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Phish has played a total of three shows on November 4th in their career from 1990 forward, and as it turns out all three carried quite a bit of meat to them. In Fall of 1990, on Phish’s first true tour, November 4th brought the band to Fort Ram’s Nightclub in Fort Collins, Colorado—a show that circulated widely on Maxells back in the day. The last of a five show Colorado run, the band finished their visit to the Rocky Mountain State in style. Come Fall ’94, Phish wound their way to Onondaga War Memorial Auditorium in Syracuse, New York—the same venue they visited during Fall of 2009. November ’94 is a legendary month in Phish history, and this was the third show. Their last November 4th show came at McNichols Arena in Denver, Colorado, on the heels of Utah’s half-empty “Dark Side” extravaganza. This week’s Friday playlist is assembled solely from these three shows, each spaced four years apart. While perusing the selections, the vast differences in style are obvious as Phish continued to add new aspects to their ever-expanding satchel of sorcery. Enjoy the tunes and the weekend!


Harry Hood” 11.4.90 I

A pristine, old-school version of Phish’s uplifting and spiritual classic.



Mike’s > Simple > Mike’s > Tela > Weekapaug” 11.4.94 II

A raucous sequence from Onondaga War Memorial in Syracuse, New York.



Piper > 2001” 11.4.98 II

This sequence is a vastly overlooked highlight of Fall ’98. The band masterfully blends this monster “Piper” jam seamlessly into “2001,” creating a powerful segue into the spacefunk.



Manteca -> Caravan” 11.4.90 II

A jazzy combo from back in the day. Trey playfully teases “Woody Woodpecker” in “Caravan.”



Slave to the Traffic Light” 11.4.94 II

A gorgeous set-closing rendition from Syracuse.



Bathtub Gin > Ya Mar” 11.4.98 I

This cathartic “Gin” and rhythmically intricate “Ya Mar” combined to form the centerpiece of the first set in Denver ’98—the set after Utah’s Dark Side freak-fest.



The Asse Festival” 11.4.90 I

Before “Guelah Papyrus” existed, there was “The Asse Festival.” Check out the early-school precision to this tune.



Frankie Says -> David Bowie” 11.4.98 I

The band displayed their Fall ’98 ambient jamming as they migrated from “Frankie Says” into “Bowie.



Phish 1990

OLD SCHOOL MEMORIES: Few fans in the present-day Phish community carry the veteran tour experience and perspective of having seen—essentially—the band’s entire career. Some of these old-school tour heads still frequent shows with the same enthusiasm they had twenty years ago, and my friend, Todd, is one of them. Check out his blog, “Back In My Day,” chronicling early show experiences from a different era of Phish. Providing a glimpse into the early scene that so many of us missed as youngsters—he was at Amy’s Farm—Todd’s posts provide vibrant, personal anecdotes of a time gone by, not to mention musical analysis, streaming highlights and downloads of the shows he reviews. When you have some time on your hands, get lost in his writings—they are informative and engaging accounts of shows that many of us just know as analog classics; they are a lot of fun to read! Check it out!

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1,638 Responses to “TTFF: Today In Phish History”

  1. Mike in Austin Says:

    If I post one more, is it like “Yahtzee” of the BB?

  2. kenny powers Says:

    haha lulz =MiA

  3. kenny powers Says:


    do you need/want an invite?

  4. kenny powers Says:

    my vol 39 and 40 are still downloading….rest are all done

  5. Mike in Austin Says:

    Thanks KP. I’m on there right now. Took me awhile. I think it was you who informed me of when they had an amnesty day or something, and got on at that time.

    I think Selector said he wasn’t on there, and a few others. I can easily burn Selector all the files on a 16 Gb mem stick for him.

  6. Mike in Austin Says:

    I don’t have the torrent file for Vol. 40. I need that one.

  7. kenny powers Says:

    oh my god

    this 12/31/99 SOAM -> Catapult is one of the great overlooked pieces of Phish music

    in the shadow of, you know, that 7.5 hour set later on…

  8. kenny powers Says:

    yeah my vols 39 and 40 are currently stopped midway

  9. BingosBrother Says:

    Weird 1st half. D looks good, super dominant. Got the fans out of it early and a couple lucky breaks – 1 horrible break. 2nd half should be interesting. Go Bearz.

    I am Walter Bishop.

  10. Mike in Austin Says:

    I think I posted a few days ago that I was listening to that. My favorite Catapult.

  11. Mike in Austin Says:

    Love that Melt.

  12. Mike in Austin Says:

    In the vernacular of the BB, I was pimpin’ it. 😉

  13. kenny powers Says:

    of my gosh it’s so good

    my brain quickly needed another tranced out late 1.0 Phish jam with the quickness so i tossed on 6/24/00 (lakewood) Tweez

    forget about it

  14. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Going Bowie->Cities->Bowie….cause i’m crazy like that.

  15. stapes Says:

    Yes, yes that SOAM>Catapult is great.

    You guys have good taste in music.

  16. Mike in Austin Says:

    Hit the 7/3/00 Gin also if you have time. Lightning and Thunderstorm Gin.

  17. kenny powers Says:


  18. kenny powers Says:

    i’m sorry but no matter what i so, phish is what i want. i’m a goddam junkie.

    ultimate basement fantasy band

  19. stapes Says:

    And of course the 6/28/00 Gin from the same timeframe

  20. stapes Says:

    Me too KP. Sometimes I feel bad for not listening to all the other great music out there

  21. kenny powers Says:

    i just finished my 3rd complete round of Wii disc golf. better start another. +4 is my personal best

  22. Mike in Austin Says:

    oh yeah. That’s the ticket right there.

  23. BingosBrother Says:

    No no no MIA, you were pampin it. Noobb.

  24. Mike in Austin Says:

    Yeah the 6/29 BOAF > Catapult is pretty good too.

  25. kenny powers Says:

    yes stapes

    the saddest i felt over the 2004-2009 period was when i’d see a basketball game at an arena….i couldn’t help imaging CK5 throw down the gauntlet and the boys light it up. i thought my favorite live entertainment experience was gone forever

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