Tunes of Tuesdays Past


6.27.10 (Graham Lucas)

Welcome to Tuesday! All songs in today’s playlist were performed on Tuesday, therefore bringing synchronicity between today and this music. Enjoy some of these lesser known selections.


Wolfman’s Brother” – 6.24.97 II, Strasbourg, FR

A heavy helping of raw, unpasteurized cowfunk from Europe ’97.



Bathtub Gin > Cities” – 7.1.97 II, Paradiso, NL

How about some more?



Ghost > Halley’s > Tweezer” – 11.24.98 II, New Haven, CT

Fast forward to the last Tuesday of tour during Fall ’98 in New Haven Coliseum.



Mike’s Song” 10.29.96 II, Tallahassee, FL

I often push this “Mike’s” in which the band got in some pre-Atlanta practice, vamping over Remain In Light’s “Houses in Motion” during the song’s second jam.



Simple” – 12.9.97 II, State College, PA

One of Fall ’97 most exploratory jams comes from one of its least talked about tour stops at Penn State.



Glide II” – 5.16.95, Lowell, MA

After a Voters For Choice benefit showcased six new originals and three new covers, many fans have been waiting for a return of this one-timer ever since.



David Bowie” – 6.13.95 II, Atlanta, GA

Summer ’95 + “Bowie” = psychedelic monstrosity



Keyboard Cavalry > Jam w/ MMW” – 10.17.95, New Orleans, LA

After playing an opening set for Phish in New Orleans, John Medeski, Billy Martin, and Chris Wood came out opening for an extended jam session with the guys to close out the second set. Fishman spent stints on vacuum and trombone.




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  1. Kaveh Says:

    Congrats Spasm Waiter….killer news!

  2. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    sadly, it is REI not Julio’s. I missed out on they NE Fall Beer Fest there on Sunday. did you go? looked like a good one…

  3. Jtran Says:

    Awesome spasm! congrats

  4. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    yay spasm@ congrats, man. really happy for you. enjoy every minute of it, even the 3am screaming poop fests.

  5. kayatosh Says:

    Spasm: congrats! First child is special territory. savor it. all the best.

  6. Spasm Waiter Says:

    Hey comrades! Had my first child today. Lucca Lowrie Derr was born at 938am today. He and his mom are doing well. Crazy ass shit. Very, very cool. I want to shout it from the mountaintops! Will be in touch. Peace y’all.

  7. kenny powers Says:

    CONGRATS SPASM!!! wtf with all this BB offspring.

    @ t3 oh yeah i forgot REI, duh. i also missed that beer fest. totally forgot about it, could have stopped by. oh well probably for the best, that would just get me started to early in the afternoon.

  8. butter Says:

    Awesome news Spasm and congrats!!

    Sorta makes all the other days seem like they led up to this one for this reason, huh?

  9. kenny powers Says:

    “Google Buzz is going away, but your posts are yours to keep. Learn more Hide”

    nice knowin’ ya


  10. Spasm Waiter Says:

    Thanks fellerz. It is sweet. Sorry for double post. Droid does not.

  11. butter Says:

    We don’t know what’s causing these babies KP

    Must figure it out

  12. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Congrats Spaz

  13. gavinsdad Says:

    Congrats Spasm and Oldskool! big adventures ahead!

  14. kenny powers Says:

    probably because sex is fun and feels better without a johnny.

  15. kenny powers Says:


  16. Mr.Miner Says:

    Anyone have nye extras?

  17. DryIceFactory Says:


    I’m huge on that MPP RnR. Great show all together. Scored my first Vultures that night. A song I had been chasing for awhile.

  18. kenny powers Says:

    check out the chart at the bottom

    damn…and i thought college was expensive 10-15 years ago.

  19. gavinsdad Says:

    Cos now in winter AIDS attacks
    So run out and get your Jimmy Hats
    It costs so little for a pack of three
    They’re Jimmy Hats for the winter attack

  20. joe Says:

    anyone score nye period? In the market is one nye worth one each for the 28th and 29th? In nfl draft lingo. two 2nd rounders for a first?

  21. kenny powers Says:

    that would look even worse if the past 3 years were included. if i ever have kids, i hope they either long to go to an in-state public school or don’t want to go to college at all.

  22. gavinsdad Says:

    Jimmy Hats are now in style
    Cos you can’t trust a big butt and a smile

  23. Kaveh Says:

    Anyone have nye extras?

    ^ Negative here @Miner.

  24. gavinsdad Says:

    no nye extras here but i have friends who hit for sure.

  25. WolfmansFather Says:


    Have 1 ticket for 12/29, sec 103, row 8. looking for trade for 1 floor, sec 100 or 200 on 12/28. email gmail dot com

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