TTFF: The Top Ten of ’11

8.5.11 - "Rock and Roll" (Graham Lucas)

For this week’s installment of Ten Tunes For Friday, let’s review the band’s open, or type II, jamming of 2011. This week’s playlist is comprised of my ten favorite jams or jam sequences from this standout year of Phish (that didn’t take place in a storage shed). I am not claiming this to be any sort of definitive list that anyone else should agree with, rather, my personal picks for the year’s top jams. This list was quite hard to “rank” after numbers one and two, but for the sake of fun, I worked it out. The many honorable mentions are below the playlist in italics, listed chronologically.


10. “Piper” 12/30, NYC, NY

The standout piece of improv from the recently-completed New Year’s Run breaks the top ten with an exploratory yet coherent jaunt that came out of nowhere amidst a relatively sloppy show. The band shook off the jitters for a heavy dose of confident, exploratory, and psychedelic playing. Comprised of several modern textures, this jam served as a stellar cap to the many quality versions of “Piper” in 2011, ending with a segment as stunning as any.



9. “Halley’s Comet” 5/28, Bethel, NY

This is, straight up, one of my go-to jams of 2011. So tasteful, smooth and groovy, the band builds out of “Halley’s” into one of the more original jams of June that always leaves me wondering what I’m listening to. The centerpiece of an outstanding first set in Bethel’s second show, this “Halley’s” sparked and foreshadowed one of the strongest two-set shows of the year.



8.  “Rock and Roll” 6/7, Mansfield, MA

I can’t believe I let this jam drop so low in the “top ten,” but that is a testament to the unbelievably high quality of music we heard from Phish last year. This “Rock and Roll” has it all, first moving from rock grooves into a soulful and uplifting middle section with composed-sounding melodies rolling off Trey’s guitar with speed and confidence. After fully exploring this melodic enterprise, the band moved into darker, scathing and more abstract playing. Transforming into a psychedelic monstrosity, this jam provided the centerpiece of an otherwise clean but uneventful set, but this is one of those jams that can carry a frame of music all by itself. Read More…



7. “Twist -> Piper” 9/4, Denver, CO

This classing song pairing absolutely popped off in the band’s final show of summer, as each piece was laced with high-level musicianship. “Twist” weaves in and out of “Low Rider” before a perfect segue into “Piper.” And this “Piper” absolutely smokes, showcasing Phish at the end of a long summer of playing. Hitting a notable groove, the band added an indiscernible chant (around a jam of the Modern Lovers’ classic “Roadrunner”) into the mix, before bringing the piece down for the most impressive use of the Theremin all year. With Page on his magic instrument, the band engaged in a futuristic, Mind-Left-Body-laced chase through a high-speed, musical wormhole.



6. “Waves -> Undermind” 8/15, Chicago, IL

In the meat of UIC’s “Elements Set,” Trey gets into some dirty, uncompressed playing amidst a stellar “Waves” jam before the band surprised most everyone in the arena with a segue into “Undermind” that transpired under our noses with hardly anyone noticing. “Undermind’s” jam moves cohesively, blending into the final Theremin jam of Leg Two—a majestic passage of music.



5. “Down With Disease -> Fluffhead” 6/3, Clarkston, MI

This gorgeous one-minded collaboration brought a jolt to tour as the band let loose in a multi-faceted adventure. Moving through several cohesive and engaging segments of jamming, the band landed in the theme of John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”—the starting point of the piece’s final movement which blended seamlessly into “Fluffhead.” Read More…



4. “Rock and Roll -> Ghost” 6/17, Charlotte, NC

This “Rock and Roll” gets very deep, unique and complex with outstanding interplay between all band members. An exploratory and spiritual jam in its own right, “Rock and Roll” blends smoothly into—easily—the “Ghost” (and one of the jams) of the year. The entire band was locked in and on point for throughout this heavy-hitting sequence that took place at the tail end of June’s tour. And the guys brought “Ghost” to hugely emotive heights, as Trey digs into some his most inspired playing of the year in what was, perhaps, the strongest night of Leg I.



3. “Light” 8/9, Stateline, NV

Experimental, extended, and absolutely otherwordly, this jam is some of the most original music made by Phish all year long. Coming on the heels of The Gorge, Mike forged a path for the band as they flirted with outer realms of the galaxy in a dark odyssey that goes very underrated when it comes right down to it. The relatively abrupt ending does little to tarnish the monumental ground covered. This is Phish without a net. Some love it. Some don’t. I most certainly do.



2. “Tweezer” 9/3, Denver, CO

The most cathartic jam of the year, this “Tweezer” is a melodic masterpiece. Peaking with some of the most soul-cleasing grooves of the year, Trey spirals off the mountaintop and begins to layer and loop two different phrases before he lays down a timeless lead melody that takes the jam through a final stage before an ambient denouement. Fishman holds it down with infectious beats throughout this “Tweezer,” perhaps the smoothest and well executed jam of the year. This piece of music touched the heart of everyone I spoke to in that Colorado soccer stadium, and that is saying something.


1. “Rock and Roll -> Meatstick -> Boogie On” 8/5, The Gorge, WA

This sublime sequence opened up the second leg of summer at The Gorge with the most mind-bending jam of this year in “Rock and Roll.” Integrating their full musical spectrum into this piece, the band also infused the theremin and “storage jamming” into their live show for the first time, and succeeded with flying colors. From the uplifting to the Theremin funk to the evil “Gorgae” segment, the band were like musical superheroes on this night. The Gorge always brings out the best in Phish, and in the most magical sequence of 2011, Phish sculpted the defining piece of 3.0, along with a segue into “Meatstick” that still produces a rush of adrenaline every time I hear it. The band’s momentum spilled right into a stellar “Boogie On” to complete the standout sequence of 2011 by leaps and bounds. Read a memoir…



Honorable Mentions (in chronological order): “Simple” 1/1, “Waves > Caspian” 5/27, “After Midnight” 5/31, “Drowned” 5/31, “Sneakin’ Sally” 6/4*, “Down With Disease > Free” 6/10, “Down With Disease -> Maze” 6/14, “Simple” 7/1, “Golden Age” 7/2, “A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing” 7/3, “Down With Disease > No Quarter” 7/3, “Light” 7/3, Waves -> What’s the Use?” 7/3, “Roggae” 8/5, “Light” 8/15, “Down With Disease -> Twist” 8/16, “Seven Below” 9/2, “Ghost -> Guy Forget -> Ghost” 9/4, “Carini” 9/14, “Carini -> Tweezer” 12/28

* This “Sally” would have been number 11.


Type II Cast


A couple nights ago, I sat down with Type II Cast‘s host, Stephen Olker, YEMBlog curator and the editor-in-chief of Hidden Track, Scott Bernstein,and veteran, Charlie Dirksen, to discuss the recent Holiday Run. The 90-minute conversation flowed really well, and the podcast—with jam-only audio clips—should be a fun listen for fans of all ages. Click on over to Type II’s page and give the show a listen! Thanks to Stephen and Type II cast for having me on the show!

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  1. Mike in Austin Says:

    That’s a good attitude BK. You seem like a mature guy. You’ll take the “change” well methinks.

  2. BrandonKayda Says:

    I’ve applied to 3 places so far, accepted into one, still applying to another. McDaniel College, Shepherd University and Shenandoah Conservatory – accepted into McDaniel. I still really need to apply to University of the Arts in Philadelphia, though. Want to major in Music Composition.

  3. tzara's Says:

    Nice, where’s college? I’m sure you’ll kill it in college.

  4. tzara's Says:

    Sorry, we overlapped there. Best of luck, and keep us posted.

  5. Mike in Austin Says:

    My good friend Erik Gronfor went to Curtis Institute in Philly. He’s Priciple Bass for Houston Symphony right now. Another great school.

    Good list.

  6. thedayman Says:

    good luck applying to college and in your senior year of high school @BK. i’ve found that during these times of change in life i’ve often put a great deal of undue stress on myself, and have come to the realization that the best thing to do is sit back, and enjoy the ride. hope you’re able to do so, brotha

    MiA summed up college absolutely brilliantly, couldn’t agree more.

  7. Mike in Austin Says:

    This was new to me. Fiji Rock show ’99 including the great Caspian.

    I chuckled immaturely at the Virgin Tent right next to the Field of Heaven.

  8. sumodie Says:

    Eating 20 hits of L doesn’t impress -too many unknowns involved

    How strong/clean/fresh is it, how many did the guy do in the last few days, what else has he been ingesting, etc.

    20 could easily feel like 1

    Meanwhile…I love my front loading washer machine! But it’s from Lowe’s…

    Been spinning bits n pieces from the NYE run, which sounds both better and worse than I recall -not enthused to listen to entire nights. Keep returning to the Piper, love the Piper, but it doesn’t sound nearly as fresh as the best jams from summer. Only one band member seems to be lagging (oops -been there, done that)

    Enjoyed the Type II Podcast too

  9. sumodie Says:

    Any thoughts on the newly remastered 12.31.91 show?

  10. butter Says:

    Going to dl 12.31.91 and rest of the run, in the office, over the next few days

    Back to work in the am, fun day of football, even tho Steelers r out

    Congrats Broncos and Giants

  11. Mike in Austin Says:

    I agree sumo. It just means he was at a high tolerance point.

    LSD has tolerance levels just like every other drug.

  12. thedayman Says:

    8/2/98 halley’s, buenisimo

  13. vegas wolfmans Says:

    Sumo- 12/31/91 is a matrix and the ALACs sound pretty great to my ears, considering we’re talking about ’91. I went front-to-back with it yesterday. While usually not a huge fan of pre-1993 phish, I was reminded how locked in they could be in the early days and the intensity they brought on this evening in particular (had it on XLIIs back in the day). Worth it for the tweez upgrade alone. Recommended.

    I prefer Dick’s wolfmans to UIC wolfmans.

  14. Elihu Says:

    Delurking here to say muchisimos gracias to angryjoggerz for some awesome jazz drops over the past couple weeks. Really enhanced my little collection. The Sam Rivers sessions put me over the top. I saw him play several times in Gainesville FL (think he lived around there) and those shows really opened me up to the possibilities of free-form music. I could not have taken (and continue to take) such pleasure in the storage set and similar excursions without the Sam Rivers education. Cannot wait to hear these tracks! Thanks AJ!

  15. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    MSG Cities!

  16. Elihu Says:

    And I just read that Sam Rivers just died at the end of December. RIP a jazz giant and true musical genius.

  17. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    Last semester of school starts tomorrow, BK I envy you!!!!!!

  18. Pat Says:

    Anyway these 10 tracks are available for download/ as a mix? Thanks Miner!

  19. Dylphosh Says:

    uhhhhh what about the storage jam?

  20. Mr.Miner Says:

    screwed up an inscription to someone named Peter. I wrote “To Petl” and stopped there. Shipping is $10.85. Free book to the first BBer who emails me at

    just payapal $10.85 for shipping…

    who wants it ??

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