TTFF: 11.11.11

9.14.11 - Essex Junction, VT G.Lucas / webcast)

This Friday, we’ll take a break from MSG memories and look at what Phish has done on Veterans Day, November 11th, throughout their career. Since 1990, the band has only played three times on 11.11—in 1995 at The Fox in Atlanta, 1996 at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and again at Van Andel in 1998! And lo and behold, these three nights have plenty of meat to compose a Friday playlist. The Fox show was the third of a three-night stand that kicked off the second half of a marathon (54 show) fall tour. Taking a week off after Halloween in Chicago, Phish reemerged in Atlanta and would wind their way over six plus weeks up to Albany. I’ve always thought of 11.11.95 as the strongest of the trifecta. The following year, Phish was on their Midwestern leg of Fall tour on the 11th of November, and they were at the very beginning of a metamorphosis. The band had just stunned their audience with their interpretation of Remain In Light for Halloween, and from then on, their slow transformation to groove-based playing was underway. In 1998, Phish had just crushed three nights at UIC Pavilion amidst a standout fall tour when they landed back at Van Andel, in a case of cosmic routing, on the same date they had played there in ’96. This show continued the band’s hot streak and featured one of the best second sets of tour. Let’s reminisce…


Mike’s Song” 11.11.95 I

This raucous jam kicked off the show in the ornate Fox Theatre after a short “Cars, Trucks, Busses” opener.



Ghost” 11.11.98 II

This rarely talked about “Ghost” came as the second set closer at Van Andel, and is one of the most impressive versions of the tour.



Tweezer” 11.11.96 II

A jam that was ahead of its time with sections that sound like they could be plucked from Fall ’97.



2001 > David Bowie” 11.11.95 II

This ferocious “Bowie” vividly illustrates the band’s creative psychedelia of Fall ’95, as they rode with a missile on their back towards December.



Halley’s > Simple > Walk Away” 11.11.98 II

One of the greatest “Halley’s Comets” of the song’s late-90’s renaissance that moves from rock to groove into lunacy…and then into “Simple.”



Gumbo” 11.11..98 I

This slow and methodical standout often hides out of sight, tucked in the beginning of the the first set of Van Andel ’98.



Stash” 11.11.95 I

The dark and overpowering Phish of Fall ’95. Trey goes on quite the rampage in this version.



Slave to the Traffic Light” 11.11.96 II

The melodic endpoint of a relatively dark second set.

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  1. Bwana Says:

    super thumbs up Mr.C for the Legion links… always looking for more from that lineup!!

  2. MrCompletely Says:

    I also never understood the preoccupation with suicide. It’s quite bizarre to talk as if it was some kind of logically inevitable default action. How strange that evolution hasn’t weeded out the genes that think that way; the perils of a youthful breeding age, I guess.

    The only meaningful conversation about suicide has to do with suffering. The notion of suicide for philosophical reasons is so…so weak, that I don’t even find it sad. It’s just ridiculous, and insulting to people who are really suffering.

    So the whole philosophical conversation that flows from this “trying to think of reasons not to commit suicide” thing is…well, if you want pretentious, there you go.

    I hope it’s clear that I’m not talking about people who are really hurting and struggling with thoughts of self-harm. In that situation it’s a struggle to be taken very seriously and addressed with true sincerity.

  3. MrCompletely Says:

    enjoy @bwana

    a labor of love to be sure

    the material exceeded my expectations by a fair bit

  4. Bwana Says:

    “i think the closer to wild nature you live the easier it is to find ‘stillness of mind’…”

    just thinking over that comment more and i still think it holds true regardless of socio-economic status (although i know there is plenty of argument over that). i mostly feel that way because there seems a greater awareness of the interconnectedness of all things when living close to nature (even if one is struggling to survive in it) that allows for greater acceptance of ones place in the cycle of life… and thus a stillness…

  5. MrCompletely Says:

    So I’m going to be mostly absent for a bit. Maybe til close to the shows. I’m training two batches of n00bs for work and while that’s happening I don’t get much surfing time or whatever. Just the occasional driveby, probably. Hope everyone is well.

    The website (which is linked to my orange now ^^^^) will be updated at least twice with more tracks in the next few weeks to a month or so.

  6. MrCompletely Says:

    I find that I am more easily able to get outside myself, and thus away from my mind, in a natural setting than in a human built one.

    Mutually resonating crowds also facilitate this, in a different way.

    When the locus of your consciousness rests outside your own being, your being will naturally experience a sense of peace, and your consciousness will be naturally clear and panoramic. The filters and lenses of our accumulated layers of being no longer shade or temper the light.

  7. Bwana Says:

    ^MrC, it’s funny those are the two extremes i’ve come to value most as of late when i need to recharge my spirit… remote natural settings and ‘mutually resonating crowds’ connected by music! i don’t have the words to describe it as you do but that sounds good to me… definitely know it when i feel it though!

  8. Bwana Says:

    time to spin Mountains in the Mist from Telluride last year and fade to black for the night… selah.

  9. MrCompletely Says:

    i truly think they are both doing the same fundamental thing, though all the manifestations are different. peace.

  10. mike in austin Says:

    I really enjoyed Mr. C’s comments this page and last.

  11. Phuzzy Says:

    Back at work after Bear Creek. I’ve been to probably 20 festivals at the Spirit of the Suwanee site and this one was, by far, the best one I have attended. Trey’s show was great. MSMW was the bizness. Was hoping for some kind of collaboration from the two bands, but, nothing. Other highlights were: Rubblebucket, Marco Benevento Trio, MMW sans Sco, Soulive, Karl D covering Sticky Fingers album, New Mastersounds, Funky Meters, Galactic, Garage a Trois, as well as a handfull of local bands from FLA. Great weather, good tea, good herbs, no kids= Phuzzy having an amazing weekend! Don’t know if anyone else from this board made it, but, if they come up with a lineup like this again, especially w/ Trey, I would highly reccomend coming to this fest. There could not have been more than 7K-8K people there. Lots of room no matter where you were. Trey doing his thing underneath the natural live oak canopy on Saturday night was perfect. Even jaded non phish fans were bopping along. Trey was extra smily and jumpy. Sick Sand, Simple Twist up Dave and Mr. Completely. Real good Trey show. Trey talked more than I have ever heard him. Told two stories about meeting Tony and Russ 30 years ago. They wrote Sand together the first time they jammed together. Ok. I guess I should actually attempt to look like I’m working now. Take er easy dudes!

  12. phoammhead Says:

    anybody see the trey bear creek setlist . . . i’ve been looking for it and can’t find it in the usual locations

  13. EL Duderino Says:

    look on bt.etree

  14. EL Duderino Says:

    never mind I can’t find it either… I swear i saw it up somewhere

  15. phoammhead Says:

    one of my fav jams of 2011 is simple from 1.1

  16. kenny powers Says:

    tried to build the courage to talk to / hit on this fine girl at the cheesy sports bar me and my coworkers went to last week….finally asked the bartender and she does have a BF but no ring on the finger. I am such a coward.

    It is weird as fuck trying to get in the dating game following a divorce.

    Now spinning the uber nasty set II of Utah ’97 Miner posted about. This Wolfman;s is gross

  17. angryjoggerz Says:

    baby steps, kp. it will move forward on it’s own pace. next thing you know you will be having some ridonk co-ed pillow fight at your place and laughing at all the married guys.

  18. angryjoggerz Says:

    :: fantasizes about naughty pillow fights ::

  19. kenny powers Says:

    haha aj, nice

  20. kenny powers Says:


    early Pipers struggle to find the pulse

    ’99-’00 Pipers are my fave i think

  21. kenny powers Says:


    it’s like at the end of this 11/14/97 Twist Trey is announcing himself to the universe

  22. kenny powers Says:

    7/30/03 Scents is religion

  23. kenny powers Says:

    yes, that is fifty minutes

  24. kenny powers Says:

    i am guilty of blaring the Went Gin and the Alpime Tweez

    and im a not sorry

  25. kenny powers Says:

    i like people

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