2011’s “Type I” Highlight Reel

8.6.11 - The Gorge (Graham.Lucas)

Phish’s current creativity is far-reaching, seeping into all parts of their show and certainly extends beyond their exploratory jamming highlighted on Friday. I was going to wait until this coming Friday to highlight the band’s best contained, or “type I,” jamming of  2011, but instead, let’s get right to it! This following is how these picks are organized. First, I listed—in no particular order—the band’s strongest “type I” vehicles of the year, and highlighted my favorite version of each. I also noted one or two other standout versions as well. The tracks are simply ordered for playlist listenability. Then, I have a series of “One Timers,” or songs that only blew up once during the year—but that version deserves mention. Enjoy the many tunes, our the continuing look back at the year that was 2011.


Bathtub Gin” 5/28 I, Bethel, NY

“Bathtub Gin,” though never making into the second set last year, still produced a couple of standout versions and was always reliable for a solid piece of improvisation. My favorite version of the year came in Phish’s second show in Bethel, New York. Closing a spectacular first set, this jam moves into a serious funk jam, eventually blending with “Manteca” and back into “Gin.” One can hear the electricity in the air during this version, as Phish began their conquest of 2011. Honorable Mention: 9/4 Denver—a guitar clinic in groove.



Reba > David Bowie” 7/3 I, Watkins Glen, NY

The Gorge 2011 (G. Lucas)

Phish played some standout versions of both of these classic jams throughout 2011, and wound up pairing them to finish the first set of Super Ball on July 3rd. Each of these Super Ball versions represent my pick for the top “Reba” and “Bowie” of the year. You can hear the fluidity of the band as they were in top form for their mid-summer festival, specifically, this final show of the weekend. Page and Trey flirt with “Dave’s Energy Guide” as the “Reba” builds into an out-of-character section. The two songs are joined by an ambient, storage-laced bridge. Honorable Mention: “Reba” 6/17 Charlotte—a second set version where the band swims in IT, “Bowie” 6/3 Clarkston, MI—the conclusion of “Disease -> Fluffhead > Bowie”



Sand” 6/19 II, Portsmouth, VA

“Sand” absolutely blew up in 2011. Every single version, less 12/30’s, was a legitimate highlight of its show. Featuring full-band interplay in every version since its reinvention last Fall, this became one of the anthems of summer. My favorite version came in June’s final show at Portsmouth, Virginia. Getting into a retro-futuristic stop/start funk jam, as well as a “Sand Reprise,” the band’s dynamic, rhythmically-focused imporv truly popped off in this summer highlight. A “Sand” and then some.  Honorable Mention: 8/6 The Gorge—Trey infuses a slight whale call into the groove while the band crushes within the venue’s open air anvirons; segues back into “Tweezer!”



Run Like an Antelope” 8/6  II, The Gorge, WA

6.5.11 — Cincy (M.Stein)

Though “Antelope” has remained fairly standard throughout 2011, a couple versions expanded beyond the norm. In the Gorge’s version of 8/6, not only did Trey provide a summation of the second set within the song’s intro, the band locked into a slammin,’ yet laid back, jam that oozed with both patience and ferocity. Passing through a “Golden Age” segment of the jam, teasing the final song from the set, Phish came together in this “Antelope” in far more engaging fashion that any other time last year. Honorable Mention: 6/4 Blossom—a quality first set closing rendition.



Wolfman’s Brother” 8/15 I, Chicago, IL

It seems like “Wolfman’s” has permanently settled into a role as a first set song in 3.0. After taking some of its jams out in 2010, Phish brought the song, largely, back to form but for one or two occasions when it segued into another. My selection for the most engaging “Wolfman’s” of the year is an easy one—UIC’s version from 8/15. After moving through a legitimate funk session, Phish moved into a second jam where Trey initially laid way back in the mix filling in the space of his band mates groove. Gradually he integrated his lines into the music, finishing in victorious fashion. Honorable Mention: 7/2 Super Ball—a fury of funk grooves to get the festival going during its first set.



Stash” 7/2 II, Watkins Glen, NY

Though “Stash” more often than not provides the first jam of its show, and hasn’t made it into the second set since the band’s return—the noted shows was a three-setter, and set II was essentially set I—Super Ball’s version carried a bit more rhythmic complexity than usual. This “Stash” represented the point where the band began to build momentum for the rest of the show and their late-night Storage Shed extravaganza. A quality moment that is often forgotten about from the last year’s festival. Honorable Mention: 6/10 Camden—a classic, modal take on the jam with quality tension and release.



Tweezer” 6/5 II, Cincinnati, OH

Though I highlighted the phenomenal Denver “Tweezer” on Friday, most often, the song was a vehicle for “type I” jamming rather than open exploration. In this Cincy version, the band sits into a vicious funk exchange for much of the piece before Trey peaks it with foreshadowing “Crosseyed” licks. Far dirtier and groovier than Denver’s melodic mind-meld, this is the other side of “Tweezer. Honorable Mention: 7/2 Super Ball—a crunchy, mechanical, larger-than-life version dripped from the speaker towers before ending abruptly for “Julius.”



Harry Hood > Roggae” 9/4, II, Denver, CO

9.2.11 - Denver (G.Lucas / webcast)

“Harry Hood” continued to offer energetic and passionate playing throughout 2011, often finishing sets with cathartic exclamation points. But each of my two picks are versions that were more centrally located in their second sets. Denver’s 9/4 version melds the jam’s modern staccato soundscapes with the airtight, thematic playing of lore to create a new-school masterpiece. A truly triumphant piece of music, no version approached the Denver “Hood” this year. And the “Roggae” that followed harnessed the same vibe as the “Hood” jam, standing out in its own right. Honorable Mention: 5/28 Bethel—more exploratory than given credit for, 8/15 UIC—ended the night on a huge high.



Slave to the Traffic Light” 6/19 II, Portsmouth, VA

Several times this era, Phish has centered “Slave” in the second set rather than leaving it as the shows denouement. And my pick for “Slave” of 2011 comes from Portsmouth, Virginia, in this exact context. Capping an opening run of “Crosseyed > Walls,” this version was incredibly patient and reached divine levels of interplay. Complete and utter bliss, this rendition is what this song is all about. Honorable Mention: 8/9 Lake Tahoe—another mid-set monster, 9/2 Denver—the conclusion of the “S” show, Trey holds a sacred note for quite some time.



Chalk Dust Torture” 8/16 I, Chicago, IL

8.15.11 - UIC (M.Stein)

The usually straightforward Phish anthem veered into more than a couple memorable jams in 2011, and my pick for the “Chalk Dust” of the year comes from the first set of UIC’s second show. Roaring to life like few versions have this era, Phish attacked this jam with uncharacteristic aggression, reaching intricate points that were more reminiscent of “David Bowie.” Sparking the show as the third song, this one provided a golden memory. Honorable Mention: 6/3 I Clarkston—a laid-back and patient take on the song to close the first set, 8/9 Lake Tahoe—intense version laced with teases and breaks down beautifully into “Slave,” 12/29 MSG—a fantastic transition into “Hyrogen” amidst a “Mike’s Groove.”



Backwards Down the Number Line” 5/28 II, Bethel, NY

On a night when the band could do no wrong, they shredded this second set “Number Line” with atypically active interplay for this song. Focused on a whole band conversation rather than Trey’s noodling, this jam gets intricate and quite engaging, easily qualifying as version of the year. Honorable Mention: 6/19 Portsmouth—Trey gets into some Allman—esque soloing while the rest of the band is playing gently accompanying him.



Crosseyed and Painless” 7/1 II, Watkins Glen, NY

7.1.11 (G.Lucas)

Though it pains me that Phish has decided to use this once prolific jam vehicle as a means to high-speed and aggressive rock playing, they, nonetheless, routinely shred the composed jam to bits. Two versions standout above all others in my memory from 2011, and its no surprise that each contained a little bit extra. My highlight version comes from Super Ball, as an ambient jam led into the song and out of it before a Trey emerged with a cool transition into “Chalk Dust.” Honorable Mention: 8/17, UIC—featured a tripped out interlude between “Crosseyed” and “No Quarter.”



Weekapaug Groove” 6/8 II, Darien, NY, and 12/29 II, NYC, NY

“Weekapaug” has consistently proven to be more interesting than “Mike’s” in this era, a trend which certainly held true last year. Two versions stand out to me from 2011, the plinko-laced rendition from Darien Lake and the more commanding percussive-funk of December 29th’s version. Since we are all familiar with the recent one, I’ll play Darien.”




2001” 6/8 II, Darien Center, NY


Light Up or Leave Me Alone” 6/14 I, Alph., GA


Destiny Unbound” 7/3 I, Watkins Glen, NY


The Curtain With” 6.10 I, Camden, NJ



Limb by Limb” 8/16 I, Chicago, IL


Wilson” 7/3 I, Watkins Glen, NY


Mound” 7/3 I, Super Ball


Scents and Subtle Sounds” 9/2 II, Denver, CO

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  1. Aquaman Says:

    Thanks Miner.

    Good morning all.


  2. Aquaman Says:

    Am I just blind, or did the “plinko” Jim from bethel not even make honorable mention for the last two posts?

    I know we talk opinions here, and mine thinks that Jim is hot!


  3. Jtran Says:

    Forgot how great this Antelope is

    (I’ll stop now)

  4. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Go get it @silly
    Always fun playing a new course

  5. Guyute711 Says:

    Football and cooking for friends cut into my disc golf playing time this weekend. I only got to throw about 14 holes, stupid slow players in front of me.

  6. Patterson Says:

    This is a great list. Thanks.

  7. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    If they don’t let you play through (esp. if a single), that’s poor form. I love stepping into the box with the group ahead of you waiting to let you go and then parking one 50 feet past their best shot. Of course, normally I shank one into the horribleness alongside the hole but every once in a while you get to show off. 8)

  8. Guyute711 Says:

    Well there was a tourney ahead of Leo, Duder and I but not like a sanctioned deal or anything. It was a few women who weren’t very good and they wouldn’t even say hello or anything every time we walked up on them. Probably the only people that I have come across that weren’t even courteous enough to acknowledge us.

    I usually suck when I have to play through a group.

  9. sumodie Says:

    I’d add Tahoe’s Walls of the Cave to today’s list (with honorable mention going to Dick’s version)

    and Antelope is my least fav tune on today’s 2011 highlights reel

  10. litteringand Says:

    When I was 20, me and a buddy were playing Knollwood CC (golf) and we came up on Bob Davie and is coaching staff. They were talking and asked us to play thru. Both of us promptly hit our two best drives of the day, tipped the cap and moved on. Once we got out of eyesight we ran around and high fived eachother like we just won the masters.

  11. tela'smuff Says:

    @Miner – stunned you picked SBIX Bowie over Clarkston. Nice list though, and love that you turned it around so quickly! Thx for a great start to the week.

  12. sumodie Says:

    Agreed that the Bethel Jim deserves mention, as well as the KDF from that run too

  13. bearito Says:

    Great list from a great year of phish!

    Pretty sure Miner is highlighting “type 1” jams only @ Tela’s

    I do think the Bethel KDF is a type 1 winner also @ sumo

  14. bearito Says:

    @ tela’s – misread…thought you meant DWD from clarkston

    I see clarkston and all I think of is that amazing DWD

  15. sumodie Says:

    As a huge fan of Roggae, and coming off the Gorge’s version, that Dick’s Hood>Roggae combo about blew my my mind (and left me damn near speechless that night)

    and yes, it’s true, I love Roggae more than Hood

  16. sumodie Says:

    and I still haven’t been able to connect with that UIC Wolfman’s

    I know, my internal IT wiring must be faulty…

    While I grooved to every Wolfman’s this year, I don’t think I fell hard for any version

    Maybe that puts Wolfman’s second from the bottom, just above Antelope, if I were to rank Miner’s list

    (remember, I’m talking about liking least, not disliking)

  17. tela'smuff Says:

    i think there was debate on whether or not the Clarkston Bowie is Type I or II, so maybe that’s why Miner omitted it. 😉

    i concur on the Bethel Jim, and KDF. I’ll add in the Cities as well.
    also think the Tahoe 46 Days and PYITE deserve mention. As does the Blossom Possum. again, a lot of great music played in 2011. gets more excited for 2012.

    it’s a sad day when YEM, Mike’s, and Split don’t make a Type I or II list.

  18. Mike in Austin Says:

    Agree with Sumo here about that Roggae.

    There were some great Golden Age’s also. Darien, I’m esp. looking at you.

  19. Mr. Palmer Says:

    I would say the Bethel KDf was more type 2 than type 1, but what do i know? I’ll give it another spin.

    Huge fan of the UIC Wolfman’s as well as the Superball Reba>Bowie. That Reba>Bowie had such an old school feel to it. Band was feeling it in Watkins…thats for sure.

  20. Mike in Austin Says:

    I thought the UIC Wolfman’s really came off well live. Really chunky, and thick. Filled the arena well with sound.

  21. Mike in Austin Says:

    You can hear Ice-9 drops at 4:18 and 4:23 in this Darien Weekapaugh (just barely).

    I need a home “Ice-9” unit for my stereo.

    Busy day today at work.

    For a big BCS Bowl game, I have a “meh” feeling about tonight. I question whether I will watch.

    I accidentally started watching Breaking Bad and it’s totally sucked me. Way more than “The Wire”.

    There is so much good TV that I ignored. It’s sucking me in.

  22. bearito Says:

    I thought the same thing about the kdf @ palmer

    I’m often confused by the thin line between type 1 & 2 jamming as well

    spin that uic wolfman’s again sumodie….LOUD

    IT’s a barn burner

  23. bearito Says:

    MIA – This will be one of the better BCS games in recent years imo

    These type of games are why I love college football although it helps that I’m an LSU fan 🙂

    Bout to head downtown for the pre-game festivities in a couple hours…got some BAMA bashing to do 😉

  24. Robear Says:

    MiA, we are on season 2 of Breaking Bad. Love it.

    @Telas, we could add ‘Mikes’ from DTE to Miner’s list. 1.5 jams 🙂

    The shows from summer sounded different all together than the NYE show I downloaded.

  25. tela'smuff Says:

    i’m down with that @Robear. yeah, the NYE shows are a distant memory after the last two Miner posts.

    Gorge Wolfman’s was my runner-up Wolf jams. Heartbreaker tease. CMON!

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