Turkey Tunes: Pt. I

Turkey Day is Coming...

Phish and Thanksgiving have long held a connection in the minds of many fans. Landing on Fall Tour so many times, everyone has at least one funny story about a Phishy Thanksgiving spent on the road. But without a fall tour this year, let’s take the opportunity to look back at the intersection of fall tours past and Turkey Day. This playlist is plucked entirely of shows played on the Wednesday, immediately preceding the festival of family, food and football.

11.25.1992 Keswick Theatrek Glenside, PA

11.23.1994 Fox Theatre, St, Louis, MO

11.26.1997 Civic Center, Hartford, CT

11.25.1998 “The Knick,” Albany, NY


Fee -> Maze” 11.25.92 I, Glenside, PA

A classic song combo from the Keswick Theatre’s first set in ’92



Zero -> 2001 -> Cities -> Ya Mar” 11.26.97 II, Hartford, CT

One of my favorite jam sequenced of Fall ’97. The “Zero” jam,  itself, is a Hendrix-infused dreamscape.



Tweezer > Lifeboy” 11.23.94 II, St. Louis, MO

A jam of legend from The Fox in ’94.



Run Like An Antelope11.25.92 II

The first renaissance of “Antelopes” came in 1992.



You Enjoy Myself” 11.25.98 II, Albany, NY

This funked-out “YEM” was the following version played in The Knick after 12.9.95’s monstrous rendition.



Harry Hood” 11.25.92 II

A thrilling, old-school ride on the night before Thanksgiving.

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  1. Willowed Says:

    Hey boys and girls. Hope you’re enjoying the holiday week.

    Hartford 97. Such fond memories.

  2. litteringand Says:

    Love the post Miner. Have you ever thought about a post on soundcheck jams common or rare? I figured since two of the biggest moments from this last year were soundchecks (Bethel Waves, SB soundcheck) it might be fitting.

  3. Guyute711 Says:

    43 years ago today the White Album was released. My Beatles listening has gone up for some reason in the last couple weeks. Their catalog and influence is just staggering. They’re bigger than Jeebus I tell ya.

    Congrats to Sid the kid. As a rival it is tough to have him back in the game but his talent is off the charts and it’s good to have him on the ice again.

  4. st8 of mind Says:

    Nice work Miner. Love the selections. Go Lions!

  5. mike in austin Says:

    Great picks.

    “They’re bigger than Jeebus I tell ya”

    Lots of excitement about that if i remember. I think the interviewer hisheard.

    The correct quote was “I’m higher than jeebus right now.” – John Lennon

  6. mike in austin Says:

    Creating my own reggae Tuesday this morning.

  7. angryjoggerz Says:

    Damn, MiA… you are an early riser, huh? Do you get into work early or something?

    Enjoy your reggae tuesday. I may have to make it a Super Ape commute today in the spirit of camaraderie.

  8. stapes Says:

    This Tweezer is fucking awesome! One of my favorites. Thanks Miner. Happy Thanksgiving all!

  9. mrfergie Says:

    Hartford ’97 – my first show, thanks Miner!

  10. mike in austin Says:

    AJ, I usually do some Europe phone calls at 5 AM 2-3x a week. Used to do Pune too. Now I’m working more with the West Coast, so I’m going until 7 pm also. Makes for a long day at times.

    I work from home until about 9 AM. Wander in looking tired after that. I get jet lag working from Austin. 😉

  11. EL Duderino Says:

    @ G711

    do you have the 2009 stereo remaster???

  12. bhizzle Says:

    do youselves a favor and jump to that zero jam….nasty!

  13. EL Duderino Says:


  14. Guyute711 Says:

    I do not Duder. Haven’t had a chance to post those DG throws yet. I was pretty beat down yesterday after a rough Sunday and I will be busy getting ready to leave town tonight.

  15. litteringand Says:

    Somebody should open up a Buffalo Wings joint and have signature dish called the “Protester’s Special”. When you order it, they bring out a tray of plain wings, then a server should come out dressed like a cop and say “Nothing to see here, move along” and spray the wings with a sauce of your choice.

  16. EL Duderino Says:

    I understand especially when your NFL team lost it’s SB

  17. Kaveh Says:

    Good morning BBers!

    Take a trip to the vault:


  18. Kaveh Says:

    And some MSG magic:


    This is one of the runs I regret missing dearly. MSG Fall 1990.

  19. JMelby Says:

    Happy 14th anniversary to my most listened to jam, the Hampton Halley’s. A truely beautiful piece of Phish!

  20. EL Duderino Says:

    I’ve seen that video many times.
    I love how Dick is so in love with the 16 track E’72 tapes…

  21. EL Duderino Says:

    That whole ’90 MSG run can be found on dvd for DL Kaveh

  22. EL Duderino Says:


  23. EL Duderino Says:


  24. Kaveh Says:

    That whole ’90 MSG run can be found on dvd for DL Kaveh

    ^ Really?! What a run…I’ll have to look into that. On the Noid?

  25. Kaveh Says:

    @El Dude: I’m not a Trader Den person.

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