Holiday Jams

"The Ball" (!?)

A couple of classic holiday run jams to ease back into the musical spirit. Christmas is less than a week away which means Phish is just around the corner! Excitement is in the air… get ready…set…


Harry Hood” 12.31.93 III



Bathtub Gin -> The Real Me -> Bathtub” 12.29.95 II



Stash” 12.31.03 II



Tweezer -> Caspian” 12.29.09 II



Seven Below -> What’s the Use? ” 12.27.10 II




Hidden Track

As I’ve been busy shipping book and not updating the site, a couple different interviews I did have posted to the web. First, I took part in Hidden Track’s Writer’s Workshop— a broad and in depth interview with Ryan Dembinsky about my blog, writing philosophy, my book and Phish.

Additionally, I did a Q & A with Charlie Dirksen of that was specifically focused on Phish Thoughts—The Book. (With a brief aside about Trey’s “Taste” tease in 7.17.’98’s “Weekapaug” jam.) Check ’em out!


BOOK SHIPPING UPDATE: All domestic orders have processed and will be shipped as of today! I am going to begin figuring out the international ones—hang tight! You can be sure now, if you order a book now, that it will ship the same day or the following day at the latest. Thanks for your support and I, sincerely, hope everyone who ordered a book enjoys it during the holiday season and beyond!


The Book

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1,937 Responses to “Holiday Jams”

  1. angryjoggerz Says:

    wait, robear is not coming? ok, now I am grumpy.

  2. angryjoggerz Says:

    Another drop cus I’m santa like that.

    Charles Mingus – Pithecanthropus Erectus

    One of the great figures in modern jazz, bassist Charles Mingus was the ultimate triple threat: a master of his instrument, a jazz composer of the first rank, and an insightful leader of a series of extraordinary and incendiary bands. Raised in Los Angeles, Mingus was a devotee of Duke Ellington, whose compositional style had an unsurpassed effect on the young composer. As a player, however, Mingus was drawn to his contemporaries, who included Thelonious Monk, Bud Powell, Charlie Parker, and Max Roach (indeed, Roach and Mingus co-owned their own Debut Records during the ’50s). Perhaps his greatest contribution was bridging the gap between those two generations: in Mingus’s music, one could always explicitly hear the continuity between the big bands and the bebop era, the affinity between the romantic and the modern. Although he had recorded extensively for numerous labels including his own Debut Records, Mingus’s relationship with Atlantic would yield many of his greatest recordings. Cut in 1956, Pithecanthropus Erectus was his first date for the label, and it provided something of a breakthrough for Mingus in his use of extended compositions: the 10-minute title track, and the lovely “Profile of Jackie,” are among the bassist’s finest recordings. The band is notable for the inclusion of the under-recorded tenor saxophonist J.R. Monterose.

    Personnel: Charles Mingus (acoustic bass); Jackie McLean (alto saxophone); J.R. Montrose (tenor saxophone); Mal Waldron (piano); Willie Jones (drums).

    01. Pithecanthropus Erectus
    02. A Foggy Day
    03. Profile Of Jackie
    04. Love Chant

  3. sumodie Says:

    my fam is all blissed out from our xmas in nyc adventures. today we finished up w/ a visit to the uss intrepid aircraft carrier museum. pretty freakin cool in fact & sth i’d actually never visited before in nyc

    sending the fam home to ME tmrw then its back to nyc i go

  4. Mike in Austin Says:

    Doing all the “honey-do’s” before packing for NYC tomorrow and

    Downloading AJ’s gift of this Mingus soundtrack for the dog walk in a little bit.

    Gotta hit the Home Depot right now.

    Bummer Robear. Like everyone, I was looking forward to seeing you there.

  5. Fly Says:

    MiA, I highly recommend Lowe’s over the Home Despot. Long story, but if you have a choice between two right next to each other, please patronize Lowe’s.

    50 hours.

  6. willowed Says:

    Just checked my tracking number for The Book.

    Looks like it’s in Jersey City being processed. Looking forward for to it getting here.

  7. stapes Says:

    Been enjoying the Book, kegerator, Hampton-W/S, Alpine 10 DVD on the couch all day. Good times. Getting as fat as I can before the new year then hitting the health/fitness regiment.

    Jealous of all you attending MSG! Have a great time. Safe travels!

  8. Mike in Austin Says:

    I’m with ya Fly. Changed my mind on going and going for dog walk instead. Will hit our locally owned hardware store tomorrow.

  9. stapes Says:

    Home Dope Grow is bad?

    I’m about equidistant to both a Lowe’s and HD.

  10. alf Says:

    firsttube and first bb in 3+ days, talk about withdrawal

    leaving for the city TOMORROW

    msg, comrades

  11. alf Says:

    bummed about the news robear

    but, i wouldn’t be too surprised to see you at the booth, even if a day or two late 😉

  12. alf Says:

    meatstick opener and fuck fracking!!

  13. joe Says:

    99% chance of Mike’s on 29th, 5%chance of tweezer based on my recent history

  14. Fly Says:

    I really don’t know anything about either company’s business practices, but one time, me and my buddy were looking to build a beer die table in my buddy’s basement to augment a predetermined weekend of, and, long story somewhat shorter, the Lowe’s employees let us play beer die right in the middle of the store for like a half an hour. So I’ve loved Lowe’s ever since, and figuring Home Despot is their main competitor, hated Home Despot.

  15. Fly Says:

    predetermined weekend of debauchery, that is

  16. bob dylan Says:

    We lost a Robear but gained a Frankie for new years. Finally convinced him to come at least for that one.


  17. voopa Says:

    Of course there is this little matter regarding Lowe’s…

  18. alf Says:

    wow, dr p with the christmas miracle, now that is some great stuff

  19. alf Says:


  20. Mr. Palmer Says:

    UIC Night 2…set II..

  21. Frankie Says:


  22. voopa Says:

    The music you have purchased is listed below

    Woohoo couch tour!

  23. Frankie Says:

    Luckiest fan out there! Really thrilled as I was getting bummed about missing NYE as it was getting closer… I get by with a little help from my friends (no shit)…

    Been listening to the Bethel Waves soundcheck and Storage jam non-stop for the last week… Hope they bring that sound to MSG!

    Can’t wait to celebrate this new year’s in the center of the world with you all!

  24. Frankie Says:

    Sorry to hear about Robear missing though… He IS the spirit of MSG!

    I blame him for the First Tube madness in 2009! 🙂

  25. angryjoggerz Says:

    2 nights from now…..

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