:

    At the in laws for your birthday? Glutton!

  9. joemeg Says:

    Happy Bday MIA.

    Sumodie. I remember really liking that show. Had no expectations and was blown away.

  10. angryjoggerz Says:

    PS, you are gonna love your 30’s

  11. Gratefulcub Says:

    the 30’s are great. smart enough to enjoy life, but the body hasn’t completely broken down yet.

  12. garretc Says:

    Hear that 40 year olds?

    Gcub thinks you’re decrepit

  13. Gratefulcub Says:

    My knee is telling me that 37 is the tipping point

  14. Mr palmer Says:

    Damn 20 year olds.

    I think if I went to school these days I could at least pull of a C+ average. Google..pffft. Ever heard of microfiche?

  15. Gratefulcub Says:

    How do you text “If you want to be my girlfriend, circle yes.”?

    That was my go to move

  16. Mr palmer Says:

    Off topic… This world series has been great.

  17. Mike in Austin Says:

    Thanks. In the immortal words of Abe Simpson “I’m old. Gimme gimme gimme”

  18. thedayman Says:

    cant. wait. for new years. lemme see that lotto hold!

  19. bob dylan Says:

    Then you get pulled over on your way back from robears

    Cop: “you sure you don’t have any mj?”
    Me: “um……………………………………………….. no”

  20. Robear Says:

    Stop it, Bob.

  21. bob dylan Says:

    Will give a recap of my awesome weekend from officially ditching custy mitch into h3tty mitch tomorrow. Had a blast. Think I’d stay a week next time, the week in and out is too short.

  22. Mike in Austin Says:

    Time spent with huggiebear is always too short.

  23. Selector J Says:

    Halloween edition of When Roots Attack starts in t-minus 1 minute.

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