Shipping Balls!

Book Cover (Masthay)

Ever since the books were delivered around noon yesterday, I’ve been shipping my face off and haven’t been able to accomplish anything else. I’ve been workin’ round the clock to get all holiday orders out the door by tomorrow. The only exceptions to these will be international orders—I will have to deal with those separately; I apologize for the delay. Anyhow, look for the book in the mail soon! I’ll see you on the other side!


UPDATE: Any domestic orders placed by the 12/5 holiday deadline have been shipped as of 12/17. The rest of the books will begin shipping Monday. I will be in touch with international orders individually regarding postage. Thanks for your support! Can’t wait ’til you get em! MSG is lurking in the shadows…


MONDAY UPDATE: Any domestic orders places through December 13th have processed and will be shipped out today. The remainder of the domestic orders should be out the door tomorrow, and at the latest, Wednesday. I’ve been too busy packing to type thoughts, but I’m getting excited at this point…9 days…


Jam of the Day:

Sand” 12.16.99 II

Today is he anniversary of one of, if not the best, late-’99 “Sands.”

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1,272 Responses to “Shipping Balls!”

  1. DukeOfLizards Says:

    New band name: The Bomb Macaroons

  2. gavinsdad Says:

    palmer did you read “just kids” yet?

  3. P.S.H.S. Says:

    my list of awesome band names:
    silk cigarettes
    123 sweet time
    skullfuck nightmare
    robotic opera
    super shreddy

  4. halcyon Says:

    Did someone mention My Bloody Valentine earlier today? A friend posted this video on her FB this past weekend. Love this song, and video.

  5. DukeOfLizards Says:


    Needs more deer.

  6. sumodie Says:


    I’m not allowed to open it even though 1. I ordered it and 2. I know what it is. Have to wait until the first night of Hannukah tomorrow (women always win).


  7. angryjoggerz Says:

    It twas me!

  8. Mr. Palmer Says:

    palmer did you read “just kids” yet?- gdad

    ^^ of course. Its about my uncle.

    Anthony Bourdain holiday show is on travel channel. Takes place in the Ace hotel in NYC.

  9. halcyon Says:


    Check the video if you haven’t already seen it.

  10. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Old news?

    See some of you in a week!

  11. angryjoggerz Says:

    Your uncle was the coolest.

  12. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Gdad- you thinking of reading it? Hard to give an unbiased review. I found it fascinating because I learned so much about family history. Stuff that wasn’t talked about much growing up, if at all. It did get good reviews and Patti can tell a good story.

    Tidbit- Patti ( and Robert) were at my parents wedding and in their family wedding photo. I think thats cool , at least. Only met the man 3 times in my life before he died, so he was basically a stranger.

  13. angryjoggerz Says:

    Awesome video.

  14. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Cool band name- Jedi Mind Trick

  15. Admiral Ackbar Says:

    Jedi Mind Tricks is already taken. Jersey/Philly hip-hop duo.

    Although you should check out my GD cover band, Darth Star.

  16. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Really Ack? damn. In my younger days i actually had a T-shirt made with the name Jedi Mind Trick on it,, i thought it was so cool.

    I wore it to a Pearl Jam concert, at least 10 years ago, and got so many compliments on it. I can’t believe someone stole the name. They probably saw my shirt at the show….fuckers 😉

  17. angryjoggerz Says:

    Yeah, they probably stole it from you.

    Maybe the PJ fans thought you were into hip hop?

  18. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Mine wasn’t plural Jedi Mind Trick…big difference.

  19. halcyon Says:

    Any Jesse Malin fans here? Listening to Fine Art of Self Destruction right now, and it is a good album. Recommended for those in a mellow mood with a glass of wine, or whiskey in hand.

  20. joe Says:

    Peace wishes back to sillywilly. Nothing I can say or add other than positive thoughts. All of us can feel the kindness of your spirit.

  21. angryjoggerz Says: Now THIS is a light show.

  22. joe Says:

    Cliche and all that but heartfelt nonetheless. Me no good with words, and only slightly better with feelings

  23. halcyon Says:

    cool video AJ. Wonder what it took to project to the size of the building.

  24. Mr. Palmer Says:

    Thelonious Monk quartet w/ John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall 1957.

    ^^Shit like this is why Spotify is great.

  25. ae Says:

    i just got nervous that my copy of the book, which is going to my in-laws house in philly (chanukah gift), won’t make it there in time for them to bring it when they come up here this weekend. fingers crossed, but the USPS tracking indicates it’s still in Cali…we’ll see.

    almost there…getting things sorted…3 days of work left…

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